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full body or whatever.
please contact me, and we will get the details settled. After that, I can begin the work. Please pay me at the beginning, as I do not work for you without valid payment.



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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Nani sits in anticipation for the day to end. She slouches in the chair, upset, she remembers that she had an option of killing this impending boredom that will not leave her. 
She kicks her legs, which might be a bit childish for most, it gives her the ability to think. she idly taps her fingers to a tune that she does not know where it could possibly have come from. she laughs to herself, which quickly turns to hysteria. 
'Is this insanity?' she asks herself.
She has sufficient sleep, she has slept well for the past couple of years. When she first was marooned, she was unable to sleep, with so little sleep, she was unable to process her thoughts properly.  
She momentarily hears an audible thud in the hospital wing. She just passes it as a mere thought. In the time that she was here, she had encountered no one else. Rarely, she even sees her own reflection. 
Hysterical, and unable to think, she takes the little knowledge she has ad applies it to this one situation. She recalls the thud to be one that can no longer be dismissed. she walks with determination, eager to see what the intrusion to her momentary laughter must be. 
she reaches the hospital bay, then adjusts her pace. Knowing that this has not happened before, she must be alert. 
Her training has allowed her to be skilled in combat. If this is anything surreal, she must be prepared. A dim light begins to pulse, she is cautious, not being able to recognize a threat could be fatal.
The gravity turns off suddenly, and the red emergency lights begin to pulse. Unable to process her visuals anymore, she has to be even more careful. Her long coat billows behind her, she has to turn on her magnetized boots. Feeling her way on her ankle, she finds the button and presses it with speed. making no mistake, she allows herself to succumb to the artificial gravity her combat boots provide. In the pulsing light, she identifies the growing intensity of the blue light that the foreign object is emitting. 
she crouches behind a duct. 
Observing the object, she notices that it fails to move. Still, she should not let her guard down. Doing so could result in a fatality she has to remind herself. 
She hears a faint cracking noise and watches the object with fierce determination. Placing her hand on the blaster she owns, she prepares for an attack. 
The noise ceases. She inhales and prepares to be jump scared. 
She is surging with adrenaline. She realizes that she is failing to breathe. taking a sudden gasp, the light strengthens noticing her presence. 
Not taking a chance, she shoots the object. It lets off an ear-splitting scream, and she cringes. Knowing now that this is no humanoid, she shoots again. This time it makes no sound. 
She jumps down from the wall and walks with speed towards the thing. 
It does not move, and she kicks it. The spheroid breaks, and she notices an ooze escaping through the cracks. She takes a sample.
Rushing over to the lab, she takes a crypto-capsule. Making it back to the hospital bay, she contains the object. Before she does this though, she takes a needle and extracts a sample of the ooze.  
Nani carries the object over to the laboratory and plans to run several tests on the specimen. 
But first, she has to put a droplet of the ooze onto a slide to examine under a microscope. Doing so, she notices that this is an active slide.
It is alive... 
Now, she has a reason to fear this monstrosity. She hurries to kill this before it kills anything else. With a renewed sense of danger, she must do this carefully and with such a sense of precision, she has to be the scientist her prodigy had confirmed. 
She runs an exact set of diagnostics and finds out after gleaning the dataset of all posable information, she finds out that this creature was from a different galaxy, unrecognizable unless you caught it before it inhialated you. 
She plans to eject it into space, to kill it.
She has no way to alert Moon about its supposed arrival. All she can do now is pray. 
Good thing she has been faithful to the God of Adam. 
She has to tell them that the attack is called for by RI.
She has to. 
It all lays in her hands, the blood of millions, their existence. She needs to be the heroine. 


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