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The Twelfth Fallen Human (Love) by xXkerrysweetXx The Twelfth Fallen Human (Love) by xXkerrysweetXx
The Twelfth Fallen Human.

Name: Unknown
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Species: Human
Status: Deceased (soul captured)
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Light Brown
Relatives: Unknown
Friends: Laughter, Loyalty, Generosity, Service, Peace (Names Unknown), Jackie, The Ninth Fallen Human
Items - Bow and Arrow and Angel Wings
Soul Color: Light Red
Trait: Love


:bulletpink: She is a fun-loving, caring, and strong girl. Not as strong as bravery but she is strong.
:bulletwhite: She goes to the same school were Jackie transferred.
:bulletpink: She and Loyalty were first mentioned to have had a falling out with Peace but after Peace discovers they were driven apart by the machinations of The Ninth Fallen Human, the gang (Laughter, Generosity, and Service) reconcile at Jackie's urging.
:bulletwhite: She also plays an electric guitar in her band
:bulletpink: She is part of a band called "The Fallen" along with 
Laughter, Loyalty, Generosity, Service, Peace and Jackie, including The Ninth Fallen Human.
:bulletwhite: Her SOUL is filled with Love.
:bulletpink: There's a reason why she climbed Mount Ebott. The reason why she climbed Mount Ebott because The Ninth Fallen Human has been gone for a long time including Laughter and Loyalty. They tried to save her but they didn't returned and she came to rescue them but she is dead. Her SOUL is now captured.
:bulletwhite: Laughter, Loyalty, Love, Generosity, Service, and Peace are the souls that can protect the Underground and Jackie's soul will be the last one that Asgore needs to protect the Underground from THEM.
:bulletpink: Attacks with a Bow and Three Arrows. Heals with Three Heart Arrows.

Thanks to my big sis.

<Name> - Soon
Laughter -…
Loyalty -…
Love - You're Here!
Generosity -…
Service -…
Peace -…
Jackie -…

Base - :iconweirdsushi:
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October 26, 2016
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