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Windows 10 Air Quality (UPDATED 7-SEP-2020)

By xxenium
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You MUST have the latest beta version of Rainmeter 4.4 Beta r3404 or later installed :



     • Data source: Weather.com
     • Real-time air pollution information.
     • Displays the AQI index for each pollutant
     • Place the cursor over the big icon for details.
     • You can change the skin size.

Click on the "Air Quality" text to open the settings menu

     • 07.09.2020 - NEW VERSION : Windows 10 Air Quality replaced Air Pollution.
     • 08.01.2020 - Added new variant
     • 01.10.2019 - Added current temperature
     • 15.09.2019 - Added pollution alerts 

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very nice

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Are there air quality forecasts? In other words, can an air quality meter be displayed like a weather forecast with predicted hourly or daily levels?

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There is no such information on the Weather.com website

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Thanks for making another great rainmeter!

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You're welcome !

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vanshikNew Deviant

from where can we change the skin size? I am not able to find it pls tell full step

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Click on the text "Air Quality".

The settings menu opens and enter the value in the box

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stnLouisHobbyist Photographer

Thanx for sharing your work!

Hope you like Techno, then you can listen to my stuff too: https://hearthis.at/hardcoreharmreducer/

Again: thanx!!!

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(Nvm, found the popup.)

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still works

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Sorry for being a nube, but how do you get more than one city displayed at the same time?

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1.Choose the second location and make the settings
2.Go to Documents \ Rainmeter \ Skins \ and make a copy of the AIRPollution folder, for example AIRPollution2.
3. Finally make the settings for the main location (AIRPollution).
Then right click on the Rainmeter icon in the Notification Area and choose Refresh all.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 if you want more locations
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JiveflyHobbyist Photographer

Any way you might make a simple temperature/weather skin like this? I'd like to see it like that, but with the temp in the middle of the circle.

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pashaakHobbyist Interface Designer
Well I Did it!.  I was able to make use of some of your code to fix the weather module in my LCARS skin.  I have kept your copywrite(s) in the RegExp file as well as my new Measure file "WeatherMeasures.inc".  Additionaly, I will credit you and include your Copywrite in the Main .INI file of my skin.  However, I won't publish it until I have Your permission....please respond.   

Thanks in advance.

- Phillip Allen Shaak
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Yes. You have permission to use the code.
Please, put a link on your skin page to the Windows 10 Weather Enterprise page.
Thank You
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pashaakHobbyist Interface Designer
Thank You
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You're welcome !
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pashaakHobbyist Interface Designer
Mind if I "borrow" your Windows 10 measures to get around the Vexing Wxdata crisis?
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where to download? :meow:

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If you use the new DeviantArt theme "Eclipse" ,click on the arrow above the skin name.
If you use the old DeviantArt theme, click on the arrow on the right side above "More from xxenium"

If the download button does not work try right click on the download button and choose "Open link in new window"
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cool, great

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This is so cool, Thank you so much!!!

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