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I'm 81% Special(I'm 81% Virgin)
Start with 100% and subtract 1% for everything that you've done.
Then re-post as "I'm __% Virgin". Lower number you have the more you've done!
[ ] Smoked(I hate people who smokes and drinks alcohol!)
[ ] Drank alcohol.
[ ] Cried when someone died. 
[ ] Been drunk
[ ] Had sex.(I love it when boys have sex.Yaoi!)
[ ] Been to a concert. 
[ ] gotten/given a handjob OR fingered someone
[ ] gotten/given a blowjob OR eaten someone out
[ ] Been verbally/sexually harassed. 
[ ] Verbally/sexually harassed somebody.
[ ] Felt someone up and/or been felt up.
[ ] Laughed so hard something came out of your nose
[ ] Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend before.
[ ] Been cheated on by a boyfriend/girlfriend.
[ ] Been to prom.
[x] Cried at school 
[ ] Gotten lost in a Wal-Mart or a department store
[ ] Went streaking. 
[ ] Given or received a lap dance. 
[ ] Had someone you were sexually/romantically interested in in your room
:iconnoiroigirl:NoiRoiGirl 4 0
.:Gift:. Best Twins by Carol2015 .:Gift:. Best Twins :iconcarol2015:Carol2015 15 24 CM: Lime Donut by DidyMelody414 CM: Lime Donut :icondidymelody414:DidyMelody414 22 29
TFQ chapter 1
in a nice peaceful day in the object world, a girl named lime donut was walking around the park. she had a pink present in her hand. as she was walking by she passed by another object which was an oreo.
Lime Donut: hi!
Oreo: it's great to see you Lime Donut!
Lime Donut: yeah great to see you-
Green Map: hi guys!
Lime Donut: *starts blushing a bit*h-hi!
Oreo: umm, Limey?(new nickname for LD!)
Green Map: whats that present your holding?
Lime Donut: i-it's nothing....
Nutella: great to see you too!"
Cupcake: came to hang out with all my friends! 
Oreo: C'mon, why not spend time in my house?
Lime Donut: thats a great idea!
Nutella: OMG!! LETS GO!
(to be continued)
:iconlime-donut-breeziex:Lime-Donut-BreezieX 5 2
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School Time Meme
1) Go to and choose 12 friends, put them in order from either bottom to top or top to bottom, doesn't matter.
2) No cheating!
3) even if the role is gender-specific and the person isn't that gender, still use the person you got, it makes it funnier X3
The principal: :iconXxSatanchuxX: - Yes Ma'am, Principle! XD
The Pretty Boy:  :iconKasaineko42a: - Of course the perv is the pretty boy XD
The Pretty Girl: :icon100Cat: - Well, I never saw what you look like, so... how? XD
Your bully: :iconchernobylfan1: - Bully?! WHHHHHYYY?! ... XD
The nerd who talks about things you don't get: :iconXxDevilchuxX: - NEEEEERRRRD!
Your Crush: :iconBerylvia: - I... don't know what to say about this. Is that bad?
Your Homeroom Teacher: :iconLeafyloveer: - Yay XD
Your creepy stalker: :iconxX-ArtBloqued-Xx: - Y U Stalk me?! XD
Your mom who hates the school system: :iconbfdifan123: - Wait, what? Um, not sure that's possible XD
Your dad who is way too serious about grades: :iconRebLeo-Cucias
:icondomobfdi:domobfdi 4 87
Nine lives. by GRZAKIN Nine lives. :icongrzakin:GRZAKIN 13 24

Journal History

There's a g-guy in my class, he's a fucking cr-creep!
Like, well, allow me to c-calm down first...

...He's 16 or 17, so 2 years older than me and GRZAKIN... and... he tries to flirt with us... but... we told him, subtly AND directly, that we don't love him, he keep flirting!
We told him to get away at least 20 times already... but he keeps flirting...
Oh wait, I didn't told you how he's flirting...:
At first, he calls us Samilia or Mary-Sam.. which is annoying when you hear that for the fifty-twelfth time.
He also says us things like "Our babies wil be called Mary-[His first name] [A weird mix of both our last names]".
He touches our hips by surprise!!
He already done these things like... you know... chattering teeth for trying to be attractive.
And the majority of our classmates who know him are just laughing when he does that...
I first thought it was a kind of game or just for bothering us...

Now, each times he walks behind me, I'm kinda scared and look at him so he won't take me by surprise...

I feel like even telling an adult won't stop him, what should I fucking do?!!
I just gone into tiny-golden-oreo's profile and realized her latest three journals were removed!

Like... Is... She... Still here!!? OMGIHOPEYES!!!

I just saw her tag-line too, about her having moved (sense: changing of accounts) into JustHonkingMyHorn. But I just got to that account and yet not sure she's here...

e-e <(WTF is life doing?)
I just got that Weasyl note from Sidra this morning:

"Just to let you know, Aviyah is actually alive. There was a mistake from the heart monitor, Aviyah went into a coma.

It's a long story."

...Strangely, this EXACTELY happened how my mind hoped it... though I thought this would never happen...

(Not gonna explain the long story, as I don't have it yet and don't plan to explain it someday in a journal.)


XxDevilchuxX's Profile Picture
Faith Danyinli (Samuela Clark)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Faith Danyinli / 15 / ♀ / Taken / France
Herf... I don't have much to say... Hum, my name is Faith, I'm an anthrophormic squirrel. I like my twin sister as much as hazelnuts, I'm a digital and traditional artist, and an animator on Scratch in where me and my twin sister already posted a few games.
I also pass most of the time on deviantArt that I rather use like a social network.
Um... I've lot of friends in here and I really like all of them.
Interestingly enough, I feel like a mirror, I mean, I oftenly becomes quite like the person with who I am.
Oh, btw, I have Asperger Syndrom, and maybe a bit of introvert...
and also, I'm bisexual, that's why I have a GIRLfriend: :iconlime-donut-breeziex:Lime-Donut-BreezieX!~♪

My twin's account: :icongrzakin:GRZAKIN.

Btw, I have to warn you, I'm a comment stalker. I also kinda-stalk people who block me.

(This crush tag is about both me and Satanchu.)

Get your own CrushTag!

please, help me to get a better bio...


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