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Just wanted to stop by and let everyone know I stream on Twitch now! Schedule is soon to come, I'm thinking about streaming tomorrow though! A follow would be v appreciated! Thanks so much :)
Hello friends! I'd just like everyone to know that I am now on Patreon! <3
I'm hoping to bring lots of cool content to it, like livestreams, backer critique/spotlights, exclusive wallpapers/prints, and even charms & stickers!
I have tons of cool stuff planned & I'd love it if you'd check it out or maybe even pledge!!

Thank You!!
Long time no talk, right? 
Of course, I've never stopped drawing, I just stopped completing them for a while haha. 
I'm in school currently for advertising arts, graphic design, web design, marketing, business, and illustration.
During my time in college, I can't get a job, which is where (hopefully!) you guys come in!
I'd really appreciate working with you guys. From past commissioners I've been told that I'm wonderful to work with and very patient and understanding. 

What I'm offering is a multitude of things;
anime style
disney style

I'd really appreciate if you guys would take time to look on my commission page and maybe even consider ordering from me!!
Thank you so much guys, it means the world to me :)

Updated Commission Info! {Open!} by xXimmaeatjooXx

follow it? :)
i update it more regularly and have sketches and doodles on it as well :)
Alrighty guys, We're proud to announce that all of our old stickers are now going on sale!! We will not be putting them up on our new website, but instead have them listed on our tumblr and facebook page until they're completely sold out!! If we happen to have left over at cons we'll be selling them there too! :)

I will be putting up a folder shortly displaying all the stickers now on sale!! And what exactly is this sale you ask? All the stickers we will list will be only 50 cents each and 5 stickers for $2.00! :)
Would you mind giving me a hand and voting for my friend's fluttershy shirt? :D…

we plan on using the money to expand our business and get more AA Tables and a button maker and things like that 83

You all should also vote for my Spiderman/Jack O'Latern 83…
Matsuricon 2012 - now with Distant Worlds and Nobou Uematsu!

Matsuricon is proud to announce the premiere of Distant Worlds in Columbus, Ohio on August 25th at the Ohio Theater with FINAL FANTASY composer Nobou Uematsu in attendance.

Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY performs for the first time in Columbus, Ohio, at the Ohio Theater! Distant Worlds is partnering with Matsuricon to create an awesome weekend, with a specially designed program to mark the occasion. The concert will commence Saturday afternoon, where it fits perfectly in the schedule of the Matsuricon events. FINAL FANTASY composer Nobuo Uematsu will be in attendance, and of special note: Nobuo Uematsu and Arnie Roth will be the featured soloists with Nobuo Uematsu on organ and Arnie Roth on violin in FINAL FANTASY VI: Dark World. More information can be found at

Matsuricon also has an awesome guest list, including:
Cathy Weseluck - "Spike" from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Scott McNeil - "Duo Maxwell" from Gundam Wing
Christopher Sabat - "Garterbelt" from Panty & Stocking
Doug Walker - The Nostalgia Critic
Todd Haberkorn - "Death the Kid" from Soul Eater
Brina Palencia - "Chibitalia" from Hetaila
Cherami Leigh - "Kneesocks" from Panty & Stocking
Stephanie Young - "Nico Robin" from One Piece
David Brehm - Producer for Blue Logic Productions
Micah Solusod - "Soul Evans" from Soul Eater
Chris Cason - "Holy Roman Empire" from Hetalia
Ian Sinclair - "Romano" from Hetalia
Tony Oliver - "Rick Hunter" from Robotech
Scott Freeman - "England" from Hetalia
Ayu Sakata - writer/artist for sakevisual
Kevin McKeever - VP of Marketing for
Joe Kovell and Alex Kolesar - No Need for Bushido
Mindy Timpone - artist for "White Noise"
James Hatton - artist for "In His Likeness"
Samurai Dan - Samurai weapon expert

Rooms are still available at the Hyatt Regency but are going fast! Pre-register and reserve your hotel room at
derpy derpy
4,000 <3

I really want the Fella & Lama plushies <3 ((… ))

and then some more points after that for other commissions and what not u////u

i'm almost a 4th of the way there! /flail
Other than original stuff (monster girls/boys and whatnot..) what prints should Fisch and I have for our AA Tables?

(also, feel free to put down themes/monster types for the original ones)

Making SOPA-chan PIPA-chan and Internet-kun shirts

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 20, 2012, 12:55 PM
That's right! I've made 4 different designs and I'll colour them up and put them online soon ^^

Shirts are $12.00 USD each (plus shipping) I might do joint deals and whatnot, depends on how popular they get ><

Help Xim Get Out Of Debt

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 11, 2012, 1:02 PM
I'm in debt to a lot of people right now >>;;;

Basically, I have a little less than two weeks to get about $200.00 USD

But YOUUU can help! >< /shamelessly puts commissions here


BubblePop: Customized Shoes by xXimmaeatjooXx

Want Shoes Like These!? email, email subject "SHOES"

1 pair is only $65.00 USD!
2 pairs for $100.00 USD!

want more than that at once? We can talk about it ;D

For each additional character (other than your first 2) it will be $2.00 extra ^^

EXAMPLE: if you want Kyou and Yuuki on shoes, but also Tohru, it'd be $67.00 USD. If you also wanted Shigure on there it'd be $69.00 USD, so on and so forth :)

ALSO; you don't have to have kissy faces or adventure time style. It's whatever you want

AND; this price doesn't include shipping, which we will have rates of soon <3

BubblePop: Pokemon Badges WIP by xXimmaeatjooXx


$3.50 USD for 1 badge
$20.00 (compared to $28.00) USD for 1 set (Kanto, Joutou, Hoenn, Senno, Unova)
$115.00 (compared to $140.00) USD for all 40 badges

if you don't buy them atcon then they will cost a little more for shipping >< (exact rates are unknown at the moment, if you're interested PLEASE contact me through , the note system on dA freezes my computer)

It might also be nice to add that these will be attached to a pin so that you can actually wear them around like Ash does! O: we're also working on figuring out a carrying case ^^

BubblePop ArtShoppe by xXimmaeatjooXx


Fill out this fourm and send it to with subject: KELSEY COMMISSION

# of Characters:
Deadline? :
Style ? :
Background ? :
Total: $_________


$30.00 USD
Headshot: $2.00
Bust: $4.00
Waist Up: $5.00
Full Body: $8.00
Coloured Pencils:
Headshot: $4.00
Bust: $6.00
Waist Up: $7.00
Full Body: $10.00
Copic Markers:
Headshot: $5.00
Bust: $6.00
Waist Up: $7.00
Digital Flats:
Headshot: $10.00
Bust: $12.00
Waist Up: $14.00
Full Body: $16.00
Digital Shaded:
Headshot: $13.00
Bust: $16.00
Waist Up: $19.00
Full Body: $24.00
Paper Art:
Backgrounds (solid colours or patterns only) $0.50
Extra Characters (no more than 4 per picture, up to 6 for Ponies!) $5.00 (each)
Style $2.00 (only if it's not my original style :3)
No Hentai. I'm 15
No beefy guys »;;
No heavy amour
Fluff/smut is fine
try to stay away from furry/yiff. still no hentai
OCs or Canon characters are fine!
Shojou-ai/Shonen-ai is fine

Everyone go love this woman:

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 7, 2012, 10:21 AM


BubblePop ArtShoppe has decided to our first batch of commissions to hand out to the buyers at Ohayocon! :D
How This Will Go Down:

Respond or Reblog if you're interested
We'll send you the commission sheet to fill out as soon as we have it up
Pay through Paypal
We'll exchange numbers and meet up at any time of the weekend (even Thursday night) to deliver to you

What We Offer:
Art/PaperArt Commissions ( from here ((… )) and here ((… )) ) (if you get digital it will be printed on nice photo paper)
Bead Sprites ( like this ((… )) ) from any show/anime/webcomic of any character/symbol as long as you can find a sprite for it. (as in, no real lifes)
Stickers of any of your OCs/Personas/RP Characters/Whatever
Pillows of cutiemarks OR hetalia flags (the hetalia ones are shaped like hearts)
Glasses/Shot Glasses with anime/webcomic characters etched into them

Stickers: 1.00 each, 5 for 4.00, 10 for 8.00
Art/Paperart: listed at the links
Bead Sprites: depending on size, beads, and complication, they range from 6 to 15 dollars each, we will talk ;3
Pillows: 12.00
Glasses/Shot Glasses: will be determined soon, we can talk :3
If you have any questions send an email to
all the info is here:…

range from $2.00 - $30.00 USD <3
That's right folks! xxsushirollxx and I will have our very first Artist's Alley table at Ikasucon 2012! :D
We'll have commissions, pony cosplay ears, beadsprites, and stickers! :D

if it's successful enough then maybe in a year or two we'll have an etsy? cause I know some of our friends are interested in our MY LITTLE PONY BEAD SPRITES:……………………
SO yea...they're both broken atm. getting a new tablet for Christmas and i'm getting a new charger for my laptop which will fix it ><

For the time being, I've made an Art Blog. and this blog will be updated MUCH more frequently than dA just because how much I doodle.

so, follow? :)

on the weekend of November 18th to 20th, my two friends will be coming over. For that weekend, this blog (( )) will be accepting asks for all the hamsteaks we cosplay XD and combinded questions for multiple cosplays as well! here's the list,

Me/Kelsey: Deb, Joan, Nepeta, Jade

Lindsay: John, Gamzee

Kaitlin: Rose, Terezi

So i'll be taking questions directed towards those 8 now! make sure to clearly state whom the question is for!))
*APH:… with Japan… ((WWII with WWII Japan))… with Canada… with Prussia or Russia (or both)… with America… with France

*Fruits Basket… ((lame ref XD)) /… /… with Kyou

*FMA… /… with Roy

*Homestuck… (the girl on the right) with Gamzee… with John… with Dave

*Inuyasha… (the one in blue) with Naraku or Miroku

*Vampire Knight… with Kaname

*Soul Eater… (the girl) with DTK

*Ouran… with Nekozawa… with Hikaru… with Mori… with Tamaki

*Kingdom Hearts… with Marluxia (litterally half his size, she's SUPER tiny)… with Riku… with Sora