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Zappo (UPDATED 9-OCT-2021)

Require version 4.4 BETA or later of Rainmeter :




Weather data source: WEATHER.COM API

Available in 30 languages:

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish,Turkish, Croatian, Slovak,  Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu.


All languages are original translations  from  !

-Displays Real-Time weather details for Today / Tonight
-Displays the time left until sunset / sunrise

-To change Celsius with Fahrenheit, in the Settings menu open the Languages submenu and choose EnglishUS °F
Time left until sunrise / sunset is displayed at one minute after the sunrise / sunset.


- 2 variants : See variant 2  
 Zappo Player extended  

Supported players :

SPOTIFY DESKTOP PLAYER - Tested with  Spotify 1.1.66

Instructions :

1.Download and install Spotify Desktop Player (not the Windows Store version):

2.Open Windows PowerShell and enter the five commands from the instructions below one by one :

Guide Here

After the last command Spotify will restart .

3. Select Spotify in the skin settings menu


WINAMP - Tested with Winamp 5.8

iTUNES - Tested with iTunes

AIMP - Tested with AIMP 4.70

MEDIAMONKEY - Tested with MediaMonkey 4.1.29

FOOBAR2000 - Tested with foobar2000 1.5.5

The foo_cad plugin needs to be installed in foobar2000\components  foo_cad plugin (download)

MUSICBEE - Tested with MusicBee 3.3

You must  enable "CD Art Display" plugin in MusicBee>Edit>EditPreferences>Plugins

Supported site :

YOUTUBE – Tested

You will need one of the browser extensions for this to work:      Chrome             Firefox  

Note: While Chrome requires no changes in Firefox you will need to go to the about:config page in Firefox and set  network.websocket.allowInsecureFromHTTPS to true.

Then choose Youtube in the skin settings.



Current Week Calendar
Based on Lua Calendar by Smurfier & Win10Calendar by eclectic-tech.


2 variants: color & color gradient

CPU TEMPERATURE (Requires CoreTemp)

GPU USAGE (Requires Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or later)


DRIVE USAGE (up to 6 drives)


Left click on the icon to open the bin.

Right click on the icon to empties the bin after confirmation.

To display CPU temperature Core Temp needs to be installed and running in the background.

To open the settings menu right click on each skin and choose Zappo-Settings-Settings.ini

Skin size change:

-Time, Calendar, Player, System, Recycle Bin
To change skin size go with the Mouse over the skin, then move the Mouse Wheel "UP" (to increase skin size) or "DOWN" (to decrease skin size)

When you changing the skin size, don't change it fast! Change it slowly!

-Weather, Sun Rise/Set, Visualizer
To change the skin size go to the settings menu


Weather Icons by d3stroy  with some modifications made by me


     • 09.10.2021 - Added Sun Rise/Set
                                 Added color gradient for the recycle bin
     • 06.09.2021 - Added CPU Temperature
     • 04.09.2021 - Added color gradient option for the system
                                Added recycle bin
                                Added network traffic

Wallpaper source (original author):…

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Is there a way to adjust Edge settings to allow youtube to connect to the music player?

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In the skin description in the section, the site supported by the music player, install the Chrome extension (the Edge browser supports Chrome extensions).

Then select Youtube in the settings menu on the Player tab

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You're welcome!

thank you for sharing 👍

Good job.

Efficiency and beauty, well done

I like this very much

hello can you add Youtube Music App for Windows? (Desktop)

YTMDesktop App

xxenium's avatar

I tested it and it works.

You need to activate Rainmeter in the Integrations tab in the YTMDesktop App settings and select Youtube in the Player tab in the Zappo settings

sorry Im just not found that option XD

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Great work love this, but how do you change Location of weather?

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Open the settings menu and follow the instructions on the Weather tab

Done that and i can`t see where i neet to change Athens as the city. A little help here pls?

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You must follow the instructions to obtain the coordinates of your location.Then enter the coordinates in the two fields, latitude and longitude.

Thanks man ... i was too blonde or too tired to see the big settings button from the skin. I`ll buy some cold beers when you get to Romania :)

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You're welcome!

How to make it display correct weather?

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Follow the instructions in the settings menu

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Amazing work! Full setup skin, I love it, hope to see more like that! (F2U) sparkles

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