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Advansity (UPDATED 27-OCT-2021)


Require version 4.4 BETA or later of Rainmeter :



- 5 variants :See  Variant 1 , See Variant 2 
, See Variant 4  , See Variant 5  See Variant 6 
 MultiLingual (not included)  - Download ASTRO Weather  Here  
- 10 variants.

WINDOWS 10 AIR QUALITY (not included)  - Download Windows 10 Air Quality  Here
ASTRONOMY (not included)  - Download Astronomy  Here
- Day & Night World Map/Globe
- Moon Phases
- Earth & Sun Animations
WINDOWS 10 CLOCK (not included)  - Download Windows 10 Clock  Here
- World Clock


- 2 variants : See variant 2  
 Advansity Deluxe Player  

Supported players :

SPOTIFY DESKTOP PLAYER - Tested with  Spotify 1.1.40

Instructions :

1.Download and install Spotify Desktop Player (not the Windows Store version):

2.Open Windows PowerShell and enter the five commands from the instructions below one by one :

Guide Here

After the last command Spotify will restart .

3. Select Spotify in the skin settings menu


WINAMP - Tested with Winamp 5.8

iTUNES - Tested with iTunes

AIMP - Tested with AIMP 4.70

MEDIAMONKEY - Tested with MediaMonkey 4.1.29

FOOBAR2000 - Tested with foobar2000 1.5.5

The foo_cad plugin needs to be installed in foobar2000\components  foo_cad plugin (download)

MUSICBEE - Tested with MusicBee 3.3

You must  enable "CD Art Display" plugin in MusicBee>Edit>EditPreferences>Plugins

Supported site :

YOUTUBE – Tested

You will need one of the browser extensions for this to work:      Chrome             Firefox  

Note: While Chrome requires no changes in Firefox you will need to go to the about:config page in Firefox and set  network.websocket.allowInsecureFromHTTPS to true.

Then choose Youtube in the skin settings.

When playing the song, you can click on the progress bar to jump to a certain position.


- 5 variants :

- See   Line Visualizer  
- See   Sphere Visualizer 
- See   Spiro Visualizer 

- See   Star Visualizer 

NEW: Advansity Deluxe Visualizer
- See   Deluxe Visualizer 

Instructions Deluxe Visualizer:
Use the context menu to access the skin settings (right click on the skin and choose "Custom skin actions")
To change skin size go with the Mouse over the skin, then move the Mouse Wheel "UP" (to increase skin size) or "DOWN" (to decrease skin size).
Click the middle mouse button to return to the default skin size.


- 2 variants
Based on Lua Calendar by Smurfier.

Place the cursor over the calendar to display the scroll buttons.
Click the arrow buttons to display the previous month or next month.
Click the dot button to return to the current month.


- 3 variants  
Up to 20 icons
Color & White


Dynamic icon change ( 5 variants ):

- empty

- up to 256 MB

- 256 MB - 512 MB
- 512 MB - 768 MB

- over 768 MB

Left click on the icon to open the bin.

Right click on the icon to empties the bin after confirmation.

Place the cursor over the icon to see the size.


- 3 variants : BAR & CIRCLE & CHARTS

CPU MODEL NAME (Requires CoreTemp)
(Requires CoreTemp)

CPU TEMPERATURE (Requires CoreTemp)

GPU USAGE (Requires Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or later)


DRIVE USAGE/FREE (up to 6 drives)




- Green (Traffic ON)

- Yellow (No Internet connection)

- Red (No Network connection)


The Top Processes  monitor the CPU, GPU and RAM utilization of the top 5 processes

on your computer.

To display CPU model name, CPU Clock Speed and CPU temperature Core Temp needs to be installed and running in the background.

You can change the skins size.

To open the settings menu right click on each skin and choose Advansity-Settings-Settings.ini


Windows folders icons - original author  NhatPG (…)
Recycle Bin icon - original author chrfb (…) with some modifications made by me
Line Visualize - original code author HipHopium
Sphere & Spiro & Star & Deluxe Visualizers - original code author Eclectic-Tech


     • 27.10.2021 - Added Advansity System Info variant
                                Added in the settings menu the option to choose the color of the charts
                                Added in the settings menu the option to choose the color of the current day/month 
                                in the calendar
     • 26.10.2021 - Added Advansity System Charts variant
     • 21.10.2021 - Added in the settings menu the option to choose the color of the recycle bin
                                 Added some improvements to the settings menu
                                 Fixed some errors in the  Premium System code
     • 05.10.2021 - Added Advansity System Premium variant
     • 03.10.2021 - Updated the Free Drives System variants
     • 12.05.2021 - Added version 6 for Time and Current Week Calendar
     • 10.05.2021 - Updated the WebNowPlaying plugin to version
     • 18.04.2021 - Added Advansity Deluxe Visualizer
     • 06.04.2021 - Added the option to choose two new fonts for Time4
     • 30.03.2021 - Added the option to choose white icons for Dock
     • 19.03.2021 - Added for System the option to choose the thickness of the bar
     • 14.03.2021 - Fixed recycle bin icon is not displayed correctly
     • 28.02.2021 - Added CPU Clock Speed and CPU model name
     • 24.02.2021 - Added Circle variant for System
     • 23.02.2021 - Added variant 5 for Time
     • 21.02.2021 - Added  variant 4 for Time
     • 20.02.2021 - New look for Time-variant 1
     • 19.02.2021 - New version for Network
     • 17.02.2021 - Replaced SpeedFan with CoreTemp
     • 15.02.2021 - Added a new version for System that displays free memory and free disk space
     • 14.02.2021 - Added three new visualizers
     • 12.01.2021 - Added option to use Astronomy
     • 28.12.2020 - Updated Dock
     • 24.12.2020 - New look for Advansity Player
     • 26.10.2020 - New look for Advansity Deluxe Player
     • 27.09.2020 - Added album cover for Advansity Player
     • 25.09.2020 - New look for Advansity Deluxe Player
     • 21.09.2020 - Added deluxe variant for Music Player
     • 20.09.2020 - Fixed incorrect display for song with long name
     • 19.09.2020 - Added Calendar
     • 17.09.2020 - Now Spotify is fully supported
                                 Added Top 5 Processes
                                 Made some code improvements
     • 10.09.2020 - Added variant 3 for Time 
     • 09.09.2020 - Added option to use Windows 10 Air Quality
     • 05.09.2020 - Added Visualizer
     • 02.09.2020 - Added Music Player
     • 29.08.2020 - Added variant 2 for Time 
     • 25.08.2020 - Added option to use AstroWeather. Remove Yahoo weather.
     • 10.08.2020 - Added option to display a single drive
     • 13.07.2020 - Added Recycle Bin
     • 14.07.2020 - New design for Time & Date                   

Wallpaper source:
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Very, Very Nice Work!! Thank You!!

xxenium's avatar

You're very welcome!

Where can I find the wallpaper for your creation? Thanks for your help.

xxenium's avatar

See at the end of the skin description...

I had a feeling that I had missed it. Thanks for your rapid response.

Is there a way to control the size and the icons+shortcuts of the dock? Sorry for the stupid question and thanks for a great job!

xxenium's avatar

See Dock tab in settings

is there any way to make the visualizer more sensitive?

xxenium's avatar

For Deluxe visualizer right click on the skin, choose Custom skin actions-Edit Variables and then edit Sensitivity.

For the others, see the Visualizer tab in the settings menu.

Nice, how I wish I could learn this one.

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realjohnathonoquin's avatar

i like the wallpaper you got in this image , Where can I download it ?

xxenium's avatar

See at the end of the skin description...

MadridistaOvi's avatar

I'm facing these error in Win11 during configuring spicetify on command "spicetify apply"

can you help me out with this?

I tried with non store version.

xxenium's avatar


The latest version of Spotify that works with spicetify-cli is

Until the developer updates spicetify-cli follow the steps below for Spotify to be supported by Rainmeter:

1-Uninstall the latest version of Spotify installed.

2-Download and install Spotify version :

3-Close Spotify

4-To stop the automatic update of Spotify:

Open Command Prompt as Administrator (NOT normal mode) and enter these commands one by one (enter all 4 commands, even if an error occurs after you enter the first command) :

rm %localappdata%\Spotify\Update

mkdir %localappdata%\Spotify\Update

icacls %localappdata%\Spotify\Update /deny "%username%":D

icacls %localappdata%\Spotify\Update /deny "%username%":R

5-Open Spotify

6-Enter the 5 commands in PowerShell following the instructions above (from the skin description)


When spicetify-cli will be updated (see the latest version( 2.6.2) here:

1-Open Command Prompt as Administrator and enter this command:

icacls %localappdata%\Spotify\Update /reset /T

2-Uninstall version , install the latest version of Spotify and then enter the commands in PowerShell

MadridistaOvi's avatar

Thanks for the reply, it was my Windows problem i did clean setup and it's working...

The problem i facing because of i Debloat My windows.

xxenium's avatar

The author updated spicetify today to version 2.6.3

It works with Spotify version 1.1.67 but does not work with the latest version of Spotify 1.1.68.

Probably your Spotify hasn't been updated to version 1.1.68 yet and that's why it still works.

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Qué cojones!! 480 favs? Cómo se consigue eso?

Cho003's avatar

how to use variant 6 for time and date when i click the link just a png file opens so what should i do

xxenium's avatar

The link is for the preview image only.

In the suite, choose Time6 and Week Calendar

AgreeablePictures's avatar

I would love a widget in the top left of the image, the one with running programs and there recourses they are using,... To Show my Stock Market Shares, so if they they turn green, they show the % gain at the end of the bar and if they fall to what I've invested they turn amber, and then if they fall say a % blow what I've invested, they turn red, the deeper the red indicates more loses, and is indicative to massive dips in the market.

Is anything like this Possible❓ I have all the market skins from @Mordasius though they are Good but a little basic.


xxenium's avatar

I have no knowledge about market skins.

My suggestion is to contact Mordasius, either on DeviantArt or on the Rainmeter forum ( and see if what you want can be achieved.

AgreeablePictures's avatar

I haver all of @Mordasius market skins and He gets bothered enough these days.

Plus, i once mentioned something about showing other aspects and he said it could involve a lot of work,... I'll leave him to his work for now and maybe he may come out with more customisable types in the future.... Thanks again for the reply.

minnnie889's avatar
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