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The Sixteenth Fallen Human (Jackie) by xXkerrysweetXx The Sixteenth Fallen Human (Jackie) by xXkerrysweetXx
The other fallen humans are coming up. It'll take a while to make those characters.

The Sixteenth Fallen Human (Jackie):

Name: Jackie Wonderson
Nickname(s): Twilight (Her Mother)
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Brown
Relatives: Jessie Wonderson (Mother), Ken Wonderson (Father, Deceased)
Friends: Buffet (pet), Laughter, Loyalty, Love, Generosity, Service, Peace (Names Unknown), The Ninth Fallen Human
Items - Locket and Wooden Spoon
Soul Color: Blue
Trait: Integrity


:bulletblue: Jackie is an integrited kid. She goes to a school called "Crystal Light Elementary School".
:bulletwhite: She is honest, cheerful, playful and fun-loving kid
:bulletblue: She loves to sing and dance.
:bulletwhite: She is part of a band called "The Fallen" along with Laughter, Loyalty, Love, Generosity, Service, and Peace, including The Ninth Fallen Human.
:bulletblue: She is a dancer of the Crystal Light Elementary Dance Troupe.
:bulletwhite: When Jackie transfered to CLES she has never been a school like that. In her former school they don't have categories, they only do weird stuff in there. But in CLES takes on the motif of a typical elementary school. Facilities include a library, a cafeteria, a soccer pitch and a playground outside the school, and an auditorium.
:bulletblue: She sings in her band.
:bulletwhite: Her SOUL is filled with Integrity.
:bulletblue: She has fallen down in Mount Ebott for an unknown reason.
:bulletwhite: When Asgore reveals the six souls (Laughter, Loyalty, Love, Generosity, Service, Peace) it looks familiar to her.
:bulletblue: Her friends didn't told her that they have to save The Ninth Fallen Human from fallen down in Mount Ebott. She has forgotten about them.
:bulletwhite: Her SOUL will be the last one that Asgore needs to protect the Underground from THEM.
:bulletblue: Unlike the other Blue SOUL Integrity, her SOUL has the most powerful magic in it. It posseses the most powerful SOULs of all: The Souls of Friendship.

<Name> - Soon
Laughter -…
Loyalty - Soon
Love -…
Generosity - Soon
Service - Soon
Peace - Soon
Jackie - You're Here!
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May 22, 2016
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