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MLP: Friendship is Survival (Survivor Simulator)
16 ponies, 8 of them each representing their tribes: the Unicorn Tribe and the Pegasus Tribe. Only one pony from one tribe will win. This is My Little Pony: Friendship is Survival!
Episode 1:
Unicorn Tribe
Fancy Pants [M]
Lyra Heartstrings [F]
Party Favor [M]
Rarity [F]
Shining Armor [M]
Starlight Glimmer [F]
Sunburst [M]
Trixie [F]
Pegasus Tribe
Flash Magnus [M]
Fluttershy [F]
Lightning Dust [F]
Night Glider [F]
Rainbow Dash [F]
Soarin' [M]
Thunderlane [M]
Zephyr Breeze [M]
Tribe Alliances:
Unicorn Tribe Alliance #1 (7 strength)
Lyra Heartstrings - Loyalty: 6
Party Favor - Loyalty: 7
Starlight Glimmer - Loyalty: 8
Unicorn Tribe Alliance #2 (7 strength)
Fancy Pants - Loyalty: 8
Rarity - Loyalty: 5
Trixie - Loyalty: 7
Pegasus Tribe Alliance #1 (7 strength)
Flash Magnus - Loyalty: 8
Rainbow Dash - Loyalty: 5
Thunderlane - Loyalty: 9
:iconxxgamerboi42xx:XxGamerBoi42xX 1 0
My Little Pony - Hunger Games Simulator
District 1: Twilight Sparkle (F) and Starlight Glimmer (F)
District 2: Spike (M) and Rarity (F)
District 3: Pinkie Pie (F) and Fluttershy (F)
District 4: Applejack (F) and Rainbow Dash (F)
District 5: Apple Bloom (F) and Big Mac (M)
District 6: Sweetie Belle (F) and Scootaloo (F)
District 7: Trixie (F) and Maud Pie (F)
District 8: Princess Celestia (F) and Princess Luna (F)
District 9: Lyra Heartstrings (F) and Bon Bon (F)
District 10: Shining Armor (M) and Princess Cadance (F)
District 11: Double Diamond (M) and Party Favor (M)
District 12: Night Glider (F) and Sugar Belle (F)
The Bloodbath:
As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds.
Maud Pie runs away from the Cornucopia.
Princess Luna runs away from the Cornucopia.
Fluttershy runs away from the Cornucopia.
Rarity runs away from the Cornucopia.
Party Favor runs away from the Cornucopia.
Rainbow Dash, Princess Celestia, and Sugar Belle work together to get as many supplies as possible.
Double Diamond runs away from the C
:iconxxgamerboi42xx:XxGamerBoi42xX 2 0
Deep Water Desire ~TwiStar~
Written by me and :iconraysona:
Hope you enjoy!
It was a beautiful day outside the Castle of Friendship. Inside, Starlight Glimmer was walking through the large hallway, heading to the library to find Twilight. Once she arrived there, the creaking of the door grabbed the attention of the alicorn princess.
Twilight was in the library doing some reading when she heard hoof steps approaching. Turning around she saw that it was Starlight Glimmer. The alicorn princess smiled as she looked at her friend. " Oh hello Starlight, how are you today? " Twilight asked her.
"I'm feeling good," Starlight replied to Twilight. "Remember yesterday morning when you were challenging me and we were teleporting to different places, turning objects into other things, and putting up our shields?"
Twilight thought for a moment and tried remembering all of the places the two dueling mares traveled to. One place that caught her interest was the two of them underwater. " Why yes i do Starlight,
:iconxxgamerboi42xx:XxGamerBoi42xX 15 17
[DA16] Uninspired by XxGamerBoi42xX [DA16] Uninspired :iconxxgamerboi42xx:XxGamerBoi42xX 8 5


Here's Rainbow by FrownFactory Here's Rainbow :iconfrownfactory:FrownFactory 27 9 Skittles Rainbow Dash by CutePencilCase Skittles Rainbow Dash :iconcutepencilcase:CutePencilCase 86 4 Colourful by LiaAqila Colourful :iconliaaqila:LiaAqila 146 33 Scootaloo by Taurson Scootaloo :icontaurson:Taurson 18 1 Comfy Couch by LooknamTCN Comfy Couch :iconlooknamtcn:LooknamTCN 230 11 Rainbow with Dash hat by LaszlVFX Rainbow with Dash hat :iconlaszlvfx:LaszlVFX 79 24 Rainbow Dash Vector 27 - Rainbow Hat by CyanLightning Rainbow Dash Vector 27 - Rainbow Hat :iconcyanlightning:CyanLightning 366 24 Rd by LaszlVFX Rd :iconlaszlvfx:LaszlVFX 80 18 Comm: Sisterly Bond by LiaAqila Comm: Sisterly Bond :iconliaaqila:LiaAqila 136 46 Rapid Equine by SoctaviaBestPone Rapid Equine :iconsoctaviabestpone:SoctaviaBestPone 8 0 Rainbow dashing by Deraniel Rainbow dashing :iconderaniel:Deraniel 72 9 Newbie Dash by CloudyGlow Newbie Dash :iconcloudyglow:CloudyGlow 144 4  rarijack  by haibaratomoe rarijack :iconhaibaratomoe:haibaratomoe 31 3 Happy Scootaloo 'Yay!' jump by xbi Happy Scootaloo 'Yay!' jump :iconxbi:xbi 135 5 EQG Series - Awkward Rainbow by ilaria122 EQG Series - Awkward Rainbow :iconilaria122:ilaria122 72 0 EQG Series - Rainbow is such a goddess here OuO by ilaria122 EQG Series - Rainbow is such a goddess here OuO :iconilaria122:ilaria122 94 5




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A.J. Grant
United Kingdom
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Welp, seeya on Tuesday, everybody! No April Fools jokes for me!
Is it just me or is YouTube's search system fucked up right now? No matter how I arrange the videos (upload date, etc.), it never changes and sticks to the most relevant videos by default. You can only make a difference by selecting if a video's short or long, or selecting a video feature (4K, HD, etc.)
You may or may not have noticed the characters I ship in my signature, depending on if you have signatures switched on or not, or if you've been paying attention or not. The following is a list of my ships, although it's just my lesbian ships. Also in this list is who's dominant and who's submissive.

Yuusei: Rainbow Dash
Ressei: Pinkie Pie

Yuusei: Twilight Sparkle
Ressei: Trixie

Yuusei: Applejack
Ressei: Rarity

MidnightShimmer (Nightcaster460's OC Midnight x Sunset Shimmer)
Yuusei: Sunset Shimmer
Ressei: Midnight

Yuusei: Lightning Dust
Ressei: Starlight Glimmer

Yuusei: Moon Dancer
Ressei: Flax

Yuusei: Aria Blaze
Ressei: Sonata Dusk

Yuusei: Night Glider
Ressei: Sugar Belle
If anyone has any questions about why a certain partner is dominant or submissive, then please post them in the comments below.


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