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Happy 2nd Anniversary, Undertale! (late) by XxCoolestChic Happy 2nd Anniversary, Undertale! (late) :iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 14 4
Sans x Okashi(sigh) - deviantART (Request) [Part 1
A/N: sigh, get ready for the cringe. You can change the name to (Y/N) instead of Okashi if you want.
Beware: awkwardness, potatoes, me, and cringe. Seriously, I'm so weird lol
I'll be featuring some of my real life friends here. This is one of them: Galaxyfeatherwc on Wattpad. Emolgarisu (friend in school) requested this. .-.

     Raleigh and Bianca wiggled their eyebrows at Okashi. Okashi was sweating like mad, my goodness someone help this woman. ... ...She's not even a woman, she's a potato, goddammit...
     So... Turns out monsters from twenty-fifteen's(2015's) popular game, Undertale, is actually real. Mt. Ebott is real and was located near New Jersey, and guess what? Monsters are now in Okashi's school. Wow.
     Alexis nudged Okashi, "Bud, you're going to be fine," she reassures, but Okashi was frozen as ice. Okashi just stood and stared as students around her age started to talk to all the new students which w
:iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 3 22
DreamTale: Nightmare!Sans by XxCoolestChic DreamTale: Nightmare!Sans :iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 30 0
UT: Sans x Reader - Games People Play (P3) [V.2]
A/N: I'M BACK BITCHES! >:3 Yep, that's right. I decided to continue it because FINALLY my brain has gotten some inspiration. For the deviants who read my story and if you guys would like to keep reading it: AGuardianOfDreams AnnitaSantos Echo-Flower xXxFrans4lifexXx SonicShadowWolf AGalaxyCalledKenedee trinj8 SpritesOfTheWind cookiecat79 theusualday TricksProwler89
This is a start over of P3. P3 just sucks, like, ew. You can find P2 and P1 on my profile.

WARNING!: SEVERE PANIC ATTACK, CHEST PAIN, UNHELPFUL HEADACHES (srsly author), FAMILY DEATH MENTION, BULLYING, SHAKING FROM PANICKING, SWEATING FROM PANICKING, SUICIDE MENTION, AND BEING IN THE HOSPITAL is involved in the story! If this triggers you do not read! Please comment if you need a summary for this part!
     After we all ate, I plopped down on the couch next to Sans. Sans looked over to me and smiled. "heya kiddo." "Heya, Sans." I mimicked, before glaring and pret
:iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 11 13
Undertale: Sans - Do You Want to Have a Bad Time? by XxCoolestChic Undertale: Sans - Do You Want to Have a Bad Time? :iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 5 5 Undertale: Gaster!Sans - Be Mine? (SUPER LATE) by XxCoolestChic Undertale: Gaster!Sans - Be Mine? (SUPER LATE) :iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 28 35
Undertale: Sans x Shy!Reader - Olive You
A/N: Request for... someone I cannot remember! ...And someone who I cannot find! Anywho, I hope you like it! :D
Did you know my watermelon died? Ha! I can't believe you're still reading this A/N. Go read the actual story!! >3
:iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 44 23
UT: Papyrus x Child!Reader - Friend (Drabble)
:iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 8 5
UT: Sans x CheatedOn!Reader - Treat You Better
A/N: Ok, I'm gonna do a lot of things like this. I'm planning on doing a Cheater!Reader, Cheater!Character, CheatedOn!Character, and Cheater/CheatedOn!Character x Cheater/CheatedOn!Character. You all may request characters. And when I mean Cheater/CheatedOn!Character x Cheater/CheatedOn!Reader, I mean you and the character are cheated on and then you two become friends and start to like each other. OR: You and the character are both cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend, and you and the character are dating. (That one may be a smut/lemon lol)
(C/N) = Cheater's name

You sniff, on your bed, watching a children's Halloween(?)/Christmas(?)/Happy Holidays movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas.You loved that movie as a kid. (A/N: That movie was released in 1993 if ya didn't know ^~^)
And no. You weren't crying because of a sad part of the movie. No. Far from that.
You're boyfriend/girlfriend, (C/N) cheated on you. You had broken up with him/her already, but...
:iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 48 38
Napstablook x Reader - I'll Cry With You (Part 2)
A/N: Requested by jaaackabboy  (hopefully typed that right ^^')
You smiled, looking at Napstablook, the tiniest smile appearing on your face.
"Thank you...?" "N-Napstablook... M-my name is N-Napstablook..." He says after a moment. You smile wider.
"Thanks you, Napstablook." You say, wiping your tears. He smiles back... Floating up? You knew he was standing if he was a human, but curiosity, y'know?
"D-do you want t-to come to m-my place? I-it's ok i-if you d-don't want to..." He stutters, looking down. You stand up, feeling better as ever.
"No. I'd love to go." You say, smiling reassuringly at him. His gaze softens as he guides you to his home. When you arrive at his home, his home looked like... An eggplant shape. (Like, when the eggplant is curved? Yes? No? Ok!) But that didn't mean you didn't like it. It looked really cool actually.
Napstablook opened his door. "T-this is m-my home..." There were cobwebs in corners, a mini fridge near the corner, a tiny TV next to
:iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 10 5
Napstablook x Reader - I'll Cry With You (Drabble)
The never ending crying ghost was in Waterfalls, taking a stroll with his headphones on him as a frown was plastered on his face.
Sob, sob,
"I'm useless, aren't I?"
"I couldn't even save my own friend, and now I've fallen down here..."

A timid and weak voice says, sobs and chokes breaking their sentences.
Napstablook went towards the voice, wondering who it was. A human was slumped down against the walls of Waterfall, crying. They hugged their knees and sobbed and choked as they tried to speak.
Napstablook walked over to her/him/them, asking, "W-what's w-wrong..? I-if it's not t-too much to a-ask..." He says, waiting for the human's response. The human sniffed, wiping the tears away from their eyes.
"M-my friend, F-F...Frisk... T-they're.............. .............D-dead... I w-was even there... T-they were i-in a b-battle with U-Undyne, and their S-SOUL shattered right in front of me..." The human says, sniffing. Napstablook sits next to her/him/them.
"...I think i-it will be
:iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 10 5
Undertale: Sans Sketch Dump (Practice) by XxCoolestChic Undertale: Sans Sketch Dump (Practice) :iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 4 5 Undertale: Chara by XxCoolestChic Undertale: Chara :iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 5 0 How to Be: Marvel's Hawkeye (Lol) by XxCoolestChic How to Be: Marvel's Hawkeye (Lol) :iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 1 0 Undertale: Isn't This PURR-fect? by XxCoolestChic Undertale: Isn't This PURR-fect? :iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 8 12 Undertale: Isn't This PURR-fect? (Request) by XxCoolestChic Undertale: Isn't This PURR-fect? (Request) :iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 5 0


Undertale Genocide by FriskxCharafan Undertale Genocide :iconfriskxcharafan:FriskxCharafan 6 0 +Teen Halloween+ by larienne +Teen Halloween+ :iconlarienne:larienne 10,974 418 Flower bed by Yukki0207 Flower bed :iconyukki0207:Yukki0207 141 8 Chara (cat) by Yukki0207 Chara (cat) :iconyukki0207:Yukki0207 159 22 Chara by Yukki0207 Chara :iconyukki0207:Yukki0207 137 20 Grillbz by kashakart Grillbz :iconkashakart:kashakart 117 15 Onion-san Loves You, Y'hear! by OoSunnyBunnyoO Onion-san Loves You, Y'hear! :iconoosunnybunnyoo:OoSunnyBunnyoO 38 4 Lesser dog by Erkfir Lesser dog :iconerkfir:Erkfir 72 7 Sans by Erkfir Sans :iconerkfir:Erkfir 1,018 114 Sans by Evomanaphy Sans :iconevomanaphy:Evomanaphy 1,359 115 Sans and Papyrus Cat version by CKibe Sans and Papyrus Cat version :iconckibe:CKibe 3,619 279 Papyrus AU Party by silvergeki Papyrus AU Party :iconsilvergeki:silvergeki 1,492 169 *you faced five sans on judgement hall. by nogoojing *you faced five sans on judgement hall. :iconnogoojing:nogoojing 1,184 377 .:UT:. Unintentional Dating by kamillyanna .:UT:. Unintentional Dating :iconkamillyanna:kamillyanna 1,794 103 Without you who am I by zarla Without you who am I :iconzarla:zarla 4,249 684 Gandalf the Grey by Sam-JMA Gandalf the Grey :iconsam-jma:Sam-JMA 73 9


Drawings(Mostly Undertale)
-Bendy and the Ink Machine
-One Charcter
-Two Characters
-Three or More Characters

DreamTale: Nightmare!Sans by XxCoolestChic
Undertale: Gaster!Sans - Be Mine? (SUPER LATE) by XxCoolestChic
Undertale - Masks (Cover Art) by XxCoolestChic
Undertale: Napstablook - In My Own Colorful World by XxCoolestChic
Undertale: Sans - The Lost Soul (FINISHED) by XxCoolestChic


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h e l l o .

yes, everyone. i have been summoned and back from the flames of hell because of the satanic rituals you’ve been leaving me, such as the citrus fruit: lemons; holy water, and sometimes even a pair of lewd comments here and there.

i want everyone to know that i WON’T be writing for undertale that much, or rather at all. if you request UNDERTALE, don’t get your hopes up as i might not write unless i really feel inspired.

as of right now, my focus is writing for anime and keeping up with a webcomic i plan to post sometime during the year. i will still draw for undertale, but i will NOT write for it. i can’t bring myself to write undertale anymore. sans that. papyrus there. frisk this. and so on and so forth. my cringy plots and shallow character development makes me want to puke, not to mention the handful of lemons i have written. (though i’m being hypocritical as one day i’ll probably just write a thousand lemons again, so just ignore that comment.) i hope you all understand that i just can’t write for undertale anymore.

“why, okashi? is it because you’re tired of sans? try writing for another character then!” no, fam. it ain’t like that. i just... undertale is pretty overrated, not gonna lie. it’s no different for SANS, and every other character out there. the fandom is pretty cringy (but there are some good parts here and there) and honestly? i’m getting pretty tired of all these characters. AUs. maybe another time i’ll come back, but i can’t guarantee it.

no, i will not be deleting my fanfics. they will stay here, but will be closed into a folder in a few weeks.

that’s all, lmfao.

bye, bitches~



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ayeeeeee— “are you aaron-burr, sir?”
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