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Originally started off as a Vertical piece but I felt like it deserves to be Wallpaper size! Spent quite a bit of time creating the background and adjusting the Asteroid. probably not the best at place the Asteroids but I thought it came out decent.

Planet Stock…
Gas Giant Texture…
Rock Texture…
Stars and Starfields……
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Nobody says that travelling through space is a cake-walk… In fact, judging by the bevy of asteroids surrounding that undiscovered territory, one minor mistake could snowball into fatal consequences within minutes. Still, for such a high-risk mission, it looks totally worth it to explore such beautiful parts of the Universe.


As far as stock usage goes, you’ve definitely set the scene and done their tools a service with this piece. Though perhaps the sun could lose a little bit of glare (minor nitpick for me) I really had to enjoy the clockwise wheel of colours in this work, and the various bits and pieces with planets, loose debris and asteroids which turned out rather solid.


As far as wallpaper size goes, I’d be definitely keen on using it as such, given how lovely it looks. Safe for me to say, it’s well-titled and well realised, something that would make for a beautiful, eye-opening adventure. Well done, and keep up the quality work! :thumbsup:

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Star Wars should re-visit their scenes and hire you.
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Magnificent scene!
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Interresting !
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Nice work, thanks for crediting.
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Beautiful!! I love well done outer space.
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