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Unfortunately, however, I'm not always going to be able to be an active contributor to the group, so if anyone wants to join as a contributor, send me a message or something and I'll hook you up! Feel free to write journal posts on here too, have group discussions, enjoy yourselves!
Much love preciouses
And how are we all doing this fine day? :iconsmilingsmeagolplz:
I went and saw The Desolation of Smaug yesterday! How excssssiting!!
For anyone else who has seen it, what did you think of it? I won't post any spoilers for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but feel free to discuss in the comments! I thought it was amazing! I geeked out so hard in the cinema, my boyfriend was teasing me so much afterwards because while he is also a fan and has read the books, he is nowhere near as diehard as I am haha.
Let me know your thoughts!
Much love preciouses xx
Once there was a hobbit by the name of smeagol,
He found this ring,
An evil ring,
He kept it for himself,
But the ring had other plans,
It changed smeagol into gollum,
And poor smeagol was gone forever!!!

I tried to make it go with the song misty mountains from the hobbit movie.
Welcome new members :iconsmeagoltarddanceplz:
The group has been growing a bit lately, so thanks for joining everyone :iconsmeagolsmileplz:
So now I've seen the hobbit twice in the cinemas, and I was watching some of The Two Towers today and thinking how awesome Smeagol is. I mean, he's adorable when he says he's going to eat you, and he's managed to live for so long inside a mountain not getting any sunlight and living off fish and goblins. I couldn't do it, you couldn't do it, but Smeagol can do it and still retain a small portion of sanity. This is why I live Smeagol, he does the impossible and does it awesomely :iconsmeagoltarddanceplz:
I went and saw the Hobbit yesterday!!!
squeeeee :iconsmeagoltarddanceplz::iconsmeagoltarddanceplz::iconsmeagoltarddanceplz: !!
I love it!
It's amazing how Smeagol somehow manages to look cute even when he's telling you that he's going to eat you whole haha :p
I'm so happy! I finally saw it! And riddles in the dark was, by FAR the best part! Because it had Smeagol! Precious! Gollum gollum!!!!!!


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