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Noah already choose some leader of other tribe to be his Academy Vice Principals, they have been fight in same war as him. Knowing all the truth why this Academy made.

One of them is Gabriel, Leader of one Unicorns herd

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~The Vice Principals ~

Vice Principals 1 Leader of Unicorn Tribe :iconshirouyumekawa:   GABRIEL Gabriel | Vice Principal 1 | Althea Academy by ShirouYumekawa

Vice Principals 2 Leader of Werewolf Tribe

Vice Principals 3 Leader of Minotours Tribe

Vice Principals 4 Leader of Hybird Tribe

Vice Principals 5 Leader of Centaurus Tribe

Vice Principals 6 Leader of Human Tribe

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Vice Principal and Class they watch and responsibility for :

Vice Principal 1 Einri and Atreus

Vice Principal 2 Gwyn and Atreus Head Class Gwyn

Vice Principal 3 Atreus and Aello Head Class Atreus

Vice Principal 4 Aello and Gwyn Head Class Aello

Vice Principal 5 Einri and Aello Head Class Einri

Vice Principal 6 Einri and Aello

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The Head Class duty

Taking the responsibility to keep the class not going into fight with other class.
You can't let your students attack other class students.
You need to watch and protect your students.
No matter what happens. When they are in danger, you need be their Sword and Shield

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If you want, you can enter your character into this
Just fill the same requirements like the Teacher and Staff
Send the written app to the  GROUP NOTES

All new member or non members can participate in this

The NON member, will automatically accepted if they enter this as their FIRST character and I see the requirements right and nothing wrong.

If you already have three (3) character you still can made this Special characters.


Fill in the Requirements (Go to this journal for the Description format  <da:thumb id="569997948"/> )
Send to Group Notes the filled requirements
Wait until accepted
After you got accepted, I will send you the Application in the reply (If you are NOT a Member , I send you and invite after your requirements accepted )
Send the application into the Gallery, and Done you are in  

All Admins is freely spread the words about this in a journal or other things
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Submitted on
November 8, 2015