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Woman of forest

By XXcomicXX
i dunnno but i feel somthin not right
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i love this, but something's off about the angling of her face, i think. it's not about the way you drew it, but the angle you set her face in the first place. it's leaning more towards a profile, but not really, so cuts off part of the face oddly. it's not really a commonly used angle, so i think that's what threw me off.
Menestria's avatar
It's really wonderful ! Congratulations !
really gr8 work bt why is it on mature
itz not rude at all
itz beautifull...
Malango's avatar
lovely image. I fail to see what could be wrong with it? excellent piece.
Annathea's avatar
Disturbing... an beautiful....:-)
Pink-Kitten's avatar
the texture on this is fantastic. :)
Welliame's avatar
This is really beautiful! I like very it!
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yea, guys i think i should done it profile only there is no need to the second eye i will work on it thanx all 4 ur comments :hug:
coveredeyes's avatar
Beautiful work yet again!
CharSol's avatar
Everyone has already mentioned anything I was going to offer as a reason but disregarding that it still looks great.

I like the way it is so detailed but delicate, like it could just blow away in a sharp breeze. Your skill really impresses me, especially how you manage to achieve so much texture that it does not look like digital art at all
ricolarr's avatar
yea i think the other eye looks abit droopy. but still really nice drawing
icarus-falls's avatar
This is a very nicely done piece. =) I like the details on the mask.

I think what you might be noticing is her forehead...the distance between her eyebrows and her hairline looks like it's a little too short. Also, her jaw and nose is profiled, but her eyes are more like a 3/4 view.
Nasdreks's avatar
I think what's bothering you is that most of her face appears in full profile, but the other eye is almost completely visible. It's still a stunning piece besides that
kevinis2002's avatar
yeah...u draw too good....thats not right..XD
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