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Ben 10 OC - Rara by xXkerrysweetXx Ben 10 OC - Rara by xXkerrysweetXx
I once had a Ben 10 OC when I was a little kid. She used to have long black hair with bangs and wears purple dress with a white trim and white boots. And, she looks this.

She has a neckwatch given by her parents called the Monsta-Watch. It has a very similar abilities to the Omnitrix. However, instead of transforming into ALIENS, she'd transform into MONSTERS. More info about her watch thingy soon.

Full Name: Rara Duskvale
Nicknames: Ra, Little Nightmare, Sweetheart (by her parents and others who had a crush on her), Nightmare Dusk, Clever Girl
Status: Alive
Species: Human
Home world: Earth
Age: 13 (Prior to Ben 10), 14 (OS and Reboot), 20 (Omniverse)
Occupation(s): Anti-Hero
Equipment/Weapons: Monsta-Watch
Relatives: Hugo Duskvale (little brother), Henry Duskvale (father), Keith Duskvale (mother), Patricia Duskvale (paternal aunt), Riley Duskvale (maternal aunt; deceased), Harold Duskvale (paternal uncle), Roy Duskvale (maternal uncle), Jamie (paternal cousin), Mel, Blue (maternal cousins)
Likes: Herself, Her monsters, Hugo, Her family, Her friends, Music, Freestyle dancing, Acrobatics, Video games, Nice people, Dark Humor (also likes regular humor), Ben Tennyson, Cookies and Biscuits, Strawberry Jam
Dislikes: One of Hugo's bullies having a crush on her, Ben Tennyson (sometimes), Hugo's bullies, Being called 'Sweetheart' by others than her parents, Bullies and snobs, Not getting her way, Traitors, Anur System and its inhabitants
Gender: Female
Alignment: Good/Neutral
Alternate Counterparts: Future Rara, Rara 23
Voice Actor:  Ashly Burch (Cass), Nicki Minaj (Sugilite; In Omniverse)
Personality: Rara is a threatening, dark, violent person that people don't want to mess with, mainly to the people who she despises the most. This leads to her ability for striking sick comebacks towards them.

She has a bipolar personality where she alternates between being sarcastic and rude to obnoxiously nice towards others. Despite this, she mostly shows her mischievously childish behavior that annoys most people, even her own brother.

Even with her annoying, negative side always present at her outside, deep inside, however, has a huge amount of sympathy and loyalty towards herself and to her loved ones as she would be more than willing to protect them as all costs. She could possibly be competitive as well, given her intensive professional capoeira fighting training.

Rara seems to worry about nothing at all and always think positively such thinking that when one of her loved one dies, she believed that they'll always be with her no matter what
Rara has a backstory similar to Ben but with slight differences.

Prior to Ben 10

Rara was a thirteen-year-old girl who grew up in Wellspring; she was highly feared by her schoolmates and classmates leading the school's bullies having a crush on her which annoys her the most. Her life went better on the day she went to a long weekend trip with her brother, Hugo and her Aunt Patty. That evening, they stopped to camp in the woods. Rara found a necklace-watch-like device called the 'Monsta-Watch', buried very deeply in the woods.

As soon as she found the watch, Rara wore it because it look 'awesome'. Rara then soon discovered she was now able to transform into ten super-powered and scary monsters, and began to use the device to become a superhero. Sometimes, helping other villians in special occassions such as solving their personal problems. Though she occasionally arrested ordinary criminals, she was quickly led to also fight super-villains, starting with Velorania Von Stein, Coldstrike and ultimately, Agathe - a vicious and evil shadow monster creature who would stop at nothing to get the Monsta-Watch for herself.

-In comparison, she shares some of Ben's personality.
-Rara found the Monsta-Watch before Ben found the Omnitrix.
-Rara owned a doll named Babby when she was younger.
-Once Rara found out about Anur System, she quickly desipses it, thinking it's a ripoff of her monsters and their other monsterous species.

Update 5/21/2018 - Updated her info and the Neck-Watch is now called the Monsta-Watch

Rara - me
Ben 10 - Man of Action
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