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Mac reflective Icons Set 2

Set 2 of the five part set. contains boot camp, spaces, quicktime, safari, numbers, preview, keynote, system prefs, iphoto, and time machine
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this looks more realistic than the others because the address book has to reflect in a particular direction.
Good work! (both packs)
Aw, the icons are too small for me :(
willgame4food's avatar
these are great, and im not ungrateful, just, r the other 3 not finished yet, or just not gonna happen?
wickidwim's avatar
thanks this is awesome! :D
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Oh, I've d/l all of the 2 sets, they're god, rarely find the Leopard reflective icons in 512 pix, may I have a suggestions if you could add a shadowed on the top like a real one in Leopard that's make your icons become more rarely, he he, oh I can't wait for your next sets, thank's a lot !