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Daily Deviation
January 5, 2008
Spider warrior by ~XXcomicXX is such a wonderful creation with great details and perfect light. Viewing the whole gallery is a must!
Featured by JunkbyJen
Suggested by karemelancholia
XXcomicXX's avatar

Spider warrior

By XXcomicXX
Title is 'Spider warrior'.
'Spider warrior' is warrior who have spider's ability.
Although she does not have magic ability.
But she has strong physical ability.
She uses knife including spider's ability excellently.

Used painter 9.
(Oil Pastels,Digital Watercolor)
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Published:   |  Mature
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Timmy90's avatar
Talk about details..>.>
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger's avatar
A positively stunning character design :clap:
NekoWashu's avatar
This is so amazing! O.O
alltheoriginalnames's avatar
Excellent work on this, the detail is amazing.
Sweet-Kitty-Lolita's avatar
Wow, this is really beautiful and all these details:wow:
I love the hair also, well the whole of it is just amazing:clap:
DancingRunes's avatar
Such detail, I love it!
jodipheonix's avatar
very cool pic
great details and the colour tone is excellent :D :+fav:
TYEplusPIXIE-DYE's avatar
Great use of color and detail:)
JesseLax's avatar
Congratulations, this piece has been featured in my most recent Journal (January 8th 2008)! [link]
TW1STEDP1X's avatar
Your wonderful image has been featured here: [link]

If, for any reason, you'd rather not have your image included please feel free to note me & it shall be removed!
dziuban's avatar
i like it , very good idea and skill
MatchstickART's avatar
Nice... Lots of detail....

But why the content warning? Just wondered....
Dragon6xx's avatar
Oh my GOD.
The detail in this is incredible....
bobthew's avatar
Hmm... The boobs are kind of off, but otherwise, tis very good : D Lol. Instant fave!
CrisisCorps's avatar
this is awesome
novafoto's avatar
I am not much into fantasy, but this work stood out from the rest. I like the intricacy and the attention to detail. The colors are also alluring. The only thing I did not seem too impressed by , comparably to the rest, was the face. It seems to lack the intricate detail, the mystical/magical/fantastical look of the rest of the peace. The spider on her head also seems misplaced. It's only my opinion, and again, I'm not much of a fantasy person so I may be way off my marker here.
Genesis19's avatar
Wow! She is really cool looking...
DNAngela's avatar
This is so full of wonderful detail.
jjean21's avatar
The DD on this is SO well deserved, the amount of detail is staggering...congratulations
The-Jazz-Dingo's avatar
For a second before I clicked the "view deviation anyway", I thought it would be some funky version of spiderman.

I like this pichure a lot. The tiny details that you don't really see right away add together to form one great and beautiful piece.
Drelion's avatar
Awesome stuff man!

littledeviant-wabamm's avatar
not a fan of spiders.
but the detail amazes me !

amazing work.
Zeeshio's avatar
only 3 words: This Is Amazing!
camzet's avatar
oooo! spiders!

very well done and i really like the spider on her head.
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