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The Dream She Had - Izetta Short Story
    Butterflies kept welling up in my stomach as I watched people walk back and forth, preparing for my speech. With the end of World War II, the Archduchess of Eylstadt and I were given special permission to come visit the United States, under the pretense of being on vacation. Our country wasn’t allowed to join the United Nations until just a week ago, so I was surprised we could make the trip. I was even more surprised when Finé insisted I come along. When I asked why, she would only say this:
    “There’s someone I would like for you to meet.”
    It snowballed from there. Once word of the legendary White Witch – me, Izetta – spread quickly throughout the country, people from all over the US had gathered at their nation’s capital to catch a glimpse of me. Our closest advisors came up with an idea, and that idea was…
    “I’m going to give a speech?”
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 4 1
Izetta x Fine preview by XXFanXofX4869XX
Mature content
Izetta x Fine preview :iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 23 15
   Evodrive works much like Mega Evolution but has some ties to Ash-Greninja’s Battle Bond. During battle, if the opponent has a type matchup that any of Eevee’s evolutions would have an advantage against, the Evodrive icon will light up next to Eevee’s available attacks similar to Mega Evolution and Z-Power. Selecting that button before attacking will let Eevee transform into any of its evolutions effective against that opponent, with an animation unique to each form depending on its element. Once transformed, Eevee’s stats will change to reflect its evolution, including HP(1). The moves Tackle, Take Down and Double Edge will also transform into their effective type equivalent(2). Below is a list of possible moves:
Tackle: Ember, Water Gun, Thundershock, Leafage, Powder Snow, Confusion, Pursuit, Fairy Wind
Take Down: Flamethrower, Surf, Thunderbolt, Leaf Blade, Ice Beam, Psychic, Crunch, Moonblast
Double Edge: Fir
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 1 0
Lillie and the Evodrive
“Ms. Lillie! We’ve arrived!”
I pull myself out of bed, wiping the sleep from my eyes. Almost as soon as I stand I remember where we were headed.
“We’re in Kanto?!”
The Aether Foundation employee accompanying us smiled. “Yes, miss!”
Excited, I rush past her and head to the bow of our boat. In front of me, the shoreline of the Kanto region lay before me. So many emotions flew through my mind – excitement, anxiety, fear – but fueling them all was a single thought.
I’ll save you, Mother. Just hold on.
“So, this is Pallet Town?”
I look around at the small town. “Small” could describe almost every building – aside from the Pokémon Lab and the harbor, there were only three buildings with more than one story. The overall atmosphere was calm, almost sleepy. I couldn’t help but smile at the homely aura.
“Yes, miss. We’re to meet Professor Oak and Professor Bill at the P
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 6 5
Tales of What-If: Pit (Vesperia)
Pit, like Natalia of TotA and Raven, utilizes a bow for ranged attacks. However, he can split his bow into two blades for close range attacks, and storing Palutena’s blessings in his laurel allows him to use many light based offensive and healing spells.
Void Tempest: Twirl a bow to shred surrounding enemies [5TP]
Crescent Dance: Slash at a foe with a two-hit attack, carving moons in the air [6TP]
Piercing Line: Fire an arrow that penetrates multiple enemies [8TP]
Azure Edge: Dash towards a foe while firing a blast of wind [6TP; WIND]
Swallow Waltz: Backstep to dodge an attack, then leap forward with multiple strikes [9TP]
Remnant Strike: Sidestep around a foe and blow them away with a spinning kick [10TP]
Heaven’s Tear: Fire an arrow in the sky, striking the foe moments later [6TP]
Around: Twirl and strike at the enemy with graceful motions [8TP]
Storm Edge: Backstep and fire a barrage of arro
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Starlight Nurse (One Shot Crossover)
{Early morning. A young nurse with bright pink hair is delivering a tray of food to one of her charges at the hospital. Two years have passed since the fateful events of her schooling; now, age 21, Asuka Osachi-Takeda is on her way to being one of the best nurses in the country. Her bright attitude and perseverance at night has earned her the nickname “Starlight Nurse” among her peers, a name that reflects both her past and present.}
{She arrives at the room which once had her first hospital friend and patient, Yuki. The nameplate now reads “David Washington.” Clearing her throat, she knocks twice on the door.}

Asuka: Excuse me, Mr. Washington?
Patient: Come in.
{While gruff and scratchy, his voice still makes a small shiver run down Asuka’s spine. Of all of her patients, this was the only one who both fascinated and terrified her. She obliges, entering the room. Inside is a man sitting upright in his bed, calmly reading a book unde
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 3 0
Ristelle: Romantic Night in Zaphias by XXFanXofX4869XX
Mature content
Ristelle: Romantic Night in Zaphias :iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 70 10
Mature content
Crimson Balance VN PREVIEW :iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 1 4
Mature content
Summary of Homo Sapiens Mulier (fictional) :iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 0 0
Tales of What-If: Deadpool (Abyss)
Deadpool’s artes, like Dante, allows him to use multiple weapons in a single arte to build simple combos. Unlike Dante, however, Deadpool’s artes revolve around dealing massive damage in a short space of time, which can mean sacrificing combo potential.
Demon Fist: Launch a shockwave with a powerful uppercut. The punch can also lift enemies. 4 TP
Sonic Thrust: Stab into the foe with a thrust. Holding the button down will use two swords, increasing damage. 5 TP
Fang Strike: Slash down to stop an enemy attack, followed by an uppercut. 6 TP
Tempest: Shred an opponent with a spin jump and slash. 8 TP
Pow Hammer: Throw a toy hammer at an opponent. Can stun an opponent during a combo. 5 TP
Crescent Dance: Slash down with a sword, followed by a sweeping cut. 6 TP
Dancing Swallow: Multi-hit combo with sai, ending with an upward kick. 9 TP
Sword Rain: Quick upward cut followed by multiple stab attacks. 7 TP
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 3 0
Strawberry Soul Chapter 25
   The queen of the Fading Lands gave an irritated growl as she scanned through what felt like the hundredth book. After returning to the Fading Lands, Ellysetta had called together the lands’ strongest shei’dalins and began searching through all of the Hall of Knowledge, the legendary Fey library that resided in the Fey capital of Dharsa, for a way to cut the Well’s connection to Earth. However, just like when she was searching for a way to save the tairen kitlings from the Eld, she was met with wave after wave of books telling her the same thing: It could not be done. Rain was doing an excellent job serving as her emotional anchor, just as she had done for him years ago, but now she knew how he really felt when met with an impossible obstacle, and she did not like it.
   Bright, radiant green shimmered in her eyes as she rifled through the next book. Her past experiences in the Hall told her that ancient secrets were not always at the front of th
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 5 3
trainercard-Michael by XXFanXofX4869XX trainercard-Michael :iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 3 5
Mature content
The Blessing of the Spirits PART 1 (Korrasami) :iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 3 3
Tales of What-if: Dante (Vesperia)
Dante’s artes and skills are a mixture of classic fighter and swordsman artes, but with his signature style mixed in. Rather than having a weapon swap system, Dante uses attacks based on his styles from DMC3 and DMC4, allowing for more variety in simpler combos.
Demon Fang: Powerful shockwave sent along the ground. 5 TP
Sonic Thrust: Send the foe flying with a powerful thrust. 6 TP
Stinger: Quickly dash along the ground to stab a distant target. 9 TP
Sword Rain: Skewer the target with multiple thrusts. 7 TP
Tiger Blade: A two hit slash attack that cuts up then down. 8 TP
Helmsplitter: Drop down immediately to cleave a foe in two with a powerful slash. Can only be executed in mid-air. 11 TP EARTH
Shining Fang: Twirl the sword like a propeller to shred nearby foes. 12 TP WIND
Spin Kick: Attack nearby foes with a powerful spinning kick. 9 TP
Crescent Moon: Launch foes up with a direct upward kick. 7 TP
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 2 0
The Night's Laughter (Poem based on FNaF)
I sit here, watching the screens
as the last of the shoppers leave the mall.
Midnight, with no more human contact.
There shouldn’t be anything left alive,
except perhaps the occasional mouse,
or the cockroach scurrying along the floor.
But I know. I know better.
There are things that are moving in here.
Those mannequins. Those evil, conspiring animatronics.
They disappear when I look away.
They grin at me when we lock eyes.
They pose and they prance in front of the cameras.
I used to think nothing of it. Now I know better.
They’re coming for me.
I can hear them. The laughter in the walls
as they stagger and crawl their way to me.
The night’s laughter will soon be filled
with the sounds of my last screams.
They’re coming.
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 1 0
Tales of What-If: Shantae (Xillia)
Shantae’s artes, skills and equipment are similar to Muzét’s, but she can also utilize a weapon swap system like Ludger thanks to her experience as a pirate, though without as many artes. Her support skill Surprise Whip adds a follow-up attack with a chance to stun and force enemies back on their feet whenever the target has been knocked down by her partner, potentially extending a combo. I’ll list her artes and skills down below. Note that Shantae can only use certain artes with certain weapons equipped:
No Weapon
Sharpened Whip: Shantae whips her hair forward, lashing at a nearby foe. 7 TP
Whiplash: Shantae lifts a foe with an upward kick, and whips them with her hair while her target is airborne. 9 TP
Stun Blitz: A martial arte learned from Muzét, in which Shantae twirls gracefully on one foot, whipping nearby enemies with her hair. Has a chance to stun enemies. 10 TP
Spin Kick: Shantae uses her danc
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 0 0

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I am a fan of almost all kinds of Sonic artwork, so I've seen my fair share of Modern Sonic fanarts. This one really gives off a differ...

I have seen plenty of SonAmy fanart, and I have seen my fair share of Super Sonic fanart, but this is the first one that both puts them...

by lalox

While sexy Daisy fanart like this is not uncommon, this particular piece displays her personality in a very sexy manner. The clothes la...



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Because I haven't posted anything in awhile. Plus, this has been mulling over in my head for some time. 


Dusk Form Lycanroc takes a little from both its Midday and Midnight forms, offering above average Speed and Attack while giving it a hard-hitting move pool with coverage moves like Fire Fang, Thunder Fang and Iron Head. This coupled with Tough Claws and Swords Dance makes Dusk Form a threatening mid to late game sweeper against balanced and offensive teams alike, letting it act as a soft check for tanks like Tangrowth and Snorlax while also letting it outspeed glass cannons like uninvested Gengar, Zoroark and Mega Charizard X. On the downside, Dusk Form suffers from terrible defensive bulk, making it easier for revenge killers like Ash-Greninja or Mega Absol to pick it off, especially with Life Orb recoil. Dusk Form is also vulnerable to all entry hazards as well as status, making it difficult to set up without proper team support like Florges, a support Eeveelution or a good baton passer. While its Attack stat is good, it's still not high enough for Dusk Form to power through physically defensive walls like Mega Aggron or Shuckle without additional Swords Dance boosts, giving the opponent chances to setup. Nonetheless, Dusk Form remains a decent choice for Rock type lovers who want a faster alternative to the Rock type's otherwise less than stellar speed without sacrificing too much coverage or relying on Trick Room. 

Swords Dance Attacker

Stone Edge/Iron Head
Thunder Fang/Fire Fang
Swords Dance

Item: Life Orb/Lycanium Z
Ability: Tough Claws
Nature: Adamant/Jolly
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 HP / 252 Spe


Swords Dance bolsters Dusk Form's Attack to excellent levels, making it a threatening late game sweeper. Stone Edge gives Dusk Form a powerful STAB move that threatens Flying and Ice types, and can be powered into Splintered Storm Shards if running Lycanium Z. If you already have a Z move on your team, Iron Head is a more accurate alternative that offers coverage against opposing Rock types like Shuckle, Gigalith and opposing Lycanroc without sacrificing too much power. Iron Head also gives Dusk Form a powerful answer to bulky Fairy types like Sylveon, Florges and Mega Altaria, who cannot comfortably switch into an Iron Head at +2. Accelerock gives Dusk Form a useful STAB priority move that's boosted by Life Orb, Swords Dance and Tough Claws, letting Dusk Form pick off weaker or frail opponents without worrying too much about Speed. Fire Fang is a useful option for Steel types like Skarmory and Mega Scizor while also punishing slower Grass types like Lilligant lacking Choice Scarf, Lurantis and Tangrowth. Thunder Fang on the other hand deals heavy damage to Water types like Empoleon, Samurott and Keldeo, who would otherwise wall Dusk Form with their bulk or OHKO it with their STAB moves.  If greater overall power is needed, Crunch can be used to hit Psychic and Ghost types hard. Crunch also has a chance to lower the opponent's Defense, softening up walls that could otherwise keep Dusk Form from sweeping.

Set Details

Maximum investment in Attack and Speed lets Dusk Form hit as hard and as fast as possible. A Jolly nature lets it outspeed glass cannons like Adamant Mega Salamence before Dragon Dance, Timid Keldeo, Mega Gallade and Ash-Greninja. Adamant nature gives Dusk Form the extra oomph to OHKO Skarmory, Tentacruel and Oricorio at +2 after Stealth Rock damage, and 2HKO Dusknoir and Tangrowth. The remaining EVs can go into any other stat save Special Attack, though HP is most recommended to help mitigate Curse damage and recoil from Life Orb. Life Orb helps bolster non Rock type moves, letting them hit harder. If you don't run any other Z moves, Lycanium Z gives Dusk Form a one time nuke with perfect accuracy, though it lacks the extra power boost from Tough Claws. 

Usage Tips

While Dusk Form could be set out at the beginning of battle, it generally dislikes having to do so as it needs to use Swords Dance at least once before it can perform a sweep, potentially giving the opponent a free KO or time for their own setup. As with any stat boost set, try to time Swords Dance when the opponent is attempting a switch or uses Wish/Protect to give Dusk Form the chance it needs. If you use it later in battle, ensure you have at least one Pokemon that can clear hazards like Defog Smeargle, Altaria or Mega Blastoise. Dusk Form also heavily dislikes status, as it cannot viably run Facade even with Life Orb and Tough Claws, so don't switch it in unless you have a reliable cleric. Take care to watch out for Trick Room users as well - while it's not the fastest Rock type out there, its base 110 Speed can make it vulnerable to Trick Room setters like Slowking and Carbink, who can withstand an Accelerock at +2 even with Life Orb and potentially score a KO with their STAB moves.

Team Options

Dusk Form works best with mixed or bulky Pokemon like Celesteela, Clefable and Mega Medicham who can clear out its checks with their attacks or stall them. Fire types like Mega Blaziken, Magmortar and Heatran can help counter Grass types who try to apply pressure. Pokemon who can take Mach Punches like Rocky Helmet Weezing are also appreciated, as Mach Punch from the likes of Breloom and Conkeldurr can OHKO Dusk Form even before Stealth Rock damage. Dragon types like Goodra and Drampa are also great teammates, since they can take Grass and Water type moves for Dusk Form and counter with their own coverage moves. As with Midday Form, Choice Scarf Lilligant can also be an excellent partner to help pressure opposing Ground types and possibly put Dusk Form back in top condition with Healing Wish. Though you risk losing momentum, Dusk Form will also welcome clerics like Mega Audino, Vaporeon, and Florges thanks to their massive HP recovery in Wish and possibly healing status with Heal Bell. 

Other Options

Drill Run, Iron Tail and Zen Headbutt are all stronger alternatives to Iron Head, but are generally less reliable thanks to their imperfect accuracy. Brick Break is an option that can help Dusk Form fight back against Steel types while also destroying the opponents screens, but is less useful as coverage and cannot viably fit onto a set running Lycanium Z. Dusk Form can run Hone Claws for an extra accuracy boost, but the loss in extra Attack boost is quite noticeable. Bulk Up is also an option to boost Dusk Form's Defense while still upping Attack, but the extra defense is very situational and relies more on luck than anything else. A harder hitting set with Giga Impact, Outrage, Swords Dance and Sucker Punch with Dragonium Z can be used, but is even more situational and generally inferior due to a lack of coverage and risk of self KO'ing due to confusion. Dusk Form also has the speed to set up Stealth Rock, but is not as reliable as other setters due to its terrible bulk and dislike of going first. Finally, while Dusk Form can run Last Resort as a powerful substitute for one of its moves thanks to it benefiting from its additional buffs, it requires using every other move first, which is very risky if Dusk Form hasn't already started a sweep. 

Checks and Counters

Bulky Ground types:
Bulky Ground types like Claydol, Torterra and Gastrodon can stall Dusk Form and heal off any damage given to them, even Splintered Storm Shards at +2. Torterra must watch out for Fire Fang if Dusk Form is running Life Orb, however. 

Fighting types: Fighting types can resist Dusk Form's STAB attacks and counter with their own STAB moves, either by access to priority in Mach Punch or with greater speed such as Choice Scarf Primape. Slower Fighting types like Poliwrath and Hitmonchan lacking Choice Scarf must watch out for the rare Zen Headbutt however, as they cannot switch into one at +2, especially with Life Orb. 

Steel types: Choice Scarf Togedemaru is a dangerous counter to Dusk Form, who can take a boosted Accelerock and doesn't even fear Fire Fang thanks to Iron Barbs and Spiky Shield. Celesteela is also a notable check to Dusk Form, as it can take advantage of a burned or paralyzed Dusk Form to set up Leech Seed or possibly OHKO it with Giga Drain or Flash Cannon. Ferrothorn is also a fantastic counter to sets not running Fire Fang, as it can switch in to Splintered Storm Shards and survive long enough to OHKO Dusk Form with Power Whip or Gyro Ball. 

Physically Bulky Walls: Even with the extra boost in power from Tough Claws and possibly Life Orb, physical walls like Golem, Weezing and Regirock can still annoy Dusk Form by absorbing an unboosted attack and retaliating with their own coverage moves. They especially like sets with Lycanium Z, as attacks from that set are notably weaker without Life Orb and can even take a Splintered Storm Shards with little trouble.  Even if they can't KO it, they can still stall Dusk Form and rack up Life Orb recoil for an easier kill. 
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Would Wade Wilson make a good president? 

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No deviants said You fucking kidding? He'd go to war with everybody!
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My name is XXFanXofX4869XX! (No dur...XP) I am a college kid with Autism,
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I am the creator of :iconaoinagisaplz: and :iconshizumaplz:,
and I also like to RP, but I will sometimes act as more than
one person, including myself. These people are my Original
Character, Michael v'En Sandahrus Nahrilas, and his
soulmates Sheena and Asuna.

Just Want More Yuri

One more thing.

( o_o) There are some people who think with their hearts, and some who think with their heads.

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Skin of choice: Habanero
Favourite cartoon character: Aoi Nagisa, Richter Abend, Lloyd Irving, Naruto Uzumaki, Colette Brunel, Lan Hikari, and Kamina!!
Personal Quote: Give an artist a deadline, and they make art. Give 'em an eternity, and they make a masterpiece

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