Tindome Senshi: Sailor Mithril
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Sailor Name: Sailor Mythril
Name: Karnil Lumbar
Eyes: Grey
Element: Metal
Height: 5’0
Familiar: Hippogryph
Earth Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Colors: Black, Silver, light grey
Weapon: Sword
Physical: Petitie, but packing an un expected punch; tall; slender; resistance to most of anything.
Personality: Friendly and humanitarian; Honest and loyal; Original and inventive; Independent and intellectual; Intractable and contrary; Perverse and unpredictable; Unemotional and detached

Henshin Phrase:

“Mythril Crystal Power, MAKE UP!” ~Karnil crouches down as a bright silver light engulfs her. Her hippogryph flies above her and the point where the two are adjacent, the light gets brighter and explodes with sparks (as if hammer on metal in a smithy) flying all around her. She stands in full fuku, head bowed to the Mythril sword she holds in her hand as if in reverie to the hippogryph that gave her this power.


Mythril Splash-This attack can be used on the defensive as well as the offensive. When it is called upon liquid Mythril flows from Karnil’s hands covering the enemy or the obstacle and hardening immediately. Karnil can manipulate the liquid metal to do what she wants it to.

Mythril Sword Strike- Offensive only. When used the sword in her hand glows brightly and appears as if it were liquid metal running up and down the sword. She need only to strike at the air in the way she would strike the enemy for when she does a bright silver beam in the shape she swiped in the air flies from the sword and hits the enemy of which she’s pointing at.

Metal Dreams- Offensive only. Karnil calls upon her hippogryph psychically, with her eyes closed. He flies to her and gives out a loud wail which causes invisible enemies to appear, covered in metal so that the other senshi can fight them. If there are no enemies invisible, the wail fills the ears and eyes of the enemy with metal making them unable to see or hear.

Interesting Facts: Karnil is a wonder with metal. In her free time she enjoys making art out of different kinds of metal and is immune to their effects (i.e. lead and lead poisoning, those effects). Also, if an enemy were to use a metal attack against her she would be immune to it unless it was “rust” or such which would cause her to lose all power.

Personality: Karnil was orphaned at the age of 1 and was found outside a convent on her home planet of Mythril. Raised by nuns she became a humanitarian for all good causes and was able to study up on everything she could get her hands on. She is very intelligent, yet quiet. She keeps to herself (somewhat like a D&D Monk) and has taught herself the arts of sword fighting.

She has no idea who her parents were nor how or why she was orphaned. Karnil was never told anything about her parents from the nuns who seem to have some sort of idea who they were, although she doesn’t really care about her past. It takes a while for Karnil to trust anyone, but once one wins her trust she is loyal to the end.

At the convent, her only friend is her hippogryph named Thadiel (I made up the name :D) who trains her in her “senshi-hood” and is the holder of all her secrets. Thadiel was found by Karnil when he was baby. She took him in and has been with him ever since.


One of my senshi, designed by me and developed by Angie :)
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Love the style!
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skelly-jelly|Hobbyist General Artist
Holy hell! I love her design! And what a really cool concept on their names! I totally look forward to seeing the others finished!
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thank you! I was pretty happy with myself for thinking of that name and keeping with the elven theme XD

Feanor and Rhun can be found in here. I think the only one not seen is Elemmiire aaaaand Elena who's changing names soon XD i think....LOL
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SarahsPlushNStuff|Professional Traditional Artist
I really like this one a lot too, and the profile is something I can connect with (I know people kind of like that)
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I loved designing her, and I love how her name just seemed so perfect :) sticking with Elven names as hard for a lot of these ladies and I sat there for a long time thinking, "metal...metal....metal..........metal? .....MITHRIL! duh....XD"
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