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THNX and have a good day!
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Also the Drawings here are examples of what is in the bundle!
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Re-directed cat aggression/Introducing cat help
My indoor cats, who have been friends for 3 years, had a "mysterious incident" and now have decided they no longer like each other. I believe what happened is they saw another cat or dog outside from a window and scared one another. Now they hiss/growl and stare down each other.  I've been following the appropriate steps for introducing two cats (keeping in separate rooms, scent swapping, room swapping, feeding between closed door and graduating now to a blanketed baby gate, brief play sessions on opposite sides of the room, playing under the door). I purchased a ton of cat toys, pheromone and calming sprays, a tall tree to play on, ect. But progress is slow going and every hiss makes me less and less hopeful that I'll be able to mend their relationship.
I was wondering if anyone out there had experienced this sudden fighting between their cats? Or if they could recommend their tips for introducing two cats, I would be very grateful.
Thank you!
:icontazihound:Tazihound 5 38
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Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Just your average person who loves posting art, personal or fanart.

I'd like to hello. I prefer not using my real name but using the name of my fursona Dawn. So please call me Dawn. I am a person who enjoys many fandoms, as you can see from my folders of my art. I'm a self taught digital and traditional artist, I do this for fun and to get into making art for others and myself. Even to enjoy art work others made. I will try posting often, school is not a likely chance for me to post often but in the summer I can. Before asking, I prefer pronouns as they and they for now.

Down bellow is where you can see what I draw and what I do before asking me about it.






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[New] Batwing Anatomy
Renewing my closed spceis and I like the look!

Species Info: Unknown for now
My character Screech is used for this
You can ask questions for this tribe so I can make an FAQ for people and there will be a base posted for the group!
Name: Primerose
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Occupation: Queens Skimmer (Or a regular skimmer if the potion is taken)
personality: Primerose is pretty quiet when around higher ranks and sometimes the queen when in public and even behind closed doors, but he's actually a very sweet and nice dragon and would be that friend who listens. He is a bit sensitive with certain things, yet he can be by himself or with friends (very few) and enjoy himself and not be nervous a lot.

Fun Facts:
-He has a bit of a higher pitched voice so he's mistaken for a girl sometimes
-He carries a bag around his neck for messages or random things
-Due to his name, he likes to get roses, comfort mostly and he just thinks flowers are nice

Linework: :iconlamp-p0st:
Tribe made by: :iconlamp-p0st:
Design: By me
Ice touch {Draw your character here!}
Okay my lovely girl crystal is an ice/rainwing hybrid! Shes like the opposite of perils ability. If she touches another dragon or living thing that spot will freeze and likely cause frost bite, or just stay cold for a while. 
Icewings and Icewing hybrids aren't affected as much, but hybrids are more likely to get a bit of frost bite depending on their scales!

So you draw your character on the other side having a reaction of being touched, there has to be frost on where she touch your character. Have fun!

Also please credit me when you do post it!
Guess I should put more lore into my batwing tribe huh?
But is anyone interested in that? Just curious, cause I made it a while ago but never touched it in a while, guess i'll make more stuff for it.
Just saw a fan group and made me think about it so here I go!


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Sorry for such a long wait!
Blame myself for messing up my sleep schedule and mostly napping and trying to get stuff done.

But I'm doing commissions first since they are more simple to do, then I'll get Bundles done, Sorry such a long wait guys.

For YCHs and My gachas I'll get those done last since their more simple pieces of work.

But thanks for a patience of you all! I'll getting all commissions done then posting them once I'm done. again thanks for patients! 


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