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Kasane Teto ^^ by Xxkillerkitty123456 Kasane Teto ^^ :iconxxkillerkitty123456:Xxkillerkitty123456 4 0 Kitem by Xxkillerkitty123456 Kitem :iconxxkillerkitty123456:Xxkillerkitty123456 1 0 Pink diamond by Xxkillerkitty123456 Pink diamond :iconxxkillerkitty123456:Xxkillerkitty123456 1 0 beyond the stars by Xxkillerkitty123456 beyond the stars :iconxxkillerkitty123456:Xxkillerkitty123456 1 0 Fox by Xxkillerkitty123456 Fox :iconxxkillerkitty123456:Xxkillerkitty123456 3 0 Bunny by Xxkillerkitty123456 Bunny :iconxxkillerkitty123456:Xxkillerkitty123456 2 0 galaxy cat by Xxkillerkitty123456 galaxy cat :iconxxkillerkitty123456:Xxkillerkitty123456 1 0 umbreon by Xxkillerkitty123456 umbreon :iconxxkillerkitty123456:Xxkillerkitty123456 3 0 Horse by Xxkillerkitty123456 Horse :iconxxkillerkitty123456:Xxkillerkitty123456 2 0 Friends Oc by Xxkillerkitty123456 Friends Oc :iconxxkillerkitty123456:Xxkillerkitty123456 1 0 Rainbow Unicorn by Xxkillerkitty123456 Rainbow Unicorn :iconxxkillerkitty123456:Xxkillerkitty123456 1 0 Archimedes (TF2) by Xxkillerkitty123456 Archimedes (TF2) :iconxxkillerkitty123456:Xxkillerkitty123456 6 0 I love my dads by Xxkillerkitty123456 I love my dads :iconxxkillerkitty123456:Xxkillerkitty123456 2 2 magic hands by Xxkillerkitty123456 magic hands :iconxxkillerkitty123456:Xxkillerkitty123456 2 0 Pearls War by Xxkillerkitty123456 Pearls War :iconxxkillerkitty123456:Xxkillerkitty123456 4 3


July - Saix's Month by Forbidden-Siren July - Saix's Month :iconforbidden-siren:Forbidden-Siren 207 22 ..:: YAY ZEMYX AND STUFF ::.. by Ambiko ..:: YAY ZEMYX AND STUFF ::.. :iconambiko:Ambiko 141 44 Currents page 5 by ZexionCrazed401 Currents page 5 :iconzexioncrazed401:ZexionCrazed401 7 20
No More Pain
No More Pain
" I would never hurt you… I will never let ANYTHING hurt you, and if I have to sacrifice my own life, my own body, and the heart I lack I will do it, I will give up my life for you…"
"Never forget, that's the truth."
You know, I never thought that I would ever find someone to call, 'my love', maybe it was because I did not know what it was, what it looked like, felt like… nothing, I did not know squat, but I am getting ahead of myself… to be honest I  should not be telling you this story, instead I am going to let my… oh right, I don't have a heart, well this will be hard then, … OH. I know, I'll let my memories tell you about this story… just be warned, I myself don't know if it was real or all a dream, either way I am happy with it.
All was quiet in The Castle That Never Was [TCTNW for short], nothing was really going on, it all seemed so quiet, so eerie, so -
Or not.
"get that Heartless!! Don't let it escape
:iconzexioncrazed401:ZexionCrazed401 28 42
Moar Insomnia
Zexion rubbed his eyes for the nth time that night. He looked around the library, knowing that no one was there. But it was hard to shake the feeling that someone was watching him...
"I'm not in the mood for games... who's there...?" Zexion asked, turning slowly in his chair. He looked around and yawned again. If what he smelled was right, then he was a pretty low person for attacking when someone was half awake...
"You know who I am."
"Unfortunately, Riku, I do..." Zexion said, pulling his Snuggie (that he wore backwards) closer to him and yawned again. "Now, this does raise the question as to what you are doing up at 2:30 in the morning...."
"I could ask you the same thing," Riku said, stepping out of the darkness to glare at the Nobody.
"Insomniac, I don't sleep," Zexion said, rubbing his eyes again.
"Look pretty tired to me," Riku said with a smirk.
"Yes, well, when someone slips a ground up sleeping pill into my tea, I can't really help it, now can I?" Zexion asked with another ya
:iconvincentaddicted:VincentAddicted 5 3
Sick Day
Zexion sat at his computer, his Akatsuki snuggy wrapped tightly around his small frame. He coughed again and looked out of the window. He cursed the snow and checked AIM again. There were no new messages there and he sighed. He looked over to the box sitting on his bed. He saw the blade of his new ice skates over the box and sighed. He knew he had to practice.... But he was sick...
lilfrenchy29: Hey, Ienzo!! What's up!?!??
Zexion sighed. Yeah, he hacked into Ienzo's AIM account to talk to his old friend. Jean was just such a pain some times....
miniscience6: Hey, Jean... I'm sick....
lilfrenchy29: D: poor ienzo! *hugs*
miniscience6: *hugs back* . . . *cough*
lilfrenchy29: so, how are the practices going? when are the olympics anyways?
miniscience6: they're in a few months.... but i can't practice today.... i'm sick, remember?
lilfrenchy29: right! sorry, man!!

"Hey, Zexy!!" Axel burst into the room, his eyes already settling on the sickly Nobody. "You ready to go yet?"
:iconvincentaddicted:VincentAddicted 7 33
As Deadly as Poison
Roxas x Zexion
'I haven't slept like that in ages' the slate haired teenager thought to himself happily, his beautiful lilac eyes still closed as he nuzzled deeper into the bed covers that were warming his body, he had been so worn out from hanging around with his best friend, Demyx, that he had forgotten how tiring the blonde could be when he was hyper.
"Zexion!" the sound of his little sister made him groan, pulling his pillow over his head as he heard his bedroom door slam loudly against his wall, clearly having been pushed open with some force, "Zexion!" she squealed again as she launched her small body on top of him, giggling as he made an 'ouff' noise in slight pain.
"Xion, please, it's half six in the morning!" Zexion grumbled as he moved the pillow from his head and sat up rubbing his eyes, his hair falling into them as he looked at the small black haired girl who was sitting on his lap with an innocent look on her face.
"So, you still have to get up!" Xion smiled and then slid
:iconzakkur-a:Zakkur-a 31 25
Zemyx One-Shot
Zexion opened his eyes groggily, and groaning loudly he sat up properly in his chair, his eyes searching the room as he yawned, stretching his arms up towards the ceiling. He'd fallen asleep in his library again whilst doing research. He didn't know why but for some reason recently he hadn't been able to concentrate on his research, instead he'd found himself thinking about number IX, Demyx.
Zexion had recently been feeling strange whenever he was around Demyx, and it made him curious as he'd never felt that feeling before, in fact, Zexion had thought that since he was a Nobody, he couldn't feel, but he had realised that he'd been wrong.
Sighing he stood up and looked out of the window which his desk was sitting in front of, and saw that it was now night. He sighed again, turning to face a clock that was hanging on the library wall, and it now read 1:35AM.
Yawning, Zexion gathered his books from his desk and headed out the library, deciding to head to his room for the night as he was f
:iconxxxxbeccaxxxx:XXXXBECCAXXXX 38 33
Tense Chapter 1
"We are not going over this again!"
"You can't control me! I'm not a child and you're not my parent!"
"I took care of you since you were little and got you a job!"
"You were forced to take care of me and that job ended up with all of us like this!"
"Well you're still alive! Be grateful for that!"
"This existence is deplorable! I did not wish for this to happen!"
"Well then you should have made an effort to stop the research!"
"Maybe I was too nervous and little to try!"
"Well whose fault is that?!"
"This conversation is pointless!"
The door slammed into the wall as it flew open and a small teen stalked out.
Inside the cold room, a blond man fumed.
'I hate dealing with teenagers,' he thought to himself and sighed. 'He's basically my son, my other son. My second "son" is the same way. We talk and end up fighting and then he runs off.'
He sighed to himself again. 'Why are teenagers so irritating?'
He walked into the next room to get back to work and cool off.
* * *
The small teen reached
:iconannelixa:Annelixa 9 138
"Ienzo? Ienzo?" Even called as he walked. "Where did he get off to this time? He knows he's not supposed to leave the castle. At least not alone."
A blonde kid was destroying all the Unversed.
"Ienzo, where are you? Answer me."
He knew that he wasn't being encouraging, but he didn't like worrying and he was used to people doing as he said.
Ienzo walked out of the shadows and towards the blonde kid.
Even breathed a sigh of relief and approached him.
"Ah, there you are. Didn't I warn you not to run off?" he scolded.
Ienzo didn't say anything so he turned to the blonde and explained his background before walking away with him.
* * *
Even sat Ienzo down on one of the many stools scattered around the labs and bent down to peer into his face.
"Are you okay?"
Ienzo nodded.
Even straightened and narrowed his eyes while crossing his arms over his chest.
"What have I told you about wandering away?"
Ienzo didn't say anything and he sighed.
"Just please be more careful. I don't want to see you get
:iconannelixa:Annelixa 25 26
Refuge Chapter 1
Demyx opened the door to the library very quietly and slipped in.
He looked around to see if anyone was in the library, but no one was in sight.
'Where is he? He should be here by now?'
He started sneaking through the library but couldn't find anyone.
When he heard quiet sobs he was confused.
There was no one in the library, he was sure. He had inspected every inch, but there was no one.
Deciding that he couldn't trust his eyes, he followed his ears to the very back and walked until he hit something with his foot.
He heard a small gasp.
He heard someone stand up and start to slide past him.
On a guess, he reached out and grasped something.
He knew he had someone's wrist when he tried to pull it back.
"Zexion?" he asked again.
He tightened his grip on the wrist until he knew the person couldn't get away.
"Please let me go," the person begged. "I don't want to be around anyone right now."
"Why are you hiding from me?"
"I'm not hiding from you, I'm hiding from everyone. I just w
:iconannelixa:Annelixa 15 79
Beach Trip
"Zexy, come on!" Demyx pried. "It'll be fun!"
"No Demyx," Zexion said quietly. He was more focused on trying to find the book that Xigbar had lent him, than actually arguing with Demyx.
"But you never go out! Not once!" He continued.
"There might be a reason for that, IX."
As he passed in front of Demyx, the boy reached out and grabbed him around the waist. He pulled the smaller boy to him even as he fought to be released.
"Come on! Just this once!" He wheedled.
"No! I will not come!" Zexion kept fighting to get away.
"If you don't come with me, I'm gonna have to make you," Demyx whispered against his ear.
"No Demyx. Please! I have a lot of work to do!" Zexion was scared, but he wasn't about to let his boyfriend see it.
"You give me no choice." Demyx sighed. "Lex!" He yelled.
The big man appeared in the room in a second.
"He refuses to come, so you need to do your job."
Lex sighed.
He crossed over to the pair and grabbed the struggling boy out of Demyx's arms.
"Success!" Demyx y
:iconannelixa:Annelixa 33 154
Ienzo's Secret- 1
Ienzo’s Secret
Aeleus and Even noticed almost immediately that Ienzo was acting strangely. The
apprentices were an all round tight group, but generally it was Braig, Dilan and
Xehanort that were considered one group, while Aeleus, Even and Ienzo made up
the other. Although to be fair, the main reason that Ienzo was with the pair was
because they were the ones less likely to accidently kill him.
But it wasn’t long before even Ansem noticed that the youngest apprentice was
behaving out of character. The eight year old was remarkably efficient and mature;
always on time, always tidy, always polite. Now the boy was distracted, rarely
turned up when he was meant to and had a shouting match with his beloved
Master through his bedroom door. Apparently, the child was stressed.
“You can’t really blame the kid” Braig said lazily, from this position above his four
friends. 5 of the 6 apprentices were gathered under one of the great leafy oaks in
Ansem’s garden. The e
:iconwaitingwatching:WaitingWatching 29 9
The Descent- Ienzo: Orphan
He hated the smell of hospitals.
The too-clean scent practically burned his nose, and the alcohol smell didn't help with the sting, either. It was unnaturally clean.
So all in all, when Ienzo woke up, the first sense to come into "consciousness" was his sense of smell.
His mind had slowly started to wake at first. It felt like a thick fog was coating his brain, blurring and deleting all rational thoughts and instead replacing them with confused and hazy fragments – his emotions mirrored his mind. Tired, befuddled.
He hadn't even attempted to open his eyes yet. In all honesty, he didn't really want to, or hadn't even thought about doing it.
But the moment that his brain registered that awful, powerful smell, the fog lessened so abruptly that one eye immediately opened.
However, accompanying the bitter smell were the too bright lights, and with a groan the boy quickly shut his eye again, taking comfort in the darkness.
For a moment he lay there, trying to get used to the smell and o
:iconverenthelion:VERENthelion 18 9
Ienzo's childhood... by Kjbionicle Ienzo's childhood... :iconkjbionicle:Kjbionicle 459 171 Spank Machine Animation by LoulouVZ-Commissions Spank Machine Animation :iconloulouvz-commissions:LoulouVZ-Commissions 272 6


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