Tindome Senshi: Sailor Nandin
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Sailor Name: Sailor Nandin

Name: Telu Mendil

Element: Earth

Alignment: NG

Familiar: Dragon

Earth Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Colors: Green, Light green, Yellow

Weapon (everyday): Bow (made from Ironoak) with a quiver of arrows.

Weapon (senshi): Bow (made from ironoak) bow creates magical arrows in the from of flowers to take out the enemy.

Physical: Good eyes, lower part of the body below the waist under developed compared to the upper half thought it is getting more balanced as she works on it.; thin waist; allergic to winter or cold(Hates being either and will complain bitterly about it). Fleet of foot, very fast runner amongst the trees. Has good balance.

Personality: Appearances mean a lot to her. She has a strong interest in work. She likes to receive gifts, but only something expensive. She has a bad temper. She is slow to commit. She hates to be embarrassed. Always stick to her promise. Must have balance in her life. Sings when she feels no one is listening. Has a great memory.

Talents: Plays guitar. Sings well. One of her world's best bow-women.

Planet: Her planet is one of the few that is nothing but trees. The trees come right up to the water's edges, be it sea, river or lake. Her people live up among the trees. They are artists who do what those on earth would consider unearthly carvings in wood. Their knot work is more beautiful then you would find anywhere in the universe. They were wooden necklaces that shine like metal, it is a kind of living metal, called Ironwood. There is many different types of ironwood trees as there are ordinary trees. They are also bardicly inclined. The different worlds have her people in their courts as singers, lore keepers and other jobs that require special talents that only they seem to have.

Bio: Born an only child she was raised by her Grandfather Dagor along with her cousin, Craban. The two act more like brother and sister then cousins. Craban taught her how to hold a bow and how to shoot it, he is four years older then she is. He is quite protective of her. Their Grandfather Dagor is the King of their planet. Her grandfather noticed something different about his beloved Granddaughter yet he kept it to himself for he knew that all would be shown eventually. None of his fellow Kings or Queens for that matter ever tired to anger him or give him cause to disdain what they were doing on their own planets, for if they did they would end up in one of his satire songs. Some had made that mistake in the past and they never quite lived down their shame. For some one of his fold would sing of it and remind them of what they had done wrong.

Telu loved running amongst the trees of her home world. They had the most unusual animals in the galaxy, for everything had adapted to there being tree covered ground, though there were some animals that were ground dwellers there were not that many. She loved to hunt with her cousin. They hunt well together. Telu found that she was showing more strength in her upper body and started to work on correcting it. She knew it be slow going but it would be done. Change never happens over night, at least not for her.

Telu when she gets frustrated with something looses her temper, be it with learning something new or people and the way they acted. She does not like falseness and has no patience for it. Her cousin and Grandfather are two of the only people from her home world that can calm her easily. Menel is another who has a calming effect on Telu.

Telu has a few friends, for she does not make friends easily nor does she keep them easily for not many once they taste her temper want to stick around. One is Menel who has stuck around though her friend's stormy temper when others left her when she lost it. The two can be seen together when they are on each other home worlds.

Telu has a crush on her cousin's best friend. One that she has never let anyone not even Menel know of. The handsome warrior-knight ranger, Fuin Lhach who is the best swordsmen in the galaxy.

(more to come when I think of it....)

Senshi henshin: Nandin Star Power .... Make-up!

Senshi Powers:

Dragon Fire Arrows: She says this and her bow appears in her hand. It is now in the appearance of her familiar, her dragon. She draws back her bow to create a lightening flame tinged arrow of destruction. Does both lightening and fire based damage.

Dragon Earth Shaking: She hits the ground with eh palm of her hand and before her appears an outline of her dragon familiar. The earth beneath the enemy shakes then opens up beneath them causing damage before the earth magically becomes normal once more.

Dragon Breath: When she says this a fog rolls in making it so the foe cannot see anything. Making them either easier targets for the senshi or making so they can run.

Bow: She uses her weapon first before magic always. When in senshi form her quiver disappears. She creates magical flower arrows. Different flowers do different damage.

Red Rose: Does about 75 percent damage. Poisons foe.
White Rose: Does no damage. Is a healing flower.
Carnation: Does 50 percent damage. Confuses foes.
Violet: Does 25 percent damage. Slows foes attacks.
Button Pom: random damage. random effect.

4 of 8, still needs to be colored. Designed by me Developed by Arashi
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