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[PKMN OC] Sahra - Let's start the journey!

 Finally I did it La la la la I am a dummy! 
 My own Pokemon Oc named Sahra !:happybounce:
 It was so hard to finish Nuu

Especially drawing a dragonair the first time...>.<
It was a really old dream of me to have an own Pokemon Oc ^^
But now she's is finished !!
Let me introduce her:

Name: Sahra Snow
Age: 10
Hometown: Snowbelle City

A  bove you can see Sahra with her Dragonair ♥
♦ Her favorite type of Pokemons are Ice- and Water Pokemons ♦
I opt for the idea that sahra has not only 6 main pokemon.
Sure, she just can take 6 Pokemon at the time, but always if she catches one she can send it to her home, where her family take care about it ^^

She got this useful technology from the professor from which she got her first Pokemon.

So it's not like she has a "main team" of Pokemon or a "main Pokemon" like Pikachu.....
She loves all her Pokemon and for her they are all special.
That's the reason, why she don't want to pick just one main pokemon, because she wants to spend her time with all of her lovely Pokemons.

A really short information, but that's all for now >.<
I hope I can finish her trainer meme soon :)

Have qustions? Ask me here:
 Hope you like it !!! ♥

Sahra Snow & Art @ :iconxxdiamondstarxx:

All ideas from this picture belongs to me xXDiamondStarXx, please do not steal them.
Please don't use my picture as a base !! 

To be true, the hand with the diveball is from a base, because my drawing skills for hands still sucks >.<
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the outfit is based on water type isn't it? I really like it, it's cute and the Dragonair is beautiful.
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shes really beautiful!
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yas it's amazing!!! <3 I love Pokemon so much...
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Thank you ^^
Me too XD
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Awww so cute!! Adorable dragonair too! OuO beautiful pair!
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aww you are so welcome! Would love to see more art soon! x ^^ Gotta catch 'em all! XD
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so wonderful :)
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you are welcome ^^
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Uhhh, the anatomy kind of bothers me... Legs that long really do not suit a 10-year old girl.
And nor does the make-up and lipstick, but eh, I guess that one is more about preference.

I really like her outfit though ^^ even though her thighs are probably really cold;;
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it looks really good but something to keep in minded. dragonair is 13ft tall. so with your trainer being taller than the Pokemon you made a giant. she looks like she can be 14-17 ft tall, and the tallest person is maybe 7 ft. or 8 ft. 
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Aaah! A Pokémon OC! So cool! :D 
Her design is so pretty! All the shades of blue go so well together!
Love all the small details she has >w<
Amazing character!!
Dragonair is so cute! And the scarf and necklace she (he?) wears are such precious ideas >w<

What other Pokémon is she going to have? c:
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