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You're so short...

Wanted to draw these two in traditional media; I haven't done that in a long time... I am still proud of how this one turned out! :XD:
Here's New Penny being a total dick, as he makes fun of how short Old Penny is. 

And how old and fat he is. lol

Pennywise the Dancing Clown (c) Stephen King
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Or maybe it's just the new 2017/2019 Pennywise who's really tall :D

(I like all your art btw! It's just that I'm especially interested in IT Pennywise. I would definitely ask for a commission if I had a PayPal account. ) 😄
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Ahahaha, reminds me of the Virgin vs. Chad meme :lol:…
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Hahahaha! Oh this is GOLD! I love it! 
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Lol, this is so cute! Love 
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You're very welcome. :)
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Old Penny is actually only 31 yrs old. He a young murder clown, :3
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He he aww lol XD
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I laughed so  hard when I saw this
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old pennywise: ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa- fuck you.
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THE POINT IS.... the point isss.....there is no point....
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He can be fat, but he kills a lot of people, hehe ...
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Ronald McDonald has killed more people than Pennywise. lol
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lol,this is almost me and my friend ;-; why they need to be so tall?
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Ah! Same with my friends! They do the same thing to me also! lol
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