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android and lieutenant | FanArt by ckaitlyn android and lieutenant | FanArt :iconckaitlyn:ckaitlyn 151 3
Colorful autumn skies (Larry Johnson x reader)
Eyyyyy I know I said I was taking a break but my mind kept flowing and I couldn't stop myself from writing this. CURSE YOU BRAIN! Anyway enjoy
This one is gunna be very scrappy and bad so.... sorry xD

Reader's P.O.V
The dull sky same as every other autumn day, rain pouring down to the earth the sound of its pitter pattering hitting the cold hard ground like a drum. The end of summer a distant memory only cold wet days remain before the world freezes over until spring comes again, I can feel the frost on the tips of my toes as I trudge through the thick mud. Bare feet pressed firmly down with each step causing the mud to stick to my feet with a sickening squish, my hair sticking to my face as I walk with no real destination in mind. It wasn't as if it mattered anymore, everything was falling to its end. Once colorful skies no longer filling hearts with joy, only an overwhelming air o
:iconjordandonges:JordanDonges 11 0
Guardian (Male!MaleficentxFaun!Reader) Part 1
~Author's Note: So this is very belated cause I got major writer's block halfway through that postponed this for weeks. So tada!! Note that this is the LIVE ACTION version, not animated~
~**IMPORTANT**: I am using J Scott Campbell's "Fawn Girl" as a reference. Please go look it up before reading. Thank you!!~

The moss-covered earth crunches beneath your steps as you move through the enchanted forest, faeries and sprites festooned with fantastic, sparkling feathers and wings flying overhead and singing the day’s beauty. They flit around your twisting antlers and ankles as they gracefully leap flower to flower, sometimes gliding down your  neck and back to use your upturned tail as a slide, which causes for it to twitch.
You’re not bothered by their merrymaking, nonetheless. You rather enjoy the company during your wandering; only it isn’t wandering. As aimless as your route appears even to you, you’re following an unseen force that’
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 565 54
My Dear Flower [Loki X Reader]
I let out an exasperated sigh as I looked up at the tall, fancy building. It looked like something out of a fantasy book, with the stained glass windows, placed in such an intricate design. I shouldn’t be surprised, as this is supposedly a Masquerade ball. (Friend #1) had told me about this. Of course, she loved this kind of thing. What a hopeless romantic she was, fantasizing about many different fictional men over the years. Having arguments over who was better had grown tiresome, which was why I often kept my opinions within the confines of my own mind instead of voicing them so openly like she did.
I heard a high-pitched yell, and I let out a screech as I felt an excessive amount of weight topple onto my back. I failed to catch myself as I fell to the ground, and I groaned and twitched a little as my face nearly met the pavement.
“(Friend #1), must you tackle me every time we meet?”
I knew without even looking that the girl in question was pouting. “Hey, I d
:iconpastaandwhiterice:PastaAndWhiteRice 151 20
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Disney-fy yourself meme by palnk Disney-fy yourself meme :iconpalnk:palnk 1,537 280 Please Don't Leave Me...  [Mystic Messenger Ray] by TheRagDollGirlArt Please Don't Leave Me... [Mystic Messenger Ray] :icontheragdollgirlart:TheRagDollGirlArt 29 0
Home (BuckyxReader)
Bucky Barnes never really had a home. Sure, he grew up in a Brooklyn duplex with his family, but there was never really a sense of belonging there.
When the war began and he had enlisted to serve, the squadron he served with was like his family, but it still wasn't home. After falling and surviving the fall from the train, HYDRA had become his new family and everything he had ever known before was forgotten. He became the ghost assassin, 'The Winter Soldier'.
He never really understood what having a home meant, even moving into The Avenger's Tower with Steve. It gave him a place to live and feel safe, but not really something he could call 'home'.
Not until he met you.
You had joined the Avengers about a year ago, after escaping a Hydra facility where they had experimented on you, and other mutants, to create an army of Super Soldier mutants. After being poked and prodded time after time, you had gained the power of Pyrotechnic Manipulation. You started small, forming small balls of fi
:iconodoms-spire:Odoms-Spire 13 1
.:Mystic Messenger Mythology 2 - Saeran (Anubis):. by Kawaii-Ash .:Mystic Messenger Mythology 2 - Saeran (Anubis):. :iconkawaii-ash:Kawaii-Ash 31 3 4 Seasons - Mystic messenger by Kawaii-Ash 4 Seasons - Mystic messenger :iconkawaii-ash:Kawaii-Ash 32 4
You Smile Every Time [Boomer x Chubby!Reader]
You Smile a Little Wider Each Time
Boomer x Chubby! Reader
You weren't sure how it happened, but you were kind of happy it did. Even if you wouldn't want to admit it. You were a bit bigger than most girls, but you didn't really mind it. What you didn't mind was the endless teasing. You trudged through it, just to prove you could. You didn't pay it to much attention, there were some rare times it would get you down though. Like when you finally, personally, met him.
You were at your locker, fighting with the lock. You had woken up late that morning and got to school a few minutes late. People were still about, so that wasn't a problem. A few girls called you a slob this morning and you just weren't feeling well. So you were upset. You eventually gave up trying to open your locker, letting your head slam against it, giving a frustrated groan.
You jumped as someone placed a hand on your shoulder. You whirled to see who could possibly be disturbing you in your time of distress. Your eyes w
:iconberserkergirl:Berserkergirl 137 19
My Loli [Boomer Jojo x Reader]
My Loli
You didn't know how you'd been wrangled into this, but you couldn't back out or you'd be kicked out of the tutoring program, which gave you extra credits for graduation. So now you were standing at the door of Mojo Jojo's lair, there to tutor his three sons. You sighed, adjusting your (f/c) bag before knocking on the door. "Who dares disturb me at my home, my place of residence, my house?" Mojo Jojo said as he opened the door. "I'm here to tutor your sons, Brick, Butch, and Boomer." you said, trying to act like the most innocent thing in the world. Maybe he'd want to leave you alone if you did. The green monkey blinked a few moments, "Boys, you have a guest, a friend, a vis--"
"WE GET IT!" came a shout, clearly Butch's voice.
"Please, enter, come in, walk across the threshold." Mojo said, a bitterness in his tone. You sigh and walk in, instantly greeted by the boys. Brick and Butch were both grinning evilly, while Boomer had his head cocked to the side in curiosity. "Don't brea
:iconberserkergirl:Berserkergirl 141 9
Shut Up, I Love You [Brick x Chubby!Reader]
Shut Up, I Love You.
[Brick Jojo x Chubby! Reader]
“Didn't I tell you to shut up!” Brick growled at his green eyed brother.
“You did, but I decided not to listen.” Butch shot back, crossing his arms cockily.
“You'll lose your ability to speak if you don't shut it.” Brick snapped.
“It's not my fault you stare at her like she's a piece of  f**king meat.”
“I said: Shut. Up!”
“He has a point Brick.”
“Stay out of this Boomer!”
“Sorry, geez!”
Butch laughed, “See, she drives you nuts! And your getting defensive.” Butch challenged.
“Shut u--”
Laughter interrupted Brick from once again telling his brother to shut his trap. It was far away, other side of the school, but another sound made its way to his hyper sensitive ears that made him stop. Whimpering, and quiet talking.
“I'm sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going.”
“You should be sorry, you got yo
:iconberserkergirl:Berserkergirl 219 26
P.S. I Love You...[Brick Jojo x Reader]
P.S. I love you...
You sat in class, bored as ever. Silently urging the clock to move so you could go to lunch. You looked over to one of your best friends, Buttercup Utonium, since she was the only one in this class. She'd changed from when she was little. Her hair was still that same flipped style, but since she and her sisters now felt no need to match she wore green tank tops, army shorts, and hiking boots most of the time. She was tapping her desk, staring at the clock. Like you had been moments before. It seems she wanted to get lunch much like you, you could almost hear her growling stomach.
You were a bit of a tomboy, like Buttercup, but not as far as she was. You didn't always dress like a tomboy, but you sure acted like one. You were often tricked into letting Bubbles dress you, which meant (f/c) skirts, blouses, and dresses. With incredibly tall and uncomfortable heels, not that you couldn't walk in them.
You silently, and discreetly, reach over and tap her shoulder. When sh
:iconberserkergirl:Berserkergirl 141 19
707 week - reset theory by zetina 707 week - reset theory :iconzetina:zetina 43 2


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Hello! My name is Kit. Welcome to my DA page. I hope you enjoy my art! I don't post very often, but I'm trying to do more than just hover around DA. If you would like to do a art trade or collab, note me and I will see what I can do!

Find me on
Instagram: @xxdorky_kitxx



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oh hey its 2019 the year i'll be turning 18 and can call myself an adult and have people still call me 12
just yummy looking sweets

literally just draw a cookie or a piece of cake and i'll be happy
just yummy looking sweets

literally just draw a cookie or a piece of cake and i'll be happy



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