Hades and Persephone

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The king of the underworld
The daughter of life
His eyes dark cold and icy
Hers light and airy

Light flickers through
Enhancing her innocence
Darkness surrounds him
Shielding his heart

What happens when these two cross?
The king of death and the daughter of life
Does she wither and wait
to accept her fate
or does she warm his shielded heart?

What happens when these two fall in love?
Can happiness reside where light cannot?
or will it slowly flicker away until it is no more
and give into the darkness around her?

They say even the smallest bit of light
Will shine in the darkness
Until it finally gives in
and flickers away

So what will happen
When she finally gives up
and fades away
Will he want her then?
or toss her away?

No one knows
Not one can say
What will happen
When the daughter of life
Fades away
It's not my best byfar, but I am still working on it :]

Inspired by this picture [link]
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