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so what do u think guyz.....?!!!
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woooooooooooow nice body
She's gorgeous !!
o0EvoletsRevenge0o's avatar
wow... i mean... WOW... this is the very best work i´ve seen for a long, long time !
Zethrix's avatar
any tutorial? ;)
Brilliant! Looking forward to more of this series!
Rabbiteen's avatar
im thinkin pretty damn sweet
SkyeTrinity's avatar
Wonderful sense of movement.
miyon's avatar
I really love this! I encountered this artwork at the time I was playing Tantra. That was way back.. =)
ElConsigliere's avatar
Great style, love the pics :)
Gwasanee's avatar
Wow, very stunning image my dear friend :rose:
principalton's avatar
Oh, the falling beauty makes me heartbreak!
(╯﹏╰)So Vivid and Perfect!
Falryu's avatar
*gasp* You have completely broken from the 2dimensional plane.
LRCommissions's avatar
You did this? I've seen this somewhere before, and thought it was really cool. Good work!
DandyZombie's avatar
except for the snake (it looks like metal) and the teeth (manga style: one big tooth ;-)) its a great work.
will-o-the-wisp's avatar
Wow, amazing work... what programs did you use (please)?
telordadar's avatar
:jaw drop:

This is Rakshasa, character story of Tantra Online, I really like this piece, and now I find the man behind this!! XD


Great job! XD
Suleman's avatar
I'm so jealous of your skill !! Its beautiful
Malango's avatar
The detail is crazy! ..... lost for words.
dreamweaverm's avatar
Oh, my goodness.

Amazing modeling, incredible details, and the skin actually looks like skin! You can even see the water drops on it, like she's falling back in the rain.

I am impressed, wow am I ever impressed. amazing. Well done!
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Amazing ,Beautiful work !!!! :+fav:
andzejek's avatar
OMG ! I love this work, and now i know who did this ! its amazing, really my congratulations !
DunkZ's avatar
in indonesia is cal "keereeen"^ ^
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