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Poppi MMX4-6 by XXFanXofX4869XX Poppi MMX4-6 :iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 2 0
Battle Royal Strategies: Luxray
Next up is a Pokemon I feel doesn't get enough love, Luxray!
Well, probably because I am a cat person. ^^;
Luxray might seem like an inferior pivot at first when compared to others like Mega Beedrill or Mega Scizor due to its lower stats and lack of reliable recovery. However, a solid defensive typing in Electric and access to a slow Volt Switch gives it a niche over its rivals by letting it switch into powerful Steel, Flying and Electric attackers like Talonflame, Choice Band Crobat, Mega Manectric, and Skarmory while only giving it one weakness. A usable Attack stat with good coverage options and access to Guts also let it function as a mid to late game cleaner. On the downside, its only average bulk means that it must be wary of powerful neutral hits from the likes of heavy hitters such as Mega Metagross, Lurantis, Drampa with Dragonium Z, and Toxicroak. It must also be wary of Trick Room users, since it sits at an awkward base Speed of 70 – too fast to properl
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 1 0
Battle Royal Strategies: Sudowoodo
Yes, a lot of these bros rely on Trick Room, but Speed isn't always key. Anyway, Sudowoodo time!
And please keep the morning wood jokes to a minimum.
At first glance, Sudowoodo seems an impractical choice over other Rock types like the Lycanroc family, Rampardos, and Gigalith due to its lower defenses and average attack power. However, access to the coveted Rock Head Smash combo, combined with Curse, Wood Hammer, and Low Kick, gives Sudowoodo a solid chance against most physical attackers in BR. Access to coverage in Fire Punch and priority in Sucker Punch also gives it a small edge over other Rock types by giving it a wider range of potential KOs for frailer targets like Glalie, Froslass, Mega Banette and Mega Scizor. However, without Calm Mind, an Assault Vest or a sandstorm, Sudowoodo has no means of boosting its special bulk, leaving it easily KO’ed by special attackers like Serperior, Lanturn and Heatran. It’s also horrendously slow out
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 1 0
Battle Royal Strategies: Granbull
So, for a little while, I think I'll keep my brain gears a-rollin' by offering ideas to people who are still trying to beat Battle Royal in Sun, Moon and USUM. I can't help but cringe whenever I see people use the Explosion + 2 tanks method, which will usually get you wins but without any of the satisfaction. Yeah, a Silvally with Swords Dance and Explosion will deal massive damage to anything that isn't a Ghost or Steel/Rock type, but it's just a pyrrhic victory.
However, a lot of Pokemon that aren't used by the AI in BR are surprisingly useful, with either fantastic stats, abilities, or moves that let you take advantage of the AI. As I do more research, I'll post them here.
As always, much of my information is either from personal observations or borrowed from Smogon, so take these with a grain of salt as they are NOT guaranteed to work 100% of the time. If you use any of these strategies, you do so at your own discretion.
Now, to start, here's our boi Granbull!
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 0 0
FAKEMON: Imitree
Yes, another one. It's hard to stay creative, but games do help. And am I the only one who wishes Sudowoodo was just a little stronger?
FAKEMON: Imitree/模倣木 (evolution of Sudowoodo, final form of Bonsly)
Trivia: Name derived from imitation or mimicry and tree. Appearance based on bonsai tree.
Height: 9’08”
Weight: 789.3 Ibs.
TYPE: Rock
Image goes here
HP: 90
ATK: 120
DEF: 170
SPA: 40
SPD: 90
SPE: 30
Rock Head
Flash Fire (Hidden)
POKEDEX DESCRIPTION (WIP): (S) Planting itself in the ground lets it absorb minerals from within the earth. It disguises itself using leaves it has gathered. (M) It can channel nutrients through its body into the leaves on its arms, keeping them alive to maintain its appearance. (US) It’s not very picky about the leaves it uses for camouflage. You can tell it apart from other trees by the variety of leaves. (UM) Its impressive height and use of foliage make g
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 0 0
FAKEMON: Briezeon
I haven't made anything in some time, so I figured I would just throw something here. I don't want my creativity to waste away. Besides, it's fun imitating Smogon's analyses. I'll come back to this later.
As before with my opinions on Dusk Form Lycanroc, these are simply my thoughts on how a Flying Eeveelution might be. Please also note that these observations are based on other Flying types, and as this is a Fakemon, are not meant to be taken seriously unless you are looking for inspiration for CAP on Smogon.
Without further ado, here are some possibilities for a Flying type Eevee evolution!
(As for how Eevee would evolve into Briezeon, it would need to be holding a Pretty Wing with max friendship.)
Picture goes here
HP: 60
ATK: 95
DEF: 65
SPA: 130
SPD: 65
SPE: 110
Abilities: Gale Wings, Sheer Force (Hidden)
Briezeon is the picture child of a glass cannon. Fantastic mixed offensives coupled with a decent Speed tier and access to Gale Wings means
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 3 0
The Dream She Had - Izetta Short Story
    Butterflies kept welling up in my stomach as I watched people walk back and forth, preparing for my speech. With the end of World War II, the Archduchess of Eylstadt and I were given special permission to come visit the United States, under the pretense of being on vacation. Our country wasn’t allowed to join the United Nations until just a week ago, so I was surprised we could make the trip. I was even more surprised when Finé insisted I come along. When I asked why, she would only say this:
    “There’s someone I would like for you to meet.”
    It snowballed from there. Once word of the legendary White Witch – me, Izetta – spread quickly throughout the country, people from all over the US had gathered at their nation’s capital to catch a glimpse of me. Our closest advisors came up with an idea, and that idea was…
    “I’m going to give a speech?”
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 5 1
Izetta x Fine preview by XXFanXofX4869XX
Mature content
Izetta x Fine preview :iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 24 17
   Evodrive works much like Mega Evolution but has some ties to Ash-Greninja’s Battle Bond. During battle, if the opponent has a type matchup that any of Eevee’s evolutions would have an advantage against, the Evodrive icon will light up next to Eevee’s available attacks similar to Mega Evolution and Z-Power. Selecting that button before attacking will let Eevee transform into any of its evolutions effective against that opponent, with an animation unique to each form depending on its element. Once transformed, Eevee’s stats will change to reflect its evolution, including HP(1). The moves Tackle, Take Down and Double Edge will also transform into their effective type equivalent(2). Below is a list of possible moves:
Tackle: Ember, Water Gun, Thundershock, Leafage, Powder Snow, Confusion, Pursuit, Fairy Wind
Take Down: Flamethrower, Surf, Thunderbolt, Leaf Blade, Ice Beam, Psychic, Crunch, Moonblast
Double Edge: Fir
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 1 0
Lillie and the Evodrive
“Ms. Lillie! We’ve arrived!”
I pull myself out of bed, wiping the sleep from my eyes. Almost as soon as I stand I remember where we were headed.
“We’re in Kanto?!”
The Aether Foundation employee accompanying us smiled. “Yes, miss!”
Excited, I rush past her and head to the bow of our boat. In front of me, the shoreline of the Kanto region lay before me. So many emotions flew through my mind – excitement, anxiety, fear – but fueling them all was a single thought.
I’ll save you, Mother. Just hold on.
“So, this is Pallet Town?”
I look around at the small town. “Small” could describe almost every building – aside from the Pokémon Lab and the harbor, there were only three buildings with more than one story. The overall atmosphere was calm, almost sleepy. I couldn’t help but smile at the homely aura.
“Yes, miss. We’re to meet Professor Oak and Professor Bill at the P
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 6 5
Tales of What-If: Pit (Vesperia)
Pit, like Natalia of TotA and Raven, utilizes a bow for ranged attacks. However, he can split his bow into two blades for close range attacks, and storing Palutena’s blessings in his laurel allows him to use many light based offensive and healing spells.
Void Tempest: Twirl a bow to shred surrounding enemies [5TP]
Crescent Dance: Slash at a foe with a two-hit attack, carving moons in the air [6TP]
Piercing Line: Fire an arrow that penetrates multiple enemies [8TP]
Azure Edge: Dash towards a foe while firing a blast of wind [6TP; WIND]
Swallow Waltz: Backstep to dodge an attack, then leap forward with multiple strikes [9TP]
Remnant Strike: Sidestep around a foe and blow them away with a spinning kick [10TP]
Heaven’s Tear: Fire an arrow in the sky, striking the foe moments later [6TP]
Around: Twirl and strike at the enemy with graceful motions [8TP]
Storm Edge: Backstep and fire a barrage of arro
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 0 0
Starlight Nurse (One Shot Crossover)
{Early morning. A young nurse with bright pink hair is delivering a tray of food to one of her charges at the hospital. Two years have passed since the fateful events of her schooling; now, age 21, Asuka Osachi-Takeda is on her way to being one of the best nurses in the country. Her bright attitude and perseverance at night has earned her the nickname “Starlight Nurse” among her peers, a name that reflects both her past and present.}
{She arrives at the room which once had her first hospital friend and patient, Yuki. The nameplate now reads “David Washington.” Clearing her throat, she knocks twice on the door.}

Asuka: Excuse me, Mr. Washington?
Patient: Come in.
{While gruff and scratchy, his voice still makes a small shiver run down Asuka’s spine. Of all of her patients, this was the only one who both fascinated and terrified her. She obliges, entering the room. Inside is a man sitting upright in his bed, calmly reading a book unde
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 3 0
Ristelle: Romantic Night in Zaphias by XXFanXofX4869XX
Mature content
Ristelle: Romantic Night in Zaphias :iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 71 10
Mature content
Crimson Balance VN PREVIEW :iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 1 4
Mature content
Summary of Homo Sapiens Mulier (fictional) :iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 0 0
Tales of What-If: Deadpool (Abyss)
Deadpool’s artes, like Dante, allows him to use multiple weapons in a single arte to build simple combos. Unlike Dante, however, Deadpool’s artes revolve around dealing massive damage in a short space of time, which can mean sacrificing combo potential.
Demon Fist: Launch a shockwave with a powerful uppercut. The punch can also lift enemies. 4 TP
Sonic Thrust: Stab into the foe with a thrust. Holding the button down will use two swords, increasing damage. 5 TP
Fang Strike: Slash down to stop an enemy attack, followed by an uppercut. 6 TP
Tempest: Shred an opponent with a spin jump and slash. 8 TP
Pow Hammer: Throw a toy hammer at an opponent. Can stun an opponent during a combo. 5 TP
Crescent Dance: Slash down with a sword, followed by a sweeping cut. 6 TP
Dancing Swallow: Multi-hit combo with sai, ending with an upward kick. 9 TP
Sword Rain: Quick upward cut followed by multiple stab attacks. 7 TP
:iconxxfanxofx4869xx:XXFanXofX4869XX 3 0

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I have seen plenty of SonAmy fanart, and I have seen my fair share of Super Sonic fanart, but this is the first one that both puts them...

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

In need of emergency funds thanks to stupid government shutdown. I'm willing to sell 23k gold Mewtwo Pokemon card in excellent condition. Box itself is damaged, but the Pokeball is still in its original plastic wrapper, unwrapped and unopened. Card and certificate of authenticity inside Pokeball. Starting price is $300 but I'm willing to go as low as $150.

Anyone who is interested, please leave a comment on this journal. DO NOT SEND A NOTE until I have had a chance to reply to you. Anyone who sends a note without commenting first will be ignored, repeat offenders will be blocked. 
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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Oh-kays, now to write something real down here....

My name is XXFanXofX4869XX! (No dur...XP) I am a college kid with Autism,
and a writer and photographer. I like Naruto, Tales of Symphonia,
Negima, Strawberry Panic, Detective Conan, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann,
Mega Man Battle Network, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Kirby.
I also like root beer and Raving Rabbids.....BWAAHAAHAAH!

*A-hem* I am currently writing a crossover fanfiction called
Strawberry Soul. Its a cross between Strawberry Panic and a
little-known novel series called Tairen Soul. Both are
AWESOME!!! :iconhyperplz:

:iconfirstplz::iconthirdplz::iconnumber2plz: <--- Figure out what I mean here and I'll give you a llama! :la:

I am the creator of :iconaoinagisaplz: and :iconshizumaplz:,
and I also like to RP, but I will sometimes act as more than
one person, including myself. These people are my Original
Character, Michael v'En Sandahrus Nahrilas, and his
soulmates Sheena and Asuna.

Just Want More Yuri

One more thing.

( o_o) There are some people who think with their hearts, and some who think with their heads.

( o_o)∟◥▶◀◤ As for me.....

( ◥▶_◀◤) I think with my fighting spirit!!!

Repost this if you're a Gurren LAgann fan!

Favourite genre of music: Country
Favourite photographer: Rolando Gomez
Favourite style of art: Jes' a lil' randomness
Operating System: BASTARD CAT
Shell of choice: Koopa
Skin of choice: Habanero
Favourite cartoon character: Aoi Nagisa, Richter Abend, Lloyd Irving, Naruto Uzumaki, Colette Brunel, Lan Hikari, and Kamina!!
Personal Quote: Give an artist a deadline, and they make art. Give 'em an eternity, and they make a masterpiece

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