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A long time ago, the barrier was finally destroyed by the SOULs of the humans that have fell down the Mt. Ebott. The monsters were finally free, humans starting to treat monsters as if they were part of them, and living a happy life. But... something is STILL not right. Something out there is destroying humanity and that SOMETHING are the Opposites of the Human SOULs that have broken the barrier. The opposites will do anything to get what they want. And someone are going to stand in their way, to protect both humans and monsters from THEM; The Seven Magicians that have the same Soul Traits from the Seven Humans that fell down the mountain; Bravery, Justice, Integrity, Kindness, Perseverance, Patience, and Determination. They challenge their opposites to a battle. If their opposites lose, they will leave both humanity and monsters alone and never come back. But if they win, the Magicians will be forced to give up their SOUL Traits to them, AND bring ALL monsters back to the Underground LOCKED by using the same spell to create the barrier. After a long battle, the Opposites won while the Magicians lost. The Magicians have no choice but to do their deal. All of their souls where now given to them, except for ONE soul: INTEGRITY. Integrity will not give up until she find a way to stop them. Integrity was doing some research to make her soul stronger and to find the opposites' weaknesses.

At last, she found them. Laughter, Loyalty, Love, Generosity, Service, and Peace. The SOULs of Friendship. Those SOULs are the only ones that can defeat the Opposites. Since, Integrity is now strong enough to possess their power. At last, Integrity and The SOULs of Friendship finally defeated and vanished the Opposites from the human world and created a place for them in the Underground called Crystal Town, it is a prison for the Opposites where they can only stay there also a home for other monsters. Integrity became friends with The SOULs of Friendship and they decided to create a school called Crystal Light Elementary School; a school were children can have the same SOULs of Friendship and teach them how to control it. One day, Integrity's new friends had a tragic incident. It is unknown but Integrity's feelings have been crushed and filled with sadness after what happened to them.

The Opposites are still finding a way to get out of Crystal Town. They tried everything to get out of their prison until they realized something... about the one SOUL, they forgot; INTEGRITY. No wonder they can't get out in this place! They were so confused because they thought, they already got all the SOULs from the Magicians who have lost their little game. And now, they're starting to question themselves, "How did we forgot about her?", "How did she escape?", " and, where will we find her? If she's not even here?"

At last, they finally found the SOUL that they were looking for. "Excuse me mister monster, I have a question - Are there any more Human SOULs besides us are also here?" said Opposite #6 to the black cloak-wearing monster (…). "Oh, yes! They're almost like yours but opposite," said the monster with a deep mid-tone voice, "They're Bravery, Justice, Integrity, Kindness, Perseverance, Patience, and Determination. They're at the barrier. Which is weird because, when the barrier is broken, all the Human SOULs were free! But, when they created the barrier again, the Human SOULs that King Asgore killed is also here, trapped in a jar like what is always used to be,". The kids then were exchanging looks then looked back at the cloak monster. "Plus, I can see what you're trying to do," added the monster, "You're trying to escape here, aren't you?" "What?! Nahaho! We're not TRYING to escape here! We just want to know if there are more humans down here so we could be 'friends' with them!" said Opposite #4 sarcastically. "Wait, I thought we were." Opposite #3 answered, then Opposite #2 slapped him in the face. "OW!!! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!?!" "For being a total moron!" Opposite #2 shouted. "Ah, don't worry about it. I know your secret. And, I can help you," when the cloak monster finished his sentence as he showed the Integrity SOUL that they were looking for, which leaves the kids shocked and their jaws wide open. Opposite #7 tries to snatch it from the monster yet she failed. "Hey! I thought you were-" Opposite #7 got interrupted by the monster "Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Na-uh! Not until you get me what I want!" "And, what ish that you want?" questioned Opposite #5, "A monster SOUL." "But, how are we supposed to get a monster SOUL if we can't KILL ANY SINCE WE'RE LIKE, I DON'T KNOW, INVISIBLE?!" Opposite #8 shouted, "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down there little kid. Yes, it's true you can't kill any of the monsters, yet they can see you. But you CAN make any of them kill their same species," the monster replied. Then, the kids did the evil grin at each other then looked back at the cloak monster. "So, do we have a deal?" the monster pulled out a hand to shake so they'll do what they must do. Before one of them shake, they all look at each other signing they should do it, then their eyes were now locked at the Opposite #1 to do it. "Deal," Opposite #1 said, reaching for the cloak monster's hand, shaking it once, creating a harmless blue fire signing that the deal is on. After that, they removed causing the fire to disappear.

*Time Skip*
They all now met each other at a least crowd place as possible. Opposite #8 is holding a jar that has a monster SOUL in it, while the cloak monster is holding the SOUL of Integrity (no jar). "Okay, so we got the SOUL YOU wanted and you got the SOUL WE wanted," said Opposite #8 giving the jar to the monster while the monster gives the Integrity SOUL to Opposite #8 "Good. The deal. Is. Done." "Here you go, girl," said Opposite #8 giving the SOUL to Opposite #4, "At last! The power! That I could ever... IMAGINED!!!" Opposite #4 said, lifting the SOUL Trait above her head, sucking it's power to her until she got interrupted by the Head of the Royal Guard behind them. Because of this, she only sucked half of the SOUL's power, "HEY! YOU! GIVE THAT SOUL BACK TO IT'S RESPECTIVE SPOT!!!", she shouted throwing her spear to Opposite #4 then the cloak monster spoke, "Go. GO!" They left and ran with the Integrity SOUL held by Opposite #4. The cloak monster tried to stop the Royal Guard yet they failed causing them to turn into black dust and disappear. The Guard then ran as fast as she could so she will capture the running human kids. "YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THAT SOUL, HUMANS!" "AAAHH! SHE'S FASTER THAN WE EXPECTED!!! CONCEIT! SUCK THAT POWER FASTER!!!" Opposite #3 shouted while running, "I'm trying but I can't make it go faste- ah!" Opposite #4 got interrupted by slipping the SOUL from her hands. She was supposed to get it but Opposite #5 pulled her arm so she could not get captured by the Royal Guard "Forget it! At leasht you have enough power from your SHOUL to get the HECK OUT OF HERE!" Opposite #5 said, spitting saliva when saying the words that sounds, 's' in front of her face, "Ugh! Quit spitting your saliva off my face, nerd!" Opposite #4 said with disgust. Opposite #5's face heat up when she called him nicknames like, 'nerd'.

Minutes later, they finally got out of there and returned to the human world with the help of the cloak monster. They decided to get some rest and get their revenge on Integrity.

*Meanwhile, at the King's Throne Room*
Asgore was just there sitting on his throne thinking about how the Integrity SOUL just disappeared like that. He snapped out of his thoughts when Undyne ran in front of him, kneeling down while catching her breath and said, "Your highness! I know who stole the blue SOUL," Undyne pants as Asgore questioned and stood up, "Then, who did?" "The Opposites. They dropped the SOUL on the ground while I was chasing them, and the result. Is, THIS," Undyne said still panting as she shows the Integrity SOUL that has it's magic almost drained then gave it to Asgore. He spoke as he looked to the SOUL, "Sigh, search for them as soon as possible. And make sure ALL of them are here," "I'm afraid we can't," "What? Why not?!" Asgore replied in shock, "They had returned to the human world with the cloak guy. I don't even know how did they escape like that. They just... disappeared due to teleportation or something," Undyne said, "I think you need some rest. Go home now, I'll take care of this," "Yes, your majesty," She said walking out of the Throne Room. Asgore then sat down holding the SOUL of Integrity as he spoke to himself, "I'm sorry for your loss of power, child,"

My first fanfiction. MAN! This took me HOURS to finish it!
Anyways, my sister helped me with this and I'm glad it's finally finished. But I think there will be a few (or... some) incorrect sentences here. Hope you enjoy! :)

Q: Are the SOULs of Friendship the characters you created and uploaded here?
A: No. They're completely different. That's why this Chapter is all about the past. Not. The present.

Q: Since the Opposites were kids in this timeline, will they become adults in the present?
A: No. They're not real humans, but rather a creation. In the present, they're still kids.

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