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In the Mountain... (they're walking by the way)

"So, why are we doing this again?" said Buffet the spider (a.k.a Jackie's pet spider) to Jackie while walking (I meant, JACKIE is the one walking. Buffet is on Jackie's right shoulder.), "I'm looking for something that I'm missing." Jackie replied, "Or should I say, 'SOMEONE'." Jackie added, "And who's that 'someone'?" questioned Buffet, "You know, these guys." said Jackie opening her locket to Buffet, showing the picture of her with her friends.
Friends Forever by xXkerrysweetXx
"Oh right, but are you sure that they were here?" questioned the pet spider to Jackie, "They've been missing for 8 months now, and the whole class in CLES (Crystal Light Elementary School) are worried about them for being missing, since those past months! According to the latest gossip, they said that they were here... Dead?" the last word she said made her feel sad, "Oh, cheer up, Wonderson! It's just a gossip! It's not like they're true or anything! They're just... stupid! I mean, most of them don't even fully know who they are! Right?" "I guess your right Buffet, most students in CLES don't even-" Jackie got interrupted as she accidentally tripped down by a vine and started falling down in a large hole. "-KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!" They both screamed until they got knocked out.

As Jackie got knocked out she began to dream of a flashback on how she met her friends

"Hi! I'm-"
"My name is-"
"So your Jackie huh? I'm-"
"Greetings! I'm-"
"Your name's Jackie? That's a nice name! My name is-"
"Why hello there darling! I'm-"

Minutes later, Jackie woke up she's starting to get a little confused and forgot how'd she end up here. She realized that she had landed on a soft bed filled with golden flowers. "Ah, where am I?", Jackie's starting to look around and heard a squeaky noise coming from where she's sitting on. She then immediately realized that it was Buffet so she quickly stood up, "*GASP*!" "Oh my glob! I'm so sorry Buffet, are you okay?!" "I'm fine Wonderson... what's that?" Buffet said pointing at a flower that popped out of nowhere. Buffet went up to Jackie's right shoulder again. "Let's go and check it out, Buffet!" "But, Jackie we don't even know what that thing actually does!" "That's why we should go and check it out and... why am I here for?" "...uuuhh you're here to look for your friends that you really MISSED." "I have friends?" "Uh, YEAH! HELLO?! WE WERE TALKING ABOUT THEM FOR LIKE MINUTES AGO!! HOW COME THAT YOU FORGOT ABOUT THEM, JACKIE?!" "Okay, okay jeez Buffet, you don't have to shout. Especially right at my ear, ugh..." Jackie responded, rubbing her ear, "Oh, sorry 'bout that. It's just- I mean- *sigh* You know what, let's just go find our friends and get the heck outta here."

They now went to the golden flower that is almost the same from the flower bed that Jackie landed on when she fell down. But... with a face, this time... "Howdy! I'm Flowey! Flowey The Flower!-" Jackie and Buffet interrupted the talking flower by freaking out. "AAAAHHHH!!!!! A TALKING FLOWER!!!!" both of them screamed. "Oh wait, I don't have to freak out 'cause I already got a talking pet spider." giggled Jackie. "YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN WONDERSON 'CAUSE I'VE NEVER SEEN A TALKING FLOWER IN MY LIFE!!" Buffet screamed, "Whoa there! Calm down there little spider! Plus, I'm not the only one who can talk in here, ya'know. All monsters here in the Underground can talk too!" the flower said with a smile, "T-t-there're monsters in here?!" said Buffet with a terrified feeling, "Don't be such a scaredy spider Buffet, I think that the monsters in here are really nice!" said Jackie giggling to Buffet.

"Hey! You know you're not the only ones in here you know! Also, I already introduced myself! What are your names?" Flowey said impatiently and angry yet his face is still normal. "I'm Jackie, and this is my talking pet spider, Buffet" Jackie introduced, "And, you must be Flowey, Right?" "Yeah, yeah. Anyways, you must be new here, huh?" Jackie and Buffet exchanged looks then looked back at the talking flower, ".....Yes?" said Jackie with a confused tone, "And you must be very confused. Someone outta' teach you some things about the underground." "The Underground?" Jackie questioned, "Yes! And I guess little old me will have to do. Ready?" Jackie shrugged, "Here we go!".

When Flowey begins, he showed Jackie's SOUL. "See that heart? That's your-" when Flowey's about to finish his sentence, Jackie interrupted "SOUL? Yeah I know that. And it's Blue." when he heard this, Flowey was very surprised, "WHAT?! HOW DID YOU-" "which represents Integrity AND Jump Mode." "Yeah, but... how did you know that?" "My mom told me about it." "Oh, well as I was saying, that's your SOUL and your SOUL needs to have a higher LV. What's LV stands for, you asked? It's LOVE! You want some LOVE don't ya?" "Uuuuhhh-?" As Jackie was about to speak, she got rudely interrupted by Flowey. Wow. Just... just GREAT!

"Great! Now I have some here, called "friendliness pellets!". Flowey gathered his 'friendliness pellets' to Jackie's SOUL, "Move around, 'cause here they come! Get as many as you can!" Jackie wasn't sure that she could trust this devious flower. I mean, they just met. So why would she trust him already? So she did what she could: dodged them, "... Hey buddy! You missed them. Let's try that again shall we?" as Flowey gathered his pellets again, she dodged them again, still not trusting this... flower. Since, she has a weird feeling about this flower trying to tell her to 'trust him' by taking one of his 'pellets', "Is this some kind of a joke? Are you brain-dead? RUN. INTO. THE. BULLETS!!! I-I-I mean, 'friendliness pellets'!" When Flowey said 'bullets' and stuttered at the last sentence, this made both Jackie and Buffet shocked and glad that she didn't hit Flowey's 'bullets'.

Jackie and Buffet exchanged looks. Scared, about of what's gonna happen if they dodged them for the third time.

Flowey then gathered the bullets to Jackie, again.

But, she dodged them.


This made Flowey shows his scary expression towards them.

And, he's mad alright.

"You know what's going on here don't you?!"


"You wanted to see me suffer."

"WHAT?!", both said, feeling more terrified than before. Flowey gathered his bullets around Jackie's SOUL, making her unable to escape and dodge again. "DIE!!!" Flowey laughs evilly as the bullets are coming around closer to them, "AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" Buffet screamed and Jackie started calling for help. "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!" Buffet screamed again as they're still calling for help. Flowey's bullets are almost close enough to the both of them. But they immediately disappeared.

Buffet stopped screaming, "Huh?" is all he said.

Then suddenly, a fire ball appeared and knocked Flowey out.

"What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth..."

This is a loooooooooong chapter. Probably because it's my first time writing a fanfiction sooo... I think I'm gonna get used to it someday. :aww:

Hey! Sorry it took so long. But hey! At least I'm not discontinuing this story. My sis and I did had fun writing and editing this (my sis is the editor, tho. Just in case if any you are confused). :D

Oh! And please correct me if they're some gramatically incorrect sentences. It would really help me. :)

Q: Who are those people in the picture?
A: All answers lies in this page:…

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