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Hello my dears !! o3o~

I am actuallyopen for it if anyone is intrested Cute Peridot Icon 

Here my AF page :

Have a great day! Pennywise the DANCING clown <3

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Hello my dear visitors !kaomoji set 2 39/67 

After maaaany times I just decide to do commissions ;3; It mostly will come for bills and stuff TuT

Also its summer so moore free tim and inspiration s lets do a sale :D

Maybe someone is intrested just note me ,I am note bite Eyeball 

I luv You all ~ Attack Hug 

(-40 % from all)

.:COMMISSIONS PRICE LIST :.(OPEN) :-40% off: by xXFireStarryXx
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Hoi all!! kaomoji set 2 58/67 Hope You all going well Heart 

Anyway small list To Do thing ,waiting and others Undertaker (Talking) [V2]  

Ats :

(Done) :iconfunmeds: (Waiting)
(Done):iconsaeyiddie: (Waiting)

Take Your time !! Rin okumura (Thumbs up)  
((But Please iform me if this take more than YearRin Matsuoka [Scratch Head]  ))


-Not at the moment -


-Not at the moment-


(Paid):iconfail-gurl: (Waiting)(I think it will not happen xdd)
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Tagged by my dear onion master :iconshipmachine:

A- Age: 18
B- Biggest Fear: too much ..x'D
C- Current time: 1:18 pm
D- Drink you last had: cola
E- Easiest Person to talk: myself
F- Favorite Song: A lot of ...Cult To Follow - Murder Melody

G- Ghosts, are they real: yeah

H- Hometown : in the middle of nowhere ..Plock TuT
I- In love with: good music ,yaoi, pasta
J- Jealous of: rest of family
K- Killed someone?: I need to think about it
L- Last time you cried: yesterday
M- Middle Name: nope
N- Number of Siblings: onechild  :'3
O- One Wish:Have more wishes ~
P- Person who you last called: *thinks a lot*  I think my aunt
Q- Question you're always asked: Why You so shy/nervous ? or Do You have parkinson ? xD
R- Reason to smile?: funny memes
S- Song last sang: Hunter - Imperium Uboju
T- Time you woke up: 7:00
U- Underwear color: grey
V- Vacation Destination: Seaside >u<
W- Worst habit: being myself
X- X-rays you've had: head, eyeholes
Y- Your favorite food: Kyouko Toshinou (I don't care) [V2] I can talk hours about it..
Z- Zodiac sign: taurus

Now peps I would like to tag Izaya Smirk


Have a great new week !! still eatin  
Hello my dear friends  and watchers ~ kaomoji set 2 59/67
Hope You all are alright !!*Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (...I Wuv It!)
Just want ask if You still like my stuff maybe want add me to Your watcher on Fa Kitty begging Kitty begging Kitty begging Pink Heart Icon 
I would be really greatful for any support Racing Girl Emoji (Pretty Please Onegai) [V3] .:Bunny love love:.
Here is my site:…

Hope You all have great time ! Bunny Emoji-09 (Heart) [V1] 
Hello All !! [ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov:
My free time is so limited and I am not able to post many things or talk ..sorry for thiskaomoji set 2 60/67

Anyway some time ago I  came across great artist, :iconbeeleafnsea:
, the other day. I really like her style, and asked her to draw my OC, and she said yes! She and her friend, swenyar, are also working really hard on a yaoi manga and are asking for feedback/comments so they can make it better before they publish it. If you have the time, and like yaoi, give it a read and tell them what you think!
Title: "No Smoking" yaoi manga by Beeleafnsea and Swenyar

Here's the link to the first page:
No Smoking p1 by BeeleafnseaYato point at something Icon  kaomoji set 2 18/67 

Thanks for all and hope You like it as I do [ YURI ON ICE ]  Nope. <3
Have a wnderful day !!Natsu Dragneel Smile

Was double  tagged by my  dear Sis:iconmiss-mishi:  ~//Thanks HeartBunny Emoji-74 (Snuggy) [V4] 


Post these rules
Post 8 facts about your character
Tag 8 other characters
Post their names

I use my Oc Rex Big Grin
-Eyeless Rex-full ref by xXFireStarryXx

1.he is the younger brother of the Max

2.was not born a demon, but became later as found in the wrong place at the wrong time

3.his real eyes were light brown, still has them in human form

4.has a son with the vampire is not romantic and quite possessive

6.his eyes bleed for no reason and he often can not control

7.loves to skateboard and often uses it for hunting, and for that perfectly uses guns and other firearms

8.his demonic form has tremendous power

~I tag who want do this Raven Smile Plz ~

Was tagged by lovely  sisters :iconmarirubi:FREE flying hearts Icon  and :iconproxybunny: FREE flying hearts Icon 

Post these rules.
Post 8 facts about your character.
Tag 8 other characters.
Post their names

.:Grim Reaper:.

-Grim Reaper- full ref by xXFireStarryXx

1.initially as he was younger he had blue eyes and wore braces
he usually sleeps in a coffin or hung upside down like a bat
all earrings they have, and even undercut the ears he did himself*is a masochist*
appreciates peace and quiet, but likes to have fun, party and is not sensitive to alcohol
5.he spent two years living in a psychiatric hospital under the supervision , and then fled
he has a lot of animals but his favorite is the archeopteryx named Arachno
is caring, friendly, and in spite of all the bad traits can be good-natured
really trying to repair relations with his brother

...I don't tag anyone...Yuuko Lazy Icon 

Was double  tagged by my  Bruh:iconshirouyumekawa:   ~//Thanks :heart: :tighthug:


Post these rules
Post 8 facts about your character
Tag 8 other characters
Post their names

I use my Oc Hisoka :bademoticon:
Hisoka [Naga OC ref] by xXFireStarryXx

1.he was stolen and raised by humans. blind in one eye because his best friend (human) was angry at him

3.loves peace and quiet, he is extremely shy and sensitive

4. is a very good fighter and hunter

5. his house(nest) is located in the middle of the forest a great swimmer and is durable

7.often thoughtful and has the nature of romantic

8.although he appreciates the loneliness, the longing for family and he believes that it brings bad luck

My victimsYato-Smileplz : *so sorry^^;

:iconwow-200: :iconshard-of-life::iconsofia-1989: :icontj-hero: :iconvesocile::iconthenight-guardian: :iconmarirubi::iconkathrinakitty::iconmiss-mishi::iconluanavbp::iconcaputy::iconaudreywarner: :iconhocrea:
Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3] Hello 1 Speech Bubble - Beemote Hello 2 Speech Bubble - Beemote
I really do not want to take you time, but I have an important matter ... and even a few.

I'll start from the beginning.
I really want to thank all for watch ,favs , comments..Ayano Tateyama (Bows) [V12] <33
It makes me feel that my work someone like, although a bit...It's mean a lot kaomoji set 1 9/19

Thank You also that want to talk with me, I am often alone and our conversations raise my spirits.Racing Girl Emoji (Ehehe) [V4]

But now
the worse news ...Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 

I love to draw, and it makes me happy.Know that I am wore artist but still have a lot of ideas to work for me and friends.Yato (No one wuvs me) [V1] 
But now I can not draw ... now and probably ever. It is not that I do not want, but I just can not.
I realized not long ago that my health is worse. Specifically eyesight.happy cry XD
I really gotta take care of myself, but it is extremely difficult for me.Romano (Cries) [V4]
I don't know how to do now...
MEMEME - Hana Reaching + Sad
For sure I'll finish all At's  and sometimes I will add some work ,but not often...France (Sad) [V4]

Anyway ..

My activity will be a small but most likely still alive..

THANKS FOR ALL!! Rin's Happiness 

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Tagged by meh Bruh :iconslasherman: ((anyway thanks for tag :hug:))

Soooory,only answer questions happy cry XD

1.What is your opinion on the Resident Evil Film Franchise?? Do you love it or hate?? 

I prefer the game~:FirstPersonShooter: 
2. Do you believe in Aliens, Bigfoot, Ghost and the Lockness monster??
Aliens and ghots..maybe..:graveyard: ...other..I think no !Uhh What 
3. What's a movie that your afraid to admit that you love??
hmmmm....IDK Lin - Ghost Hunt  x'D

4. What do you think of the Amazing Talented Eva Green?? :3
I don't know who is she ?!!:bademoticon: 
5. How many DVDs or Blu Rays you have in your collection right now??

Probably 56 ~Papmingplz 
6. What's your least favorite Holiday??

I'm still on vacation and is quite fun EXO : Dancing Unicorn ...
but every year there is a total of the same ..

7. The first game console you ever own??
Mortal Combat...(?
8. Ever farted and sneeze at the sametime?? XDD
Nope x'DD
9. What was your first music concert you ever went too??
I never been...Komari Kamikita (Crying) [V5] 
10. Pepsi or Coke???
11. Do you think we will ever see a flying car like Back to the Future in are lifetime??
Oh, Yesh !!Happy Cool Car Dance Icon ^D^
12  Which current show are you addicted to right now??

Rarely watches TV ..Sorry..
13. What do you think of the current state of Horror movies right now....are they getting better or worse or is it DEAD??

I do not like the new horror !!...You can not call it a horror film, because it does not even have any sense.Table Flip 

Thanks and Bye !!Yato (Lazy Waving) [V1] 

I was tag by my old Bro:iconslasherman:~Fist Bump     
and dear Sis

:iconmarirubi:~Yayoi Takatsuki + Mami Futami Emote - Glomp/Hug ((THANKS FOR TAG !♥ :D))
:iconzivichi: ~Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] 
1) Write down every letter in your name.
2) Write down a song that pops into your head beginning with each letter.
3) Count the number of letters and TAG that many people.

Here I go:
F-Falling Away - Dope [link]
I-Immortals - Fall Out Boy[link]
R-Re-Birth - Ill Nino [link]
E-Earth Song - Michael Jackson [link]
S- Such Horrible Things - Creature Feature[link]
T-Ten Thousad Fist - Disturbed [link]
A-Awake and Alive - Skillet [link]
R- Rebel Yell - Dope [link]

Have  a nice listen !!Popcorn 2 (Meme)

I tag: (HEHEHEH....Sorry ^^;))
((Thanks for tags <33))
I was tag by my dear Bro:iconslasherman::brofist:   and sweet Sis 


10 facts about me..

I love all horror filmsMAH CHAINSAW  and draw:cute pencil:  ((never mind that I can not x'D))
2.Currently, this year I go to high school.:idontgetit:
3.I am a nice person, but very emotional
and I have my own styleNem Guitar red
4.I collects a lot of things ... such as dragons, movies, action figures ..
5.I hate fish D'x
6.I have a
Jason's mask over the bed
jasonplz emoticon
7.I don't have any animals in home
8.Yes ,I wear glasses -w-''
9.I love talking with amazing people I met here
Happy Together - NaNoEmo Day 30
10.I'm not a fan of all creppypasta characters ... ._.

Questions my brother:

1. What's your favorite Horror movie??
That's a tough question QwQ .. But I guess Freddy vs Jason :love:

2. What scares you??
A lot of things...deep water, height, darkness.:nuu: 
3. Do you collect anything, If so what??
Yes,yes,yes ...^D^

The most I like my slashers figures Billy the Puppet Emoticon 
4. Do you have any pets??
5. What do you do to make yourself feel better when your depressed?
I listen to loud music (such as I like :3)and usually helps ...
6. Which game console do you currently own right now??
x-Box 360 >w<
7. Jason Voorhees or Freddy Kruger??
wat? IDK ..??? ..okay Freddy >B3 ((Sorry Jason,I like You very much too QwQ))
8. What's the most Expensive thing you ever bought??
Chucky figure ~~

9.  Favorite cartoon??
Adventure Time , Spongebob and too many ...:D
10.  What superpower would you like to have??

Control the fire :bademoticon: or fly C:

Questions my sister:

1. favourite season and why?
Winter and Summer Snowy Olaf Dance Winter, because I like cold, and summer, because holidays and do not like to wear jackets ...x3
2. u do sport? which one?
Non... .-.
3. Single? if not, how long in a relationship?
4. Any siblings?
Nope ~~
5. Met any celebrity?
No.. T.T
6. Do you work? or study?
7. Belive in rebirth?
8. stare for 10 seconds on this icon Laugh LOL you had to laugh?
9. <- my fave number. What's your's?
2 ,4 :D
10. favourite cake?
Cheesecake Strawberry Cheesecake