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The Fallen Friends (INFO UPDATE) by xXkerrysweetXx The Fallen Friends (INFO UPDATE) by xXkerrysweetXx
Remember when I said that these Six Other Souls are the only Souls that can protect the Barrier from THEM?

Well...that's kinda DUMB! (and cringy :P)

INFO (or bio...?)

Laughter is the Tenth Human that fell down the mountain. She has a cheerful and sociable personality. She loves making everyone laugh and smile including her friends. She cracks hilarious jokes that made them laugh and loves throwing parties. Her passion is to spread joy to others. She attacks with Blowing Party Horns and Heals with Balloons.

Loyalty is the Eleventh Human that fell down the mountain. He is very athletic and competitive also the captain of every team at Crystal Light Elementary School. He has a crush on Laughter because he realize that he has feelings for her since childhood. His strongest trait is his Loyalty (obviously). He has the motivation of keeping promises depending of what kind are they. His only fear is Betrayal. He attacks with spinning garbage bin covers with lightning bolts and heals with clouds.

Love is the Twelfth Human that fell down the mountain. Love is one loving and carefree girl. She is a matchmaker and love expert and also loves and cares for her friends. She sometimes tease Loyalty when he is talking to Laughter. She is very tough and unique girl. She is determined to match make others. She attacks 
with a Bow and Three Arrows and heals with Three Heart Arrows.

Generosity is the Thirteenth 
Human that fell down the mountain.He is typically very timid and soft-spoken. He loves cooking and helping his friends out including Service. He and Service make a great team of helping out others. He dislikes others that are greedy especially he dislikes himself being greedy to his friends. He attacks with rolling rolling pins and heals with bread.

Service is the Fourteenth Human that fell down the mountain. She is a helping hand and is the smartest person in the group. She likes boys with glasses but it depends on their personality. She and Generosity are in a good relationship of helping others. It's impossible for her to mistaken the clothes that her friends were wearing. Her passion is fashion. She attacks with smashing mallets and heals with Flowers.

Peace is the Fifteenth 
Human that fell down the mountain. He is one peaceful, very reliable and hardworking boy. He lost his eye in an accident and Love gave him an eye patch to cover his injured eye. Peace hates war and he hates himself startred it. He and Love make a great team of bringing Love and Peace to the world. He has a crush on Service for being a helping hand. He confesses that he indeed has a crush on Service before leaving him. He attacks with a spinning whip and heals with peace symbols.

Jackie Wonderson
Jackie Wonderson, The Soul of Integrity and The Sixteenth Human that fell down the mountain. She is friendly, honest and a brave child. She likes ballet and dancing. She's a dancer of the Crystal Light Elementary Dance Troupe. She also dislikes dishonesty. Her Soul is the last one needed to break the second barrier and protect both Humans and Monsters.

Ava is the Ninth Human who fell down the mountain. They used to be 
self-absorbed, condescending, manipulative, and dishonest. They make life miserable for "anyone who stands in her way." Ava has completely discarded her old self and starts believing in friendship, being kind toward others and befriending former enemies. Their history is unknown.

The Fallen & Fallentale - Me
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March 27, 2017
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