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One Last Stand: For Net Neutrality by xXJudaiYukiwashere64 One Last Stand: For Net Neutrality by xXJudaiYukiwashere64
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Materials: Sketchbook, pencil/pen, colored pencils, PicsArt, iPad, Photoshop (for enhancements)

Background images used

Nyan Cat render

Internet explorer image

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Time: 3-4 hours/ 2 hours coloring

Complete: 5 Days 5 hours all together.

Characters Featured: Yami Bakura, Anime self


This piece is sort of a continuation of this art I did to help spread awareness for protecting Net Neutrality. Yes, I know the vote has been cast to repeal Net Neutrality protections, but thanks to the Congressional Review Act, there might be a change to save it. Net Neutrality protections will die on April 23rd, 2018. I made this piece as protest and to try to keep the fight going to try to spread awareness that there is still a chance it can be saved.

I for one do NOT want to loose the open internet we have now. I love browsing DeviantArt, spending countless hours watching YouTube videos, streaming music, among a multitude of things. If Net Neutrality dies for good, we are looking at a packaged/tiered internet with parts of it being ransomed out for the highest bidder. Websites could be blocked, throttled, and competition would be discouraged. With net neutrality, we've had an internet that's open and accessable everywhere. While yes, you still have to pay to have the internet provided to your home or place of business, the websites you access aren't restricted.

While the vote has been cast by the AssShit Pai and his goons to kill the internet as we know it, there is still a chance it can be saved. Multiple states are sueing the FCC. So there is still hope in the rebellion.


About the Art itself.....

This piece is set in a fiery datascape like space where the fight has continued to save the internet. All the internet is threatened as corporate greed burns the internet alive, Nyan Cat is trying to fly away to warn his friends, other characters (not pictured) are off fighting the monsters that have been turning the internet into a corporate wasteland.

Two lone wolves have been at the forefront fighting for awhile. Bakura somehow unlocked Sora's Valor Form (cause it's my drawing and he can) and he is getting a thrill out of fighting with his new powers. Meanwhile I have sustained some injuries, but I have been trying to keep fighting anyway, because I know that our freedom of the internet is at stake. The battle continues, and hope is strong.


Technical Notes

This drawing took some time to complete. Mostly due to being busy, it got put on the backburner for awhile. Looked up battle poses on google which helped me draw the poses you see here. The hardest part of drawing this piece, would definitely be the poses themselves. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to draw. I would have added more characters, but I didn't have the room and it would have taken away from what I was trying to accomplish which was a gritty fighting scene.

Coloring was also challenging but easier than the drawing stage. Biggest frustrations I've encountered while drawing this was using pencil to draw the initial sketch, inked in lineart for more permanence, and finally shaded with colored pencils to get that sort of apocalyptic grittiness, of course PicsArt and Photoshop helped out with that. Added images of internet relevance to the background to illustrate that the internet is almost at its end but there is still a chance to save it, hence Nyan Cat flying off to get more reinforcements.

While one piece of art probably won't make a difference, I wanted to draw this to show that we can still win this fight. Who's with me? Let's keep the internet weird and free....

Enjoy the art as well.

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#netneutrality #stopthefcc #openinternet4all #keepnetneutrality #OneMoreVote 



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March 3
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