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Ben 10 Fan Characters: The Monstas/Monsters by xXkerrysweetXx Ben 10 Fan Characters: The Monstas/Monsters by xXkerrysweetXx
These characters are monsters/Monstas inside the Monstawatch; an equipment that transforms the user into any strange-being available inside it, just like the Omnitrix. But, instead of the alien race, this equipment contains monster-race, instead. Most of these monsters are originally created by me with the help of inspirations on other pre-existing franchises.

The current owner of the Monstawatch is Rara Duskvale.
The Monstas (left to right/top to bottom)

- DJ Diamond (A Crystallane. Main Powers: Crystal and Sound Manipulation. Alien Counterpart: Diamondhead)
- Flower Power (basically, a monsterous flower. Main Powers: Agrokinesis and Flower Manipulation. Alien Counterpart: Wildvine)
- Edge-Co (Hedgecoon: half-hedgehog, half-racoon. Main Power: Speed. Alien Counterpart: XLR8)
- Mudslime (A Blob. Main Powers: Slime and Soil Manipulation; odor depends on current form. Alien Counterpart/s: Stinkfly/Goop)
- Winterway (A Cryolline. Main Powers: Snow, Ice and Water Manipulation. Alien Counterpart/s: Big Chill, Waterharzard/Overflow)
- Bonecreep (an obvious skeleton version of the user. Main Powers: Bone Manipulation & ability to see and attack evil spirits. Alien Counterpart: Ghostfreak)
- Firefell (A Volcanian. Main Powers: Pyrokinesis and Magma Manipulation. Alien Counterpart: Heatblast)
- Tough Glove (An Octan. Main Powers: Superstrength and Aquatic Adaptation. Alien Counterpart/s: Four Arms/Ripjaws)
- Clowniac (A clown creature. Main Powers: Enhanced Intelligence and high skills on each weapons she uses. Alien Counterpart: Grey Matter)
- Vexy (Vampire. Main Powers: Shapeshifting and the ability to see evil spirits but incapable for attacking them. Alien Counterpart: Whampire)

P.S. Clowniac's a kid so yeah :/

Monstas - Me

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