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Flexible and Twistable Pennywise

Finally finished! Here's ya boi! Pennyboy!! 

I am proud of how this turned out! The details were a whole lot to do, but I managed to draw him! 

I miss drawing clowns, Pennywise has always been a childhood favorite.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown (c) Stephen King
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hi pennyboy!!!!
don't worry pennyboy youll scare me one day XD
ShannonxNaruto's avatar
Pennywise : Flowey eyebrows GIF 
bigdad's avatar
........... Music  Do the Arches!!! Music 
MaxGallows123's avatar
That's awesome! I'm not even flexible to do flexible stuff lol. XD
GryllidaeJ's avatar
You should be proud, this came out fantastic!

I don't know why but it kinda seems like he's attempting a 'come hither' stare...not sure how to feel about that XD
Lady-Elizriel's avatar
Oh my goodness, girl!! Your skills are absolutely out of this world!!! :tighthug:
XxLevanaxX's avatar
*Late reply is late* Thank you so much! 
In-yasha-rules's avatar
Just saw this movie and word to the wise(Pennywise, that is🤡)
If you're reasonably not fond of clowns
My general avoidance changed to a straight up fear after seeing this film😣
XxLevanaxX's avatar
I think the movie was really good. And yes... it's understandable that people are not fond of clowns, they should not go and see IT.
PipInStockings's avatar
The coloring on this is awesome but damn that big ass forehead. 
XxLevanaxX's avatar
I know his forehead bugs ya! Haha! And thanks! 
PipInStockings's avatar
Lol yeah so very much but love the art work anyways. :XD:
XxLevanaxX's avatar
Thank you, again! :)
Michael2K17's avatar
Damn. He's flexible as hecc, boi. 
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