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Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
  • Sep 27
  • United States
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My Bio

Hi everyone! I’m bendy pro if y’all are new here to deviantart or if y’all are new to my deviantart profile then welcome to my profile I am a huge fan of Fnaf (five nights at Freddy’s) and bendy and the ink machine and other video games.

I do all kinds of characters like bendy, Pokémon, Fnaf, sonic, and others as well especially I draw my own characters and it’s called bendy pro and friends (No, my characters aren’t related to bendy and the ink machine! They just look related but they are not! They are my own characters)

Fave my work anytime, watch me if you like to see more of my art work, and comment whatever you want! But if you hate my art keep your negative comments to your self!

If you have any questions let me know in the comments!


-Do not harass me or my friends

-Do not harass or bully me or you will be blocked by me

-Do not say nothing negative about my art

-Do not steal my art or claiming that the art was yours

-No lying

-Do not trace my art

-No swearing or cussing

-Do not advertise me nor my art

-Do not hate fave my artwork, it still counts that you hate my art and you will be blocked by me!

-Do not put my bendy pro and friends into batim (bendy and the ink machine) folders! Bendy pro and friends has nothing to do with bendy and the ink machine nor related to bendy and the ink machine! -NO, my OCs are not for sale nor my bendy pro and friends characters

-Do not steal my characters in any ways Or any shape -Do not rename my characters or my OCs you are not allowed to rename them and they are not your characters they are my characters only I rename the character or my OCs If I don’t like their name anymore

-Do not ask me for points nor core membership

-Do not ask me to watch you or fave your artwork I watch who I watch and I fave if I like the artwork

-Do not thank me for faves, watches, or llamas on notes You can only note me if you need my help or want To talk to me if you don’t feel comfortable talking to me in public or just want to talk to me on notes Instead of talking in public

-requests are for friends only

-I only make gifts only to friends or random People that I choose 🎁

-No, we do not do commissions!

-art trades are open!

The things that you can do is that:

- be free to draw my characters!

- credit my artwork if used!



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Favourite Movies
Detective Pikachu, Shrek, Rio, Ice Age, How to train your dragon
Favourite TV Shows
Mao Mao heroes of pure heart, My Little Pony, Teen Titans Go, SpongeBob SquarePants, Pac-Man and the ghostly adventures
Favourite Books
Legend of Zelda manga Series and Splatoon manga
Favourite Games
Super Mario Bros, Splatoon, The legend of Zelda, Spyro the dragon, Kirby
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox 360, Nintendo switch, 3DS XL, Wii
Tools of the Trade
YCH commissions are open! Before u buy my commissions please read first! I just wanna give u a warning that I will not do art remakes/redos/redraws so if u only care or complain about how/what the artwork looks like then don’t buy my commissions then. I work really hard on artworks and other and I don’t wanna remake the artwork that took me hours to make :(. I can only do small changes like if I forget an accessory on them or anything I can go back and fix it but I will not go back and redraw the character and make the whole artwork correct or look right! I’m also taking payment first before getting started on the commission. I’m not taking payment after the commission is finished. This is just from people getting away with not paying the commission after being done. Emoji YCH (MOST POPULAR!!) (I accept humans, canines/felines, canon characters, furries, etc) 5 points or 5 cents Via PayPal Example(s): Paw YCH ( I only accept canines/felines, furries only) 5 points
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Remaining adopts and grids still open! Also new grids but PayPal only!
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