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Just a short feature... I know it's a bit... scattered/unstructured/unorganized, but just give the artists some love, okay? ^^ :heart:

:thumb43525284: :thumb37779922: :thumb25458992: Mirage by DianaCretu little sister by Finvara Lets draw by Tetty Lights by Shardae The Heart of the Storm by Shardae Projekt Blue by Finvara dark past by topinka dark tear by topinka Gold Fleck by Shardae Radiance by Shardae Each Coming Night02 by Shardae Mountain in the Sky by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me Dream of Freedom by Shardae Dream of Freedom II by Shardae .Mermaid. by Sugargrl14 Glitter by Sugargrl14 ..Poison.. by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me Jewel II by Shardae Solar III by Shardae

Some portraiture
Blu by ryman Happening Somewhere Else by girltripped Shimmer by girltripped Baby Rock by SAMLIM Tilt by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me Unusual Talents by IMustBeDead Dollhouse Darlings by girltripped Yunji. by zemotion :thumb99002857: in pieces by WCS-Wildcat Kafka by fogke :thumb99754372: murder by valentine by imxanxillusion

Water Drops
Photo - Captured Beauty_WP II by tigaer   Photo - Captured Beauty_WP III by tigaer :: Drop :: by Liek sweet thought of you - Drop by Finvara Gem Drop by Finvara Fine and Dandy-Lines by Voracious-Vixen :thumb89403411: ::fireworks:: by onixa lost in sweet candy land by onixa :thumb108061666:

Just some others
:thumb98866108: :thumb101136499: :thumb86039190:  :thumb17226342: Chocolate Drops by Jenni77 How to become a man of scienceRule one: Get your planet invaded. If invasion is impossible because you aren’t technically advanced enough find the smartest person you know and have them play around with DNA from the nastiest things you can find. Even if it’s Butterflies and bunnies, it WILL go wrong. Then wait a few hours and let it play around your town/city/village whatever, destroying stuff. When the world needs a hero the military will come in. That won’t end well and you know it. So sit down with some popcorn and take a front row seat. Then when the world needs a savior, proceed to your local gun store.
Step 2: Grab the effing shotgun! EVERY gun store has on, just take it, and don’t pay. The world is gonna end! His ax is on fire! He killed your parents! Shoot him in the head! He’s gonna- Oh yeah, grab some shells too, and a deep pocketed trench coat from the Wal-Mart next door. Yes Wal-Mart, that stuffs so cheep stealing it won’t matter much if you have moral standards. Pocket you
Inside Every Fat WomanAnd one day there was a mass breakout of thin women.
In shops, on street corners,
Yes it was hard work, but no pain no gain.
Skirts were shorter, tops were tighter,
Nights were longer, voices were louder,
Men were shallower, but more frequent.
Confident?  Yes, but
What had they done with my fat friends?
These weren’t the same women.
They talked of my friends as jailers,
Jailers who were fat, and nothing else, keeping them at bay.
My friends were never smug,
They were never loud or abrasive,
They didn’t believe that looks were all and,
Most important, they never put me down.
A couple of months of rigid dieting will soon put you right.
You know what they say:
Inside every fat woman is a thin woman trying to get out.

Their most attractive features
(Their hearts, their souls, their loyalty) had gone, and yet
They were better liked, by some.
I can’t believe one of those skinny bitches is trying to get out of me.
I’m fat, and good, and kind, and si
Portrait by aydan-kerimli just rain by aydan-kerimli When the rain... by aydan-kerimli Don't Say Goodbye by Ethermoon Scientific Experiment by girltripped :thumb23741818: :thumb32056210: Last moment by D4D1 I am loved...I see a distant world.  I can almost touch it, the tips for my fingers brush against it and its glassy surface ripples.  This world has a purple sky with fluffy, pale blue clouds skattering themselves across it.  It rains, and the drops drip beautifully off the sunshine infused yellow leaves.  The sun never left this hidden place, even when the sky was overcast.  There were flowers of every color and they swayed back and forth, singing with the whistling wind and the murmuring branches.  It isn't just peaceful here, it is chaos.  And through such nonsensicality, sense emerged.  This place is clearer to me than any other.  Large and calloused man-hands come in and grip my crystal world.  His grip is too firm, I think frantically.  He'll crush it!  I scream as the first crack races down the middle of my escape.  You're naive, he says.
                                                                                                              i'm happy.
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Great collection... :clap:
Thanks for the feature! :)
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Thank you very much :hug: Great feature :D
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no problem, and thank you ^^
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THANKS for inviting my BABY ROCK over here for some roooooooock !
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yay! very very nice! thank you! :)
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Wowzers, nice Nik!! Very nice selections ^^
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thank you for the feature :aww:
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I sort of threw in some works of literature ^^; sorry about that but... they're good, too, so check them out.
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