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The Eleventh Fallen Human (Loyalty) by xXkerrysweetXx The Eleventh Fallen Human (Loyalty) by xXkerrysweetXx
The Eleventh Fallen Human.

Name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Species: Human
Status: Deceased (soul captured)
Eye Color: Colbat Blue
Hair Color: Black
Relatives: A Brother
Friends: Laughter, Love, Generosity, Service, Peace (Names Unknown), Jackie, The Ninth Fallen Human
Items - Broken Goggles and Garbage Bin Cover
Soul Color: Bright Blue
Trait: Loyalty


:bulletblue: He is the Crystal Light's resident jock, being captain of all the school's sports teams.
:bulletblack: He and Love
 were first mentioned to have had a falling out with Peace but after Peace discovers they were driven apart by the machinations of The Ninth Fallen Human, the gang (Laughter, Generosity, and Service) reconcile at Jackie's urging.
He tells Jackie that she will only help her become Princess of the Spring Falls if she beats him in a soccer match, with the first to make five goals winning.
He easily wins, but he helps Jackie anyway, telling her that he was testing her determination.
:bulletblue: He 
also plays an electric guitar in his band along with Love.
:bulletblack: He
 is part of a band called "The Fallen" along with Laughter, Loove, Generosity, Service, Peace and Jackie, including The Ninth Fallen Human.
:bulletblue: His SOUL is filled with Loyalty.
When Jackie invokes the power of the Soul of Integrity, Loyalty briefly channels the SOUL of loyalty and gains crystal-like attributes.
There's a reason why he climbed Mount Ebott. The reason why he climbed Mount Ebott because The Ninth Fallen Human has been gone for a long time including Laughter. Laughter tried to save The Ninth Fallen Human but she didn't returned and he came to rescue her but he failed. His SOUL is now captured.
Laughter, Loyalty, Love, Generosity, Service, and Peace are the souls that can protect the Underground and Jackie's soul will be the last one that Asgore needs to protect the Underground from THEM.
:bulletblue: Attacks with spinning garbage bin covers with lightning bolts. Heals with clouds

<Name> - Soon
Laughter -…
Loyalty - You're Here!
Love -…
Generosity -…
Service -…
Peace -…
Jackie -…

he secretly has a crush on Laughter
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November 11, 2016
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