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ASTRO Weather (UPDATED 10-JAN-2022)


Weather data source: API

Available in 30 languages:

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish,Turkish, Croatian, Slovak,  Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu.


     All languages are original translations  from


     • 10 variants.
     • Displays the current sun position.
     • Displays the current moon position.
     • Displays the current weather conditions, 5-day forecast and 12-hour forecast.
     • Displays the chance of precipitation (in %) for Today / Tonight.
     • Displays Real-Time weather details for Today / Tonight.
     • Place the cursor over the weather icons for details.
     • Displays  the phases of the moon (place the cursor over moon icon).
     • Displays the current position for Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

To change Fahrenheit with Celsius, in the Settings menu open the Languages submenu and choose EnglishWorld °C, EnglishGB °C (for UK) ,  or any other language you want.

You can change the skin size

Click on the current temperature to open the settings menu

                                                 Do not switch quickly between skin versions !

                                                 Do not switch quickly between languages !

Wait 15-20 seconds before choosing another version or language !


     • 10.01.2022 - Fixed Weather,com API
     • 17.08.2021 - Added the Planets variant
     • 23.03.2021 - The JSON source has been replaced with the API source.
     • 06.12.2020 - Added  variant with 12-hour forecast
     • 21.08.2020 - The JSON source has changed again. Updated the skin
     • 02.08.2020 - Fixed some errors in RegExp.
                              - Added DecodeCodePoints option (you need to have version 4.4 Beta r3400 or later installed) to properly display data in other languages.
     • 30.07.2020 - The JSON source has changed again. Updated the skin - only the English versions work properly.
     • 25.06.2020 - Fixed high temperature (when available) is not updating automatically.
     • 15.06.2020 - Significant improvement of the skin code. Advantages:
                              - fast loading of weather data
                              - low data usage
     • 10.06.2020 - IMPORTANT UPDATE : Changed the weather data source : the new TWC website
     • 11.05.2020 - Added 2 new variants.
                              - Removed the option to hide the position of the Moon.
     • 02.05.2020 - Added a new variant.
     • 27.04.2020 - Updated weather icons.    
     • 07.04.2020 - Fixed some errors in displaying moon phases icons.
     • 25.03.2020 - MultiLingual.
     • 21.02.2020 - Added a new variant.
                              - Fixed minor display errors
     • 01.02.2020 - Added the option to use the new location codes, used by
     • 25.12.2019 - Added the option to hide the Moon's position
     • 19.12.2019 - Added the moon position
     • 02.11.2019 - Added the Russian version
     • 14.10.2019 - Wxdata source for location code has been replaced.
     • 05.10.2019 - Added Real-Time weather details for Today / Tonight.
     • 29.09.2019 - Added 5-day forecast
                             - Added moon phases
                             - New font style
     • 22.05.2019 - Added version only with Weather


Sun & Moon Position : Special thanks for help balala ( balazslaci )

                 ***** If you want to know and the air quality in your city try Windows 10 Air Quality *****

* For detailed weather information try  Windows 10 Weather Enterprise, the most advanced weather skin

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Thank you the update! Weather works again! :)

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Issue, API seems to work until I put in my location and then it dies

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Try restarting Rainmeter.

Be sure to enter the latitude first and then the longitude.

If it still doesn't work, go to Documents \ Rainmeter \ Skins \ ASTROWeather \ Resources open the Variables file and enter the coordinates here.

Then refresh the skin.

RitaMare's avatar

Invalid TimeStampFormat: %Y-%m-%d %H:%M (ASTROWeatherAPI\Planets.ini - [MeasureHour8TimeFormat12H])

No luck unfortunatly

xxenium's avatar

Strange.Looks like he can't connect to the website.

Try this :

If it still doesn't work, try deleting the ASTROWeather folder from Documents \ Rainmeter \ Skins and then download and install the skin again

good work,great skin!

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Thanks alot for update, this skin is great 😃

Здравствуйте,как поменять погоду на свое место положение(на мою погоду)?

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Click on the current temperature and follow the instructions in the settings menu

Я не могу найти это

xxenium's avatar

What can't you find?

Все нашел,я не из вашей страны,я из россии!Меню не всё переведено,так что приходиться переводить слова в переводчике

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1.Перейдите на сайт

2.Найдите свой город по названию.

3.Увеличьте масштаб, чтобы получить более детальное представление, затем перейдите к точному местоположению (улица, здание) и нажмите на карту.

4.Вставьте значения широты и долготы в поля ниже и нажмите клавишу «Ввод».

Всё,я уже решил эту проблему.Спасибо вам за помощь и за такие скены про погоду.У вас еще есть какие нибудь скина кроме погоды?

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Absolutely brilliant, thank you for your hard work and a superb multipurpose tool.

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You're very welcome!

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Yeah the update works, thanks a lot dude :woohoo:

thx change apikey and work again :)thx !

xxenium's avatar

You're welcome!

i dont have ASTROWeatherAPI...


but variables don't have api key line

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Download and install the latest update

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As per,

In Rainmeter\Skins\ASTROWeatherAPI\@Resources\ change the api key to 21d8a80b3d6b444998a80b3d6b1449d3 and refresh.

gx5000's avatar

Is it that time of the year again?

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