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Boboiboy OC - Fiera (Fifi) by xXkerrysweetXx Boboiboy OC - Fiera (Fifi) by xXkerrysweetXx
Nickname(s) - Fifi
                    - Fear (Adam)
Species - Gynoid
Status - Active
Weapon(s)/Power(s) - Robot Technology (formerly)
Telekinesis: Fifi possesses telekinetic abilities, enabling her to lift objects with her mind.
Gender - Female
Hair - Dark Purple
Eyes - Blue
Occupation(s) - Technician (formerly)
                      - Guardian
Alignment - Bad, later Good
Residence - Moon Base (former)
                - Earth
Personality and Bio - Fifi was formerly 
to be calculating, ruthless, and remorseless. She is skilled with advanced Robot technology and works for The Moon Base as a skilled technician and takes her work seriously, when it comes to Earth, she becomes much more relaxed and cooperative. Fifi is very naive when it comes to Earth, especially when the information is not relevant to her mission. She is incredibly dedicated and somewhat possessive, occasionally to the point of obsession. Fifi is extremely self-absorbed, which leads her to underestimate the gang continually. Many of her childlike behaviors, particularly her temper and arrogance, stem from her over-inflated ego. This is not to say Fifi is incapable of putting others above herself; she is just not used to having others who are willing to do the same for her. The same behavior extends to her admitting something personal. As she spends more time on Earth, Fifi has started developing a more gracious and compassionate attitude. Fifi prioritizes logic, reason, and objectivity above emotions. While she is not apathetic, Fifi tends to fall back on her intellect which is much more developed than her interpersonal skills.

The left one is in the original series and the other one is in Boboiboy Galaxy.

Fifi - Me
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May 30, 2017
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