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Weather Station HD (UPDATED 7-JAN-2021)


Weather data source: Yahoo

Available languages:  English, French, Spanish.

Follow the instructions in the settings menu for translation into your language.


     • Daily Forecast
     • Hourly Forecast: displays temperature and precipitation probability (in %).
     • Moon phases
     • Place the cursor over the weather forecast icons for details

You can change the skin size.
Click on the silver triangle to open the Settings menu.

                 ***** If you want to know and the air quality in your city try  Windows 10 Air Quality *****


     • 07.01.2021 - Added Spanish
     • 26.06.2020 - The weather data source has been changed : YAHOO

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This was a very pleasant installation process. Thank you.!!

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You're welcome!

Hello, I create a Spanish Translation for you skin,please, can you update whit this?

This is the

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I also added Spanish in the skin.

Thanks for the translation

Here is RainMeter error log maybe this will help find the new bug?

WeatherHD ErrorLog

Exact same problem here. Seemed to start this morning

hourly temp and info stopped working today. Also look at the time.. it is 11 AM and it still shows the current as night time moon. Today is Wednesday Dec 16, 2020, the future weather isn't updating either.. it still shows tomorrow as WED

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There have been some issues with the Yahoo website (and with Now I see that it works normally

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Loving the look but I can't seem to get F to work, its comes out as very long strings

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What is your location?

awesome, very pretty and very easy setup, thank you xxenium!

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You're very welcome

Is it possible to make the background completely transparent?

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Go to Documents \ Rainmeter \ Skins \ Weather Station \ Resources, open the Variables file and change the ShapeFill and FrameColor values to 0,0,0,1

Then save, refresh skin.

hi.please add Because my position is not in Yahoo Weather

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This skin is a backup solution when the does not work.

Try my other weather skins:

Saq, Razavi Khorasan, IR

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I can't find your location on or Yahoo

Did you find your location on because I can't find it?

If so, what is the code?





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ok, the only solution if you want to use Yahoo skin is to search for a location nearby

ok. thank you very much.

This shell is the most beautiful of all. Because it has both hourly and daily modes together

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What is your location?

Is there a way to pull data from a specific station near me, rather than my city? Thanks for your help.

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