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1. Write the rules
2. Write 13 things about yourself
3. Answer the 13 questions made by the person who tag you, and make your own 13 questions
4. Tag 13 deviants. And I mean ONLY 13!
5. Make sure that they know that they are tagged
6. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this..."
7. It is forbidden to not tag anyone
8. Tag backs are allowed
9. If you're lazy, don't do it on comments of this journal
10. If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you

1) I'm the eldest in my family 
2) I wanna be a utaite 
3) I should go to sleep more early--
4) I stay up late to draw 
5) I hate math 
6) I like cats 
7) I write fanfics 
8) I like basketball, although I suck
9) tg is my life 
10) Touka is my queen 
11) I like vocaloid  
12) I like slam poetry 
13) me blushing could prob beat a tomato 

Tagged by Pioaanean 

questions from Kashi

1) How are you? 
2) What other hobbies do you have other than drawing? 
3) Do you act different in irl...? If so, how different?
4) Who is/are your favorite artist(s) on DeviantArt?
6) Do you like writing properly or like to use slang?
7) Can you just teach me your skills already--
8) What happens when you mess up drawing?
9) How often do you get artblocks? 
10) Do you like making derp faces to close irl friends? Or just in general?
11) Do you like funny mEMES??
12) Sweet or sour?
13) Do you procrastinate?


1) I'm sick (on spring break?!) that's greeeeeeeat-- 

2) sleeping, eating, reading (both books and fanfics), singing, fangirling

3) I guess...? If you and I are close, then I'm probably like how I am on the Internet, but if we're not then I'll be the polite stranger. Either way, I'm still weird--bunneh icon12 

4) everyone who watches me :) 

5) MAN Y I CANT CHOOSE-- definitely Tokyo ghoul LIKE GOSH THE FEELS WHY ISHIDA Why?! WHYHiyori Crying Icon *slams hands onto table and cries* 

6) depends on my mood, and also if I have to be serious or not. 

7) HAHAAHAHA WHAT SKILLS YOUR FUNNY fall over *falls and cries* 

8) if it's a sketch, I'd take a deeeeeeep breath and retry until I get it how I want. If it's watercolor, I quickly try to fix it despite the increasing feeling of worrieness and hope that the water doesn't dry up quickly. If it's traditionally inking.... *screams out in another unknown language* UHM I CANT EVEN INK THO SO-- Digitally, I'm okay..unless I find out I did everything on one layer or delete a layer by accident. 

9) hmmmm not often, but when I do get them I get reeeeeeally frustrated and cry and question life-- 

10) I don't do deep faces, although I might when I'm alone-- I've seen close friends do it and man.. Pikachu Piff Plz 

11) why yes, who doesn't Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 

12) how about spicyyyYyyYyyYYYY? 


:iconpioaanean: :iconkantan-kt: :iconpammyusername: :iconshackmo:

Questions from kiyo: 
1) well hello there 
2) how long have you been drawing? 
3) favorite mangaka? 
4) birthday? 
5) would you ever like to do a collab with lil ol me? c: 
6) traditional or digital? 
7) do you prefer drawing guys or girls? 
8) favorite voice actor(s)? 
9) what would you do if you became a reeeeally famous mangaka/artist? 
11) least favorite school subject/favorite 
12) favorite food? 


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