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Part One Zoe the Zorua poem.
I am huddled up in the corner of my cave wondering about things outside it,
i have always had my me-maw with me to make the dark places lit,
She said i was special from the rest,
and that if i get picked on i'm still the best,
if i get found where i am,
she says; you will be gone for a long time ma'am,
someone will take you and make you their own,
and you will be gone forever alone.
:iconxxdark-mew13xx:xXDark-Mew13Xx 1 1
Zoe the Zorua poem part 2
Me-Maw went hunting one day and i stayed at my cave,
And i saw a horrible mess that no-body could save,
I wandered afar to look at the mess,
And i was put into battle by a girl in a dress,
I didn't know what to do so i stopped,
And i didn't want to die so i faked it and dropped,
She came to me and carried me to a place which felt like forever, (poke center)
And another lady said you tried to endeavor,
The first girl said is it injured or ill?
Does it need anything a potion? a pill?
She said, You succeeded but this one is scared,
But nothing, not even a muscle is teared.
They talked for a while and i had to wait,
They said something about me being a fate,
Then the girl smiled and came to me,
And said do you want to travel the land and the sea?
I was confused, scared, a wreak,
And i sorta wished i knew the move peck...
But i used my telepathy and told her yes
Because i wanted to solve the mess.
We traveled a while, we traveled a far,
Sometimes i was sad and thought of Me-Maw..
But being
:iconxxdark-mew13xx:xXDark-Mew13Xx 1 1


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Brave and Eevee

Brave and Eevee

Written by ChristheZorua
Atop a snowy hill at night
Stood an Eevee with passion
She had colors that sparkled in patterns
But it wasn't about the fashion
She had white soft wings on her back
She was ready to jump and fly
But before she could take the chance
She was starting to fear the sky
Were her wings going to make her soar?
Were they going to flap with glee?
The only thing she could do now
Was take a chance and see
She took a few steps back
Then she ran and jumped with ease
She was starting to plummet towards the earth now
She yelled, "Let me soar please!"
Then, all at once, her wings flapped with grace
And she began to go higher and higher
Her eyes filled with tears of joy
And told fate that it was a liar
She did spins and loops
Majestic and beautiful, she was
But when she looked up at the star
It was all because
The bravery in her heart made her soar
And she flew across the night
Bravery is a virtue to her
And to you too, it might
:iconchrysonice:Chrysonice 4 3


Written by ChristheZorua
Winter may have its cold embrace
Spring can jump into the seasonal bliss
Summer also has its warmth
But Autumn doesn’t even miss
With the falling leaves and cool skies
Autumn doesn’t hold its cries
For when the people unite as one
Autumn knows to get the job done
People may argue, “It’s Fall, not Autumn!”
Those people are doubled and corrected as such
But when the situation is glorified in a brace of manner
Autumn is a season that can really matter
:iconchrysonice:Chrysonice 4 3
Smile Please

Smile Please

By ChristheZorua
I want you to smile please
Or else I will be sad
Do not fake it please
Or you'll made me mad.
You don't need to frown
But you're doing it again
And I want you to think
About the smile you had
Smile please, or I will smile
And you'll smile with me
We're both smiling so big
Smile please.
:iconchrysonice:Chrysonice 5 0
-Hey! Anyone there?!- A voice called from in front of me. Once I opened my eyes, I could see that it someone was waving his or her hand in front of my face.
It was Ryan, trying to catch my little to none attention. He's a zoroark with a rather low patience and a really short-fused temper. Despite being overall normal, the center claw of his right hand was actually chipped off, thou he wouldn't talk about it to anyone... Not even me, and I've been his friend for a while.
-Sorry I drifted away.- I replied to him, trying to avoid him going nuclear on me.- I just got too deep into thought-
-Too deep into thought?!-He answered, and I could perfectly hear he was sick of me.-Of course you did. 'Cause that's all women do! Think! But you never do anything!-
-Well at least we don't run around getting our hands cut off!- I argued back. Geez! Why did he have to be such a little kid on his head?!
-Oh now you asked for it! I don't care if you are a lady right now! You earned it!- He said the moment
:iconthekindredmasks:TheKindredMasks 1 175
The cruel desires of something beyond
-Please! Open the door!- A girl no older than 16, cried from behind my doorway, and sounded terrified. After rushing to put some proper clothes, I opened the door to let her in.
I was about to greet her, since I recognized her as Hannah Penskin, grandaughter of a college of mine, Dr. Stepther Penskin, but I was interrupted by her rushing inside to my house like she was running from a stalker.
After snapping out the immpression her actions gave me, since she is usually a very polite girl, I turned around and closed the door behind me, only to find Hannah sitting on one of my expensive chairs, next to a fireplace, shivering. Which I didnt quite understand since the day was rather warm.
-What's wrong Hannah?- I asked, even thou I knew the futility of my question; as a psychologist. But as a friend it's better to ask those questions to inspire a feeling of safety.
After a couple of minutes and a cup of jazmine tea, I managed to get some answers out of her.
-Jason...-She started, with a sha
:iconthekindredmasks:TheKindredMasks 4 4,244
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