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My Crossover Couples

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Published: June 1, 2013
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Okay, I was inspired by everyone, my friends on DA to do this meme, and I have to say, there's a lot of crossover pairings that I love, but here's only a few, my top ten! :D

10.) Jack Spicer x Rika Nonoka (Xiaolin Showdown/Digimon Tamers) DarkPaladinmon got me into this pairing, after reading his story of them meeting and the parodies they had been together. I have to say, this is my favorite red-head shipping.

9.) Jake Long x Juniper Lee (American Dragon: Jake Long/The Life and Times of Junpier Lee) Was my Crossover OTP. I mean these two practically have so many things in common like protecting magical beings, make order in the balance, keeping their secrets from their parents, have their elders as their teachers, have talking dogs, and has annoying siblings. I mean these two makes more sense than Danny x June (no offense who like the pairing).

8.) Dog x Velvet (CatDog/Millionaire Dogs) I was inspired from :iconenergywitch:'s pairing with Cat x Gwendolyn (from the Fearless Four; missed that movie!), And I knew right away who to ship Dog with, Velvet, teen-famous pop dog from an old forgotten movie, "Millionaire Dogs". I mean the two adore listening to music and usually gets caught in their own world. I think Dog is better off with Velvet instead of Shriek. :roll:

7.) Wreck-It-Ralph x Princess Merida (Wreck-It-Ralph/Pixar's Brave) Believe me! I didn't made this, but I love anyway, I mean Ralph obviously didn't had a love interest (had a strong-friendship with that cute littler racer Vanellope :)), and Merida didn't even bother to even think of marriage (believe or not, she's the FIRST ever Disney Princess to not have a love interest!) I can see them clicking, if Merida was atleast 20 years older! :XD:

6.) Tech E. Coyote x Karen Minazuki (Loonatics Unleashed/Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!) The pairing was originally from :icondinocoaiko002:, I used the pairing for my old Shrek parody, (you know what? I'm remaking it again using this pairing!). I mean some of my friends still like this pairing, Karen is usually the calm one and Tech is a smart coyote, they'll click.

5.) Rev Runner x Rin Natsuki (Loonatics Unleashed/Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!) Same as from Tech and Karen from above, they're both the red ones in their own teams, Rin's a athlete and Rev's the speed demon of Acmetropolis.

4.) Michealanglo/Mikey x Pinkie Pie (TMNT 2k12/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) My top favorite X-Over OTP. I mean, Mikey and Pinkie are the obvious party animals of their own groups, if the two meet and goes on a date, a marriage proposal isn't too far! :XD:

3.) Marik Ishtar x Mami Tomoe (Yu-Gi-Oh!/Puella Magi Madoka Magica) I was thinking about this pairing the other day, I mean both Marik and Mami lost their parents started their own paths at the cause of it. Sure, Marik was evil at first but was trying to avenge his father's death and tries to kill Yugi, but he became good. I bet when Marik meets Mami, he'll probably thinks she's a cute girl. :aww:

2.) Yugi Muto x Madoka Kaname (Yu-Gi-Oh!/Puella Magi Madoka Magica) Another Puella Magi/Yugioh crossover pairing, I mean both Yugi and Madoka are good-hearted people and self sacrificing for their friends and family. I mean, it would work out if Madoka didn't turned into a goddess, though, Yugi would have a beautiful goddess. ;)

1.) Leonardo/Leo x Twilight Sparkle (TMNT 2k12/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) My favorite crossover pairing ever, I mean when looking at it Leo and Twi have things in common when being leaders of their own group, normally Donnie would be a better match for Twilight you know the whole Magic vs Science debate. Sides, Leo would think Twilight is a beautiful pony.

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