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Soniq (UPDATED 18-OCT-2021)

Require version 4.4 BETA or later of Rainmeter :

Weather data source: API

Available in 30 languages:

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish,Turkish, Croatian, Slovak,  Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu.


     All languages are original translations  from


     Time & Weather

         •Chance of precipitation (in %) for Today/Tonight.
         •Place the cursor over the weather icon for details.
         •Time 12H/24H


         •CPU Usage
         •CPU Temperature (Requires CoreTemp)
         •GPU Usage (Requires Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or later)
         •RAM Usage
         •Drive C Usage
         •Drive D Usage
         •Network Traffic Lights:
               -Green (Traffic ON)
               -Yellow (No Internet connection)
               -Red (No Network connection)

To display CPU temperature Core Temp needs to be installed and running in the background.

To change Fahrenheit with Celsius, in the Settings menu open the Languages submenu and choose EnglishWorld °C, EnglishGB °C (for UK) , or any other language you want.

You can change the skin size

Click on the hour to open the settings menu.


• 18.10.2021 - Added Circles variant for System
• 15.10.2021 - Added in the settings menu the options to edit the colors for hour and minutes.
• 23.04.2021 - The JSON source has been replaced with the API source.
• 23.03.2021 - The JSON source has changed again. Updated the skin
• 21.08.2020 - The JSON source has changed again. Updated the skin
• 02.08.2020 - Fixed some errors in RegExp.
                         - Added DecodeCodePoints option (you need to have version 4.4 Beta r3400 or later installed) to properly display data in other languages.
• 30.07.2020 - The JSON source has changed again. Updated the skin - only the English versions work properly.
• 16.06.2020 - Significant improvement of the skin code. Advantages:
                         - fast loading of weather data
                         - low data usage
• 12.06.2020 - Fixed precipitation chance are not displayed
• 07.06.2020 - Corrected for GB version, unit of measure for visibility from km to mi
• 05.06.2020 - IMPORTANT UPDATE : Changed the weather data source : the new TWC website
• 20.05.2020 - Added label for Cpu temperature.
                    - Change font style.
• 27.04.2020 - Updated weather icons.
• 17.04.2020 - Added variant with 2 drives.

Wallpaper source:…

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Uhuuuiiiiiiii Ciaamiiiiiikkkkkkkk

How to change location temperature? pls guide me.

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See in the skin description how to choose the temperature format

To choose the location, follow the instructions in the settings menu

Hi, any chance you could add an 'uptime' and possibly 'best uptime' module, and a 'my ip address is' but have it refresh every minute or so, so if you're on a VPN you can see quickly if your IP address has changed. :)

how to add drive E in skin

xxenium's avatar

Do you want to display drive E instead of drive D ?

i edited the file.ini to add drive E after drive D, everything goes well but the percentage shown of drive E is not realistic. It shows 100%. Can you help me to display it correctly

Thank you!!!

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First, go to Documents \ Rainmeter \ Skins \ Soniq \ Resources, open the Variables file and add, after Drive2:


Then right click on the skin and choose Edit skin.

Go to the == Measures System == section and add, after [MeasureUsedDrive2]:








Then go to the == Meter System == section and add MeterDrive3 (just like MeterDrive2) and use:


and at [MeterDrive3label] use:

Text= ( E: )

How I want add drive E ? Please help!

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My pleasure!

Beautiful skin! Only problem I am having is getting the temp to show. I have entered my coordinates in from the link and they work in my previous skin but when I load them in here it doesn't find anything and stays blank :(

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Go to Documents \ Rainmeter \ Skins \ Soniq \ Resources open the Variables file and enter the coordinates manually.

Then save and refresh the skin.

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xxenium's avatar

Thank you very much!

IMO one of the best skins ever !! Well done !! Thanks a lot 😂

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You're welcome!

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how can we change the minute color from the clock? orange does not fit to my system :/

xxenium's avatar

See my answer below for HeavySketchz

HeavySketchz's avatar

Hi, i got your skin and it's great but i'd like to change the color of the font, how can i do it?

xxenium's avatar

Go to Documents \ Rainmeter \ Skins \ Soniq \ Resources open the Variables file and edit FontColor / FontClor2 for text and HourColor / MinuteColor / AMPMColor for clock.

Then refresh the skin

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Hi! I love your skin man! but I have one question, my weather temperature is on Celsius, how can I change it to Fahrenheit?

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In the settings menu , choose the language EnglishUS F

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