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Ponysona Creation meme
I would love to see this passed around c: I would also love to see the results XD.
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#3- What is your favorite color? (Will be the hair color)
#4 What is your second fave color? (will be second part to the hair if wanted, striped hair, hued etc)
#5- What is your age? (will determine length of hair)
13-15 (short)
16-18 (medium)
19+ (long)
#6- How is your hair type? (will determine pones hair type/style)
Curly, straight etc.
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Truly gone....
So a few hours ago, I had finished the season 12 finale....

And seeing Crowley die utterly destroyed me... My buddy maintenance-man literally watched me break down a few minutes even before it came the scene he died... 

Oh god, I was fucking sobbing my eyes out... It was bad... 

So I did this image of Dean back at the bunker in his room, quietly sobbing. Yes, Dean cries. And on his phone, he was checking the last messages from Crowley earlier that day before he... *insert me getting choked up* 

Anyway, more sad images to come... This is my AU where Crowley does come back and get the whole archangel magic and blah blah blah...

But long story short with this one... Due to how many important people Dean lost that day and all that happened, he fell into a pit of depression and he attempted to kill himself a few times. The last time he came so very close to succeeding.... Unluckily/luckily for him, Sam found him just in time. Dean is currently on quite a few medications to keep him semi stable but it kills his brother to have to see him in such a bad mental state and just locking himself away. 

Dean did miss the hell out of Cas since he was like a brother to him, but Crowley cared about him in more ways than a friend. He threw his own life away to save Dean and Sam's. 

*insert more sad feelings from me....* *cri*
What if....
So I am working on my own little AU where Crowley never dies... And instead, he is able to get all of Lucifer's grace in a vial. Instead of killing him right away, he and the Winchesters agree on one thing. And that's making Lucifer suffer. In Hell. Dean, of course, would have said yes anyway. He's with the King of Hell and has wanted Lucifer to get a taste of his own medicine for what he did to his brother. But then Crowley does the unthinkable. He takes the vial and takes in the grace from Lucifer. Now, if Crowley alone with his powers wasn't bad enough, imagine the strength and power/grace from Lucifer all in one. He's powerful as all Hell at this point. 

Sam is instantly set on offing Crowley then and there but is somehow told to stand off by Dean. The brothers get into it. Yet another fight. They were arguing about the fact that now Crowley has the powers of an Archangel on his shoulders. Sam is trying to convince Dean that he is bad news. Yet Dean turns it around. Sam is dating Gabriel, an archangel. Archangels have the tendencies to be a bunch of assholes. They're not too clean and innocent either. Before long, they head back home ((The Men of Letters bunker they live in)) and go to each of their rooms. Gabriel was there for Sam and Crowley was, of course, there for Dean. 

While Crowley had a boost in power, he still does care about Dean. He is protective of him and honestly, he does worry about Dean when he goes hunting on certain occasions. But Crowley does use his newly upgraded powers for protecting Dean and soon his family. ((He and Dean will eventually have children))

But yeah, Crowley with Archangel juice in him! Already powerful demon has become even more powerful demon with a touch of archangel powers! :D 

I am gonna work more with this AU and write about it because this is actually something pretty exciting for me. So keep your eyes out :D 
Grown up
Aoife and her little sister D'Arcy aged up. 

They be making their Daddies mega proud each day :D 

D'Arcy is showing Papa Crowley dem mad black eye demon skills xD
Wings - Gabriel
Gabriel's took a bit longer but I am soooooo happy with how they came out. 

maintenance-man even got to watch the wings get drawn and colored :D 



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Dean jerked up, shouting quite loudly as sweat dripped down his face. He looked around, seeming to be in his own room. His breathing was rapid, rubbing his head from the throbbing sensation in his skull.

Sam ran in, a look of concern on his face as he looked around Dean’s room. Nothing was out of place. He moved his eyes to Dean who looked as if he just ran a marathon and slept on the track.

“Dean?! Man, what happened? Is.. Is uh everything alright?” He asked, worried about his older brother despite all the shit going on between them.

Dean furrowed his brows, looking at Sam, seeming to be angry before becoming more curious than anything. He was trying to figure out what in the hell was going on. He remembered storming out after beating Cas into a bloody pulp, seeing Crowley and now he’s suddenly back in his room. It had to be some demon magic or some shit.

“Dean?” a voice next to Sam spoke up. It was none other than Cas.

This caused Dean to rip the blankets off, grunting when he looked down to see his right hand bandaged up and in a brace. He looked around, standing up before pushing his way between the two.

“I need to go. Now.”

“But Dean-” Sam cut in.

“NOT NOW SAMMY.” He shouted before grabbing his jacket and leaving.

Once out of the building, he walked to Baby, quickly getting into the Impala. He ripped his phone out of his pocket. He tapped on the contacts icon, scrolling down before tapping on Crowley’s picture. He paused, going back to the picture of Crowley. He blinked. First of all, he had NEVER put a picture for Crowley’s contact… Secondly, he was wondering why in the hell Crowley was smirking at the camera with a rose in his mouth.

“What the hell, Crowley….” Dean muttered, shaking his head as he pulled up the text messages. He thought for a minute, typing up a few words, backspacing multiple times to make sure he didn’t put anything that might tempt the demon.

‘Alright…. I want to know how the hell I winded up in my room after I was in Hell last night… What’s up with that? I want answers.”

He sent the message, waiting a second before getting a buzz. Crowley, as he expected.

‘Oh please. If you’re going to ask, be nice. No need to be so rude about it, Squirrel.’

Dean grumbled slightly, muttering something about a gruff British bastard...something something King of Hell can kiss my ass… something something…

“Now, darling, need I remind you to watch that mouth of yours?” None other than Crowley spoke.

Dean slammed himself against his door, the blade aimed towards Crowley’s heart before he paused.

“Dammit Crowley… What the hell?” He irritably spat while glaring daggers at the demon.

“Well, yes.. I was there making sure those idiots didn’t do anything stupid. Typical.” He rolled his eyes. “As for your questions… Your pitiful self was passed out on my bed with a blade on your chest… And I was not about to be responsible for you so foolishly offing yourself in your sleep… So I brought you back to your place… I was going to bring some chocolates and roses-”

“Ok! Ok… I get it…. I don’t need to hear your fantasies, Crowley.” He rubbed his temples.

“Says you.” Crowley simply stated, making a side glance to Dean. “Your fantasies could fill up a novel that even Shakespeare would crumble beneath….” And there was the snark.

Oh how Dean hated that snark, yet… Something about it was oddly alluring. No.

None of that.

Not happening.

Great, first he has the Mark of Cain trying to go all drink the goddamned Kool-Aid with everyone mixed with dreams of quiet, candlelit dinners with the demon and-


Dean slammed his head on the steering wheel, a loud blaring beep coming from the horn. Crowley smirked and slowly leaned forward.

“So.. Is this how you fix your car….” he paused. “...and your mix of sexual tensions, Squirrel?” He quietly chuckled.

“You wish. I have no sexual tensions. I don’t know where the hell that came from but you are sadly mistaken.” He huffed.

“Oh please… I was the King of the Crossroads… I’m not so stupid as to miss all the signs that you are going through the typical gossipy crush routine of a teenage girl squealing over Justin Bieber or some petty nonsense.

“I thought you were more classy than that, Crowley…” Dean scoffed, a small smile of amusement on his face.

“Trust me… You wouldn’t believe how many girls have tried to sell me their souls just to get into bed with him… It’s quite ridiculous… It’s not even worth my deals…” He pretended to gag slightly.

“You’re the King of Rotten… Like you have standards when it comes to deals…” Dean grumbled.

“I’m the King of Hell… Get the title right. And believe me when I say…” He looked at Dean coyly. “I have quite high standards~” He cooed softly.

“...Dude, can you not look at me like that? It’s sending off gay vibes…” He slowly said.

“Looking at you how exactly, darling?” He smirked, snapping his fingers as he held a rose in his mouth.

“Like that- HEY. I wanna know how the hell you got my phone and got a picture of your face on it!”

Crowley frowned.

“Way to ruin the mood you moron... “ He whipped the rose away, sighing. “You know, there are days I’ve wondered how your stupidity hasn’t gotten you killed…. Oh wait…. It has….” He raised his brows slightly before giving him a flat look. “Well, at least you have your looks.” he muttered.

“Hey, you know damn well it was one of your mutts that tore me to shreds you jackass!” He shot back.

Excuse me? They are NOT mutts! They are purebred Hellhounds you petty whore.” He growled, his eyes going black.

“....Did you just call me a whore?” Dean raised an eyebrow.

“Yes. I did. That’s what you get for calling them mutts.” He suddenly gained a shit-eating grin. “Oh look at us… Bickering like we’re already married~ When’s the honeymoon, Dean, darling?”

Dean stared with a look of pure horror.

“Oh that’s it! Keep talking and I’m putting this blade right through you!” Dean shouted.

“Oh my. As lovely as that sounds, I’d prefer to be doing the shoving of the blade into places….or certain people such as the one right beside me.” He smirked smugly.

Dean made a sound of disgust as he backed away.


He hated it.

Yet, he liked it.

Oh, NOW the Mark of Cain is getting in on this?! FUCK OFF.

He slammed his head against the back of the seat, groaning loudly as he ran out of comebacks for the flirtatious demon beside him.

“So, get a drink with me, hm?” Crowley suddenly asked. Dean sputtered and tried to speak.

“...Fine, what the hell else have I got to lose? Already have a demon trying to dominate me in my own car. Let’s have a drink to top it off with a cherry.”

Suddenly Crowley made a pop sound that Dean KNEW was hinting to.

“I swear to god… One more sex joke and I’m offing you.” He grumbled.

“Fine, I’ll stop….” He smirked. “...For now.”

Dean sighed, rolling his eyes and shaking his head.

“Can we just get a drink so Sam and Cas don’t look out here and think that we’re trying to have sex or something?”

“But, I thought we were. Such a disappointing thing to find out…”


Laughter came from Crowley as he snapped his fingers, transporting them to a bar as Dean groaned, holding onto his stomach.

“Ugh… At least tell me when you’re going to do that so I don’t feel like a pregnant woman every time.”

A gasp came from Crowley.

“Dean! You never told me?! Is it a boy or a girl?!” He asked, a proud look on his face.

Dean’s eye twitched, having never wanted to punch him so hard.

“I hate you….”

“No you don’t.”

“Yes I do.”

“Darling, shut up and drink.”

Dean, in annoyance, shut up and drink. The two sat in silence for a moment before Crowley spoke up.

“Squirrel, I know I pick and tease with you and I can be a bit of.. A bastard as you say.. But I do generally like you and your decisions...when you’re not trying to kill me that is…” He admitted, glancing over to Dean who had his attention on his drink.

“What do you want from me Crowley?” He sighed heavily.

“I don’t want to watch you sulk alone.” He said.

Dean stopped, looking over.

“So, you would rather watch me sulk and gain amusement out of it?” He said, his voice seeming to crack a little.

“Absolutely not. You’re still alive and running because I allow it. I don’t wish for you to die. And if you did? I’d make sure you were safe in my hands and if anyone harmed you, I’d make sure they suffered greatly.” He said.

Dean had no words. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“...Are you.. Are you confessing to me?” He stuttered.

“Again, it’s a good thing you have your looks… But, perhaps I am… Perhaps I’ve been sitting by, desperately wanting to do more to help but that brother of yours seems dead set on killing me. My mother isn’t helping all too much either.” He grumbled.

“Don’t tell anyone this… And I mean anyone… I know how you demons are... “ He sighed. “But.. can I just… talk to you? Well, just to get some things off my chest…” Dean struggled to get this out. Crowley took a sip from his drink, looking over at Dean.

“Go on, darling..” He said, his attention focused on Dean.

“I dunno.. I’m just… I’m kind of sick of being lied to and having people do things behind my back… I am trying my damndest man.. I really am but in the end it seems to bite me in the ass and I’m having to pay for it. My own brother… Cas… I trusted them only to find out they’re doing crap behind my back about this damn mark… I can’t stand it Crowley. At this point I’d rather be dead instead of hurting more people and feeling like I’m not in control of my body. Everyday is a living hell and it’s annoying.. I’m spilling everything to the King of Hell… Goes to show you how I feel right now…” He rubbed his face as he set his head on the bar counter. “I’m sorry I’m having to ramble onto you but you’re… you’re the only one I can trust going to… Although I know your demon minions would probably kill me instantly so I am waiting. Not like my life is any worth but who cares in all honesty?”

Crowley’s eye twitched, causing a subtle glare. He set his drink down a bit too hard but not as so to cause attention towards them.

“Dean Samuel Winchester….” A subtle growl from Crowley caused Dean to visibly wince and slowly look at him. “Do not say your life is not worth anything. I have made deals with people who say they’re worthless, but as a demon, I can truly see through that. And granted, some of it may be true and some things can be worth something to me in the end… But ever since meeting you, making deals with you, I can honestly tell, you are truly worth something.. While I am a demon and am immortal, I’d rather not see you repetitively say you’d wish to be dead and suffering instead of being alive and trying to help people. Because while I am King of Hell, I can’t be there as much as I’d like… The Hellhounds can’t do everything either… And I’d also rather not hear you being tortured or harmed by any of the other demons. You’re important to me Dean. Believe it or not. Ever since I first met you, something about you has kept me drawn to you. I felt the need to protect you. I worry about you. I am always honest with you… Yes, there are twists and turns with what I say… But I am always honest and make sure I am always true to my end of the deal. You’re a good person Dean… I know that mark is making you think otherwise… But you truly are a good person. Both as Hunter… and even Demon.” He said, his tone calming down.

Dean hung his head, feeling his chest hurt. Tears welled up in his eyes as he heavily sighed, brushing any emotion away.

“Why do you care?” He said, his voice quiet and slowly breaking. Crowley set a hand on Dean’s shoulder.

“Because you’re important to me. And no, not because of your soul, not because of the Mark of Cain… You’ve always had a special place within my… heart I suppose you could say. And I know they say demons shouldn’t and can’t love or feel things… But something about you… Why do you think whenever Castiel isn’t there, I am? If someone else dares to approach you in any harmful way, of course I’m going to step in and save your ass.” He took a sip of his drink. “By the way? Tell anyone about this and I’ll gut you.” He smirked over to him.

Dean couldn’t help but smile at that. He let out a slight chuckle before shaking his head.

“Am I actually turning gay for the King of Hell?” He chuckled once more.

“Oh darling, you actually expect me to believe you were straight? You’re bisexual but I’ve seen how you look at men, mate. You’re more obvious than a bloody stain in the damned snow.” He laughed a bit. “But I promise you this… If anything ever did happen to you, and you did die… I would make sure I got ahold of you before the angels… Because while I may seem like the torture type.. I would actually make Hell content for you…. I’d even allow you to rule beside me…” His shit-eating grin was back. “ my queen.”

Dean choked on his drink, catching his breath as he flipped Crowley off.

“Oh, don’t tempt me. Especially in public, dear.” Crowley teased, trying to bring the Winchesters’ spirit up a bit. “And trust me, it wouldn’t be the first time I engaged in public debauchery.”

“Yeah, that’s a bit too wild to me… But there was that one time with the triplets…” He chuckled.

“And I got quite the preview, darling. Shame I couldn’t have you all to myself because that would have been just enough for me. The triplets were quite the whiney little whores I must say…” He smirked, nudging Dean a little.

Dean actually laughed. He finished the rest of his drink before turning to Crowley.

“Thanks.. I know I don’t say it much but I mean it...And if I am perfectly honest? I do feel safe whenever you pop up and are in the general location… Cas has been.. He’s been hiding things from me.. Like my brother... “ He sighed. “I’m actually really glad we got to talk… I know we’ve had our differences and semi hatred… But it’s really good to get off of our chest… That and I forgot to mention… This thing scares the ever loving hell out of me Crowley… What if one day I just kill off everyone I love… I would never forgive myself… I’d be a constant walking talking target for angels and demons…”


“And I’ve lost so many people… I can’t lose anymore… I can’t.. It’s tearing me apart…” Dean went on.

“Dean, darling….” Crowley repeated, his tone growing a bit more stern.

“I was told that I’d end up killing my brother… It can’t happen… It just can’t… I’ve worked my whole life to raise him and help him.. That’s my little brother… And I know what he and Cas are doing… But I just… I would never want to forgive myself if I killed him… Dad would be disappointed in me and I’d be an all around disappointment to any of Sammy and I’s ancestors and-” he was cut off.

DEAN.” Crowley raised his voice loud enough to snap Dean out of it.

“What?” He shot back, worry in his eyes.

“Honey, you’re killing yourself by worrying yourself with all these things. The more you drone on about it, the more it’ll worry you. Everything will be alright… If it wasn’t I would tell you, now wouldn’t I?” He asked.

Dean felt a pang of pain in his chest and within seconds, he was quietly sobbing into Crowley’s chest. People started glancing over as he cleared his throat slightly.

“Ah, my apologies… My friend here has had a bit too much… We’ll be off now.” He said, giving the bartender some money before walking out with a weeping Dean leaning against him.

He sighed slightly, snapping his fingers and transporting them back to Baby. They sat in the car, Crowley keeping an arm on Dean’s back, gently rubbing it. He had honestly never done this, especially in a comforting affectionate way. It felt off, almost… a good feeling, just odd.

“Everything will be alright… If you wish, I can keep Hellhounds in the perimeter to make sure you’re safe when I’m not around…” He suggested.

Dean slowly nodded, containing himself but laying his head in Crowley’s lap, staring up at the roof of the car. His legs were stretched out slightly, one crossed over the other as he sighed.

“I’ll stay here.” Crowley stated. “I’ll stay here as long as you need. Once I have to leave, I’ll release my two most trustworthy Hellhounds.” He quietly said.

Dean gently took one of Crowley’s hands, intertwining their fingers before resting their hands on his chest. It wasn’t long before he fell asleep on the King of Hell.

Crowley casted a side glance to his window, letting a slow smirk appear on his face as he saw Castiel and Sam.

“Hello boys.”



And here's the second part! :D Since I haven't been posting much art, I decided to post this. If you guys like this, tell me! I know I am still new to DA but I do want to try and post some decent stuff for people to like c: 

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