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-FireStar- full ref by xXFireStarryXx -FireStar- full ref by xXFireStarryXx
Death:fire:   Death :fire:  Death:fire:   Death :fire:  Death:fire:   Death:fire:   Death :fire:  Death:fire:   Death:fire:   Death :fire:  Death :fire:  Death
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Name: Violetta Jenkins 
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Nickname: FireStar ,Starry
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Age: 17-18
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Height: 162
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Weight: 46
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Sex: Female
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Sexuality: hetero
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Status: single
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Weapon: gloves with knives, her abilities, sharp objects
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Likes: junk food , rock, heavy metal, sleeping, hanging out with friends* almost * harassment xD playing games,horrors,kill,blood...
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Dislike: disco and pop, rap, fire, large bodies of water, bugs, dogs and working
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Personality:nice, very sensitive and emotional, shy but very friendly when she opens up to you, very loyal
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Family: small, only her parents like her,is an only child
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Health: very poor eyesight(when night falls her sight becomes a bit better. She'd be able to pinpoint her target from miles away), many allergies and allergies, it's easy to nervous
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Is afraid: loneliness, death, harm to family and friends
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Short Backstory:She never had too many friends and family not too liked her. She was always the class outcast, because according to most acting strangely. Once I met someone who turned out to be her true friend. She had to meet with him on the forest road. It was very late and dark. Suddenly, someone jumped out from behind a tree in a white blouse and struck her with a knife and then pushed into a car. Her friend arrived a moment potem.Ona not remember exactly what happened next, but she looked different. She acted in the same way but she could kill without remorse. Now have two different personalities. In the day she's her normal human looking self but by night she become a killing machine that looks more demon like.
    She could harass people in dreams, but that's not all. Most liked the wings. She loves to fly. Currently still often alone and do not know what it is but she can be happy ...
  • Fire Bullet - F2U! Theme song: Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)

Death:fire:   Death :fire:  Death :fire:  Death  Death:fire:   Death:fire:   Death:fire:   Death :fire:  Death :fire:  Death :fire:  Death:fire:   Death:fire:   Death 

*Sorry if badly english ^^;*
Charecter belongs to me
DONT STEAL MY OC~ or I find you..beware ! Or else!

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December 19, 2015
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