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MINIWeather PRO (UPDATED 22-APR-2021)

Require version 4.4 BETA or later of Rainmeter :

Weather data source: API

Available in 30 languages:

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish,Turkish, Croatian, Slovak,  Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu.


     All languages are original translations  from

                                             Do not switch quickly between languages !


     • Displays the current weather conditions and the 2-day forecast.
     • Dynamic change of temperature color.

     • Displays the weather conditions by scrolling the text.
     • Displays the time of the last update.
     • Two background variants: Blue and Glass
     • Place the cursor over the weather icons for details.
     • You can choose how many days to be displayed. Repeat click on "-/+" buttons to hide/show days.
     • NEW OPTION 18-01-2020 : You can enable or disable the scrolling of the text.

You can change the skin size

Click on the silver triangle to open the Settings menu.

To change Fahrenheit with Celsius, in the Settings menu open the Languages submenu and choose EnglishWorld °C, EnglishGB °C (for UK) ,  or any other language you want.


     • 22.04.2021 - The JSON source has been replaced with the API source.
     • 23.03.2021 - The JSON source has changed again. Updated the skin
     • 20.03.2021 - Version 2
     • 21.08.2020 - The JSON source has changed again. Updated the skin
     • 02.08.2020 - Fixed some errors in RegExp.
                              - Added DecodeCodePoints option (you need to have version 4.4 Beta r3400 or later installed) to properly display data in other languages.
     • 30.07.2020 - The JSON source has changed again. Updated the skin - only the English versions work properly.
     • 25.06.2020 - Fixed high temperature (when available) is not updating automatically.
     • 17.06.2020 - Added option to choose skin size
     • 15.06.2020 - Significant improvement of the skin code. Advantages:
                              - fast loading of weather data
                              - low data usage
• 09.06.2020 - IMPORTANT UPDATE : Changed the weather data source : the new TWC website
     • 11.02.2020 - Added display of weather conditions
     • 01.02.2020 - Added the option to use the new location codes, used by
     • 22.01.2020 - MultiLingual
     • 20.01.2020 - Fixed Skin Update issue
     • 18.01.2020 - Added option to enable / disable scrolling text.   
     • 16.10.2019 - Added 36-hour forecast.
     • 12.10.2019 - NEW VERSION : MINIWeatherPRO replaced MINIWeatherHD.

                ***** If you want to know and the air quality in your city try Windows 10 Air Quality *****

*For detailed weather information try  Windows 10 Weather Enterprise, the most advanced weather skin

Wallpaper source :…
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many thanks indeed for the development of this great skin!!!

Is there a way to modify/customize the wording of the days.

Ex: (in italian) Sab => Sabato | Dom => Domenica

I see that there might be sufficient space and it would perhaps be nice to see the entire word.

Also, would it be possible to decide the font side of the City? I see it a bit small and perhaps it would be nice to see it just a bit bigger.

Many thanks

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Follow the steps

For the date:

Go to Documents \ RainmeterSkins \ MINIWeatherPRO \ Resources and open the file.

Go to the == Days == section and change to [MeasureDay2Short] and [MeasureDay3Short]:

Format=%a with Format=%A

Then save and refresh the skin.

For the location font:

Right click on the skin and choose Edit skin.

Go to the == Meters == section and change the FontSize value to [MeterLocation]

(default is 8)

Then save and refresh the skin.

Excellent. many thanks.

Another question, if possible. I noticed that in the upper left corner of the main window there is the current time. Two issues:

  1. it does not update itself constantly. Therefore I have 07:52 CEST and on the PC I have 08:03. This is not so useful and nice to see. Is there a way to just hid this?

  2. how to enlarge the font of the time?

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It is not the current time, it is the time of the last update (the data is updated every 10 minutes).

To enlarge the font, right-click on the skin and choose Edit skin.

Go to the == Meters == section( at the end )and change the FontSize value to [MeterUpdate] (default is 8)

Then save and refresh the skin.

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excellent! it will be the ONLY bit with color on my desktop.

Thank you! Can you help me? No temp.

Sin ttulo-1
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It's not a bug.

This is how works.

At some point in the afternoon high temperature ("Today" temperature) is no longer displayed. It is the "Tonight" time when only low temperature is displayed. Then at some point in the morning the "Today" temperature is displayed again.

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Great extension! I have use since two years. But please back 5-day option.

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For a multi-day forecast see NOVA Weather:

NOVA Weather (UPDATED 10-MAR-2021)
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Arabic Language not Available?

Comn man I am a big fan of your work! :D

Hope it is available soon :)

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In the settings menu choose EnglishWorld C language.

Then go to Documents \ Rainmeter \ Skins \ MINIWeatherPRO \ Resources, open the Variables file and replace Language=en-CA with Language=ar

Save, refresh skin

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That is great, :D thank you !

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You're welcome

Does this still work on the site?







FinishAction=[!EnableMeasureGroup Almanac][!UpdateMeasureGroup Almanac]

Awesome. Thanks.

Since the JSON has been working fine work a while now .. May I ask if you can add the Almanac requests back in.. You did this I think back in 8.20. Thx.

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You're welcome


I have one more request.

How to change the display of pressure unit from hPa to mmHg and wind speed from km / h to m / s?



xxenium's avatar

Follow the steps:

1.Go to Documents \ Rainmeter \ Skins \ MINIWeatherPro \ Resources and open the file 2.In the == Current Weather == section, add after [MeasurePressure]:



Formula=(MeasurePressure * 0.75006)

and after [MeasureWindSpeed]:



Formula=(MeasureWindSpeed * 0.277778)

3. Right click on the skin and choose Edit skin.

4. In the == Meters == section go to [MeterIcon] and at ToolTipText= replace:

[MeasureWindSpeed] [Measure#SpeedUnit#] with [MeasureWindSpeedm/s: 1] m/s

[MeasurePressure] [Measure #PressureUnit#] with [MeasurePressuremmHg: 1] mmHg

5.Save, refresh skin

I really appreciate everything you’ve done.

Thanks for explaining this to me.


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You're welcome.

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