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Ana Bernardo
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Animated Bear Bullet - Free To Use - by Purinrii Ana ~ Her/She ~ Taken by every single Love Live! Girl ~ Animated Bear Bullet - Free To Use - by Purinrii

Chocolate Hearts by CosmicStardustTea Chocolate Hearts by CosmicStardustTea

chocolate ribbons divider by puei chocolate ribbons divider by puei

Free Avatar - Sundae by NekoNeko-Chu Status: Everything is open but commissions Free Avatar - Sundae by NekoNeko-Chu
Free Avatar - Sundae by NekoNeko-Chu Hoi! My name is Ana and I'm an (almost) average digital artist! I'm also a professional fangirl of basically everything and I love memes (who doesn't tho). Feel free to watch me if you like my art! Free Avatar - Sundae by NekoNeko-Chu

Sweet Chocolate by CosmicStardustTea Sweet Chocolate by CosmicStardustTea

Cupcake Divider - Free by r0se-designs code by cream-doge Cupcake Divider - Free by r0se-designs


This girl. (OC thing, I guess?)
So yeah, first of all- Hi! I’m not dead, I just got a Switch for Christmas and an art block came with it, so I just haven’t been feeling inspired enough to stop playing and draw...
Secondly, I just found out about this inkling maker, so I thought I would check it out, I made this girl and now I love her.
I was thinking of making her a Splatoon OC but I don’t even have a name for her...
Link to the site:…
Merry Christmas!
Merry christmas to everyone! I hope you have a great Christmas eve and Christmas day! <3
holy jesus this took me long to make

Hope you like it!
Merry christmas everybody 
I want those fake idols out of my way
oMG A BASE! WHAT A SIn!!!1111!!!1 
Idc what you say about bases, and I'm not gonna use them again.
I can barely draw with the amount of school work I have to do and this was the only thing I found as a way of entertaining myself...
Also another drawing of Black Panthers cuz they're my fav bITCHEs.

Hope you like it!^^

Base by: :iconpstar-base:
No tracing/recoloring/copying or Pinkie Pie gets you while you sleep Pinkie Pie Squint 
This is a REALLY old drawing that I forgot to post, and I also forgot how important it was for my story.
This are the Black Panthers, a school idol group to rival Starry Sky, who wants to hold the title of first international idols at all cost. They attend the UTX high school and call themselves the descendants of A-RISE. Here's the bio of each one:

Name: Mia Sunobu
Year: 2nd
Birthday: 30th October
Height: 1,69 m (5'6)
Desc: Mia is the leader of Black Panthers. She's very mean and likes picking on whoever she feels like. She loves spreading rumors and sharing others' secrets with the other students. However, she uses her mean attitude to hide her insecurities (for example, her fear of failing to debut as an idol) and she takes it down on her friends. She's also a drama queen who uses drama as a sort of entertainment for herself.

Name: Momo Ikari
Year: 1st
Birthday: March 18th
Height: 1,59 m (5'2)
Desc: Momo is the youngest member of the Black Panthers, which reflects on her personality. She's a shy and insecure person, who relies on Mia for everything, and most of the times doesn't have an opinion about anything. Her role on the group is getting people's trust to then report all their secrets and private things to Mia, as a way of starting drama between the others. She regrets doing it, but she knows that she won't find another group if she leaves the BP.

Name: Suzuko Komachi
Year: 3rd
Birthday: May 20th
Height: 1,60 (5'2)
Desc: Suzuko is a competitive person, and sometimes takes competitions too seriously and ends up taking the fun off all of them. She's also really mean and helps Mia take down other idols with her competitive side. She's flexible and her charm point is her acrobatic tricks.


-The Black Panthers started their group when A-RISE visited UTX and told them they were gonna be the next idol sensation of UTX

-Their iconic mark is the classy and professional kind of live show, with dark colors and coordenated moves and tricks.

-They somehow feel that even though they're "perfect", Starry Sky's free-spirited and colorful way of performing is better, which created their rivality.

So yeah, this are the badasses.
Hope you like it!^^
(Also, sorry for the heavy Heathers reference, I have no life...)
wOAH A PPG IN 2018??? GASp
Does anyone still draw this things? No? Ok... I did this just for the memories, I don't have any intentions of drawing PPG again...
Oh yeah, this is Wendy, a Gachaverse OC... I did like 5 OCs in Gachaverse for fun, idk why she stood out but I like her more than any of the others... (I'll probs show them all later)
I have no idea if I'll make her an actual OC or if she'll be a part of the LL power of the stars, but let's see...
1. What is your name? 
2. Where are you from? What is it like where you live?
I'm from the beautiful nation of Portugal, where everyone is happy but it's hot as shit in the summer :,D
3. How old are you? 
Old enough to be here
4. Are you a boy or a girl? 
5. Do you like boys, girls, or both? 
6. Describe yourself in four words. 
Anime, memes, music, drawing
7. What do you think people first think when they meet you online?
"Who is she and why is she so happy?"
8. What do you think people first think when they meet you in real life? 
"Who is she and why is she so happy??" XD
9. What makes you happy?
Everything. I always see the world bright and colorful so I think that means I love everything good the world has.
10. What really grinds your gears? 
Being interrupted when I'm speaking...
11. What is a big deal to most people but not a big deal to you? 
12. What is a big deal to you but not a big deal to most people? 
Actual human relationships, Love Live, Eurovision.
13. What confuses you? 
How people can be heartless just because they think it's right...
14. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 
Extrovert irl, introvert online
15. Do you draw?
As much as I breathe
16. What do you like to do in your spare time? 
Draw, Play computer Games, Read, Collect album stickers
17. What is your specialty?
Learning other languages 
18. Do you have any fears? 
B-U-G-S, loud noises and I have some sort of vertigo when I'm on moving things (e.g hoverboards)
19. Do you have a fursona? 
Not yet...
20. What is your spirit animal? 
21. Where is your favorite place to be? 
At the beach and at home.
22. What is your favorite type of weather? 
Sunny and thunderstorms
23. What is your favorite song? 
God is a woman- Ariana Grande, Determination (Undertale parody)- djsmell ft. Lollia, all the Love Live songs.
24. What is the funniest thing you've ever seen on the internet? 
Memes of all the types
25. What is your favorite website? 
School idol tomodachi
26. Pick up the nearest book you can reach and flip to a random page. What is the first sentence in the second paragraph? 
I'm too lazy to get a book.
27. Do you like PC or Mac (or Linux)? 
28. Do you like Android or iOS (or Windows Phone OS)? 
Android even tho I have an IOS
29. What's your favorite possession? 
My "Junior College" shirt which is autographed by my classmates
30. What is your favorite type of cookie? 
Chocolate chip cookies <3
31. What is your favorite beverage?
I only drink water...
32. What is your favorite game? 
Brawlhalla, The Sims 4, DDLC, Ultimate Custom Night
33. Tell us a funny childhood story. 
My fav story of all the time: There was a dog who breath through his butt. Once he sat down and died. The End
34. Do you have a pet? 
No ;(
35. Who is your favorite artist? (Links?) 
Ayamaii, Blucloud-zz, NaughtyNayeera, Pupiii, Chaostrical
36. Have you ever stolen anything? 
I stole my cousin's fav pikachu plushie when I was 4 XD
37. Has anyone ever stolen something from you? 
My snacks, some of my dolls (including my G4 rainbow dash who I loved...)
38. What is your favorite cartoon/video game character? 
ALL THE GODDAMN LOVE LIVE GIRLS, Monika (DDLC), Minako/Sailor Venus, Angie Yonaga (Danganronpa) and obviously Tord (Eddsworld)
39. What inspires you? 
Other artists whose art evolved through time. 
40. Are you in a relationship? 
Do not-existing people count? If so, 19 of them. 
41. Do you have any crushes? 
42. Do you have an ex?
43. Are you a virgin? 
44. What attracts you?
Anime girls.
45. Do you move fast in relationships, or slow? 
I have no idea.
46. Do you think you are on the right path in life?
Of course.
47. What is the meaning of life?
To improve as a person and try your best to change the world your own way.
48. What is stressing you out right now?
School's starting next week...
49. What calms you down?
50. A train leaves the station heading west at 34 MPH, and another train leaves a station heading east at 25 MPH. a car heads north towards the train tracks at 65 MPH, and a man is walking southeast at 1 MPH while holding a glass of chocolate milk, which is spoiling at a rate of 10,000 bacteria reproductions per minute. A bird flies by going southeast at 25 MPH and poops at a 15 degree angle with a force of 5 MPH. A gust of wind approaches from the west blowing at 286 MPH and a giant watermelon explodes from the northeast with the force of 15 tons of TNT, casting large sections of delicious fruity goodness several thousand feet. Given all of this information, calculate the probability that pigs will mutate and gain not only wings but the ability to think intelligently and the chance that they will plot to hunt me down and eat my sandwich. 
Jesus Christ... 
51. What are you wearing right now? 
A Sailor Moon shirt.
52. What is your favorite thing to wear? 
53. On a scale of 1-10, how creepy are you? 
54. Are you a pervert? 
awww yes Pearl Emote 20 Sour Cream Lenny Face icon 
55. Have you traveled? Where is the nicest place you have gone? 
I only traveled to Lisbon...It was the nicest place I've gone (and the only one XP)
56. Are you feeling it Mr. Krabs? 
I'm feeling something warm... (spongebob reference chain lol)
57. What are you supposed to be doing right now? 
"Studying maths to prepare myself for the beggining of the year"- Mom 2018
58. How often are you on the computer? 
59. How often are you on DeviantART?
60. What's something you just naturally know how to do? 
Speaking other languages
61. What superpower would you want to have? 
X-ray vision... I really want to see what's inside my Christmas gifts...
62. If you got 10 million dollars, what would you do with it? 
Travel and buy consoles, drawing supplies, cars and a garage to put the cars XD 
63. What is your favorite emote? 
 Icon Yazawa Nico - Love Live [ #70 ] Icon Yazawa Nico - Love Live [ #70 ] Icon Yazawa Nico - Love Live [ #70 ] Icon Yazawa Nico - Love Live [ #70 ] Icon Yazawa Nico - Love Live [ #70 ] Icon Yazawa Nico - Love Live [ #70 ] Icon Yazawa Nico - Love Live [ #70 ] 
64. What are you addicted to? 
Love Live... and I need serious help...
65. What is something you can't wait for? 
My B-day
66. What is your favorite quote?
"Scout someone."- Pirate Rin Hoshizora UR 2018
67. How do you wish you were different? 
I feel ok with myself...
68. Do you believe in aliens? 
70. Do you want to get married? 
71. Do you want to have children? 
*Adopt children
72. What is the best thing? 
Being happy.
73. What is the worst thing? 
Being sad.
74. Tell us a fun fact about anything. 
All of my Love Live OCs quirks are my own quirks...
75. What would be the best day ever for you? 
Going to the grand final of Eurovision (in another country). 
76. Do you like roller coasters? 
I get sick in most of them...
77. Are you religious? 
I believe that god is watching over us but I'm not religious enough to go to church, quote the bible etc.
78. Are you in college? (What are you studying?) 
79. Do you have a job? (What do you do?) 
80. What do you wish you had? 
Decent math grades.
81. What is one thing you wish everyone in the world could agree on? 
On how peace is the way of fixing things and not war...
82. If you turned into an animal, what animal do you think it would be? 
An Unicorn
83. What kind of phone do you have? 
Iphone 5s
84. What is your favorite thing to look at? 
photos of me and my classmates (they make me so happy!!) 
85. What is your favorite thing to smell?
Different foods and alcohol.
86. What is your favorite thing to hear? 
"You're right"
87. What is your favorite thing to taste? 
spaghetti Carbonara and Cheetos/Doritos
88. What is your favorite thing to feel?
89. Do you believe in ghosts? 
No, but I do believe in spirits.
90. Do you like hugs, or are you no-touch? 
I love hugs with all my life.
91. What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought? 
My phone.
92. What do you miss? 
Club Penguin *ugly sobbing*
93. What do you wish you were better at? 
Singing, drawing and physical activities...
94. What do you think about a lot? 
Love Live. 
95. Do you have any allergies? 
96. What is your favorite flash based game? (Link?) 
I haven't been playing them in a while tbh...
97. What is your favorite little kid show?
My Little Pony
98. What is the best joke you know? 
-Knock Knock.
-Come In.
99. What makes you different than everyone else? 
I'm happier than most people usually are.
100. Was this quiz worth it? 
Yes, and I aprecciated it.
  • Listening to: Undertale Soundtrack
  • Reading: My joke fanfics I wrote with my friends
  • Watching: Love Live scouting videos
  • Playing: PewDiePie's tuber simulator (aka oldest game ever)
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water



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