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NOVA Weather (UPDATED 10-MAR-2021)

Require version 4.4 BETA or later of Rainmeter :

Weather data source: API

Available in 30 languages:

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish,Turkish, Croatian, Slovak,  Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu.


     All languages are original translations  from


     • Displays the current weather conditions and the 8-day forecast.
     • 2 background variants:
     • Dynamic change of temperature color
   • Dynamic change of UV Index color 
     • Pressure trend : rising ▲, falling ▼
     • You can choose how many days to be displayed. Repeat click on "- / +" buttons to hide / show days. 
     • You can change the skin size

See temperature color scale 

See UV index color scale Here

Click on the current temperature to open the Settings menu.

To change Fahrenheit with Celsius, in the Settings menu open the Languages submenu and choose EnglishWorld °C, EnglishGB °C (for UK) ,  or any other language you want.

                  ***** If you want to know and the air quality in your city try  Windows 10 Air Quality *****


• 10.03.2021 - Added pressure trend icon, UV index + UV index scale icon
• 06.03.2021 - Changed data source from Foreca to API
• 15.01.2021 - The font has been changed.Added color for the rainfall icon.
• 13.01.2021 - The JSON source has changed.
• 11.01.2021 - The Today section of the website has changed.
• 24.11.2020 - The JSON source has changed.
• 23.09.2020 - The HTML source has changed.
• 26.06.2020 - Added dynamic change of temperature color 
• 22.06.2020 - IMPORTANT UPDATE : Changed the weather data source : the New FORECA website

Wallpaper source :

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Beautiful !! Works perfect for my desktop. Thank you !!!

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You're welcome!

Can you add an option to auto set GPS? I use to get it from IP but there are many APIs out there. Maybe Rainmeter's API has something? I realize it may not work for many circumstances but one can always fall back to manual entry. I travel alot with my laptop so I would this useful.

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I'm sorry, but automatic location detection and automatic coordinate input aren't possible.

Manual Only.


did you try change wind directions to arrows?

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I prefer text instead of arrows...

text is ok when you use english language, I switched into Polish and instead of 1, 2 or 3 letters I have long text. I tried use file but no success. Instead of "SSE" I have "pd.pd.-wsch."

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Ok I understand.

Try this version:

excellent, that's what I looked for


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You're welcome

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Hey there,

Thanks for the skin.

A quick question, after the change to Weather API, I usually don't get the Max temp for the day, is there any fix for that?

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It's not a bug. That's how works.

Somewhere in the afternoon the maximum temperature ("Today" temperature) is no longer available, only the minimum temperature (Tonight temperature ") is displayed.

Then somewhere in the morning the maximum temperature is displayed again.

Enter your location on and you will see this.

It's working now. Turned out I didn't have the latest version :) Sorry about that.

Not working anymore, since yesterday. It came on for a couple of hours and then vanished again. Everything is empty. Have the latest version. Zagreb, Croatia.

Does not display anything starting yesterday

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It works for me.

Make sure you have the latest version installed!

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What are the coordinates of your location?

Oh, ok, this is another machine I work with. Sorry, I do in fact have to update here...

Suddenly, from today i'm getting "Invalid TimeStampFormat: %Y-%m-%d" errors on every displayed day and "Invalid TimeStampFormat: %H:%S" on sunset and sunrise

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This means that the connection to the website is difficult.

Does the skin display all the data?

It doesn't display anithing!

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What are the coordinates of your location ?


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