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:) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D !!!!!
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I have been looking for this picture for a very long time I was happy when I found it. Its one of my favorite pictures of all time! I love it all!
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This one's GORGEOUS! I'm trying to work up the skill/courage to cosplay her! Congrats on a beautiful piece!
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This looks a lot like a 3d render to me :P Gorgeous character design
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lots of details. amazing design.
Good job.
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Gasp I'm checking your site... yooooouuuuu ROCK!
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This is... amazing.... far out of my league lol
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It is shocking the degree of detail you are able to capture.
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"Você tem lembranças das quais não deseja esquecer?"
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This is my favorite piece out of all your art. Your designs really impress me every time. Please keep up the great work.
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I've seen this image floating around the internet since high school, it's so nice to finally see the person who created it.
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that hair is AMAZING O_O
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Best of the bunch =]
WOW Felt in love with her the moment I saw her.... years ago
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Unreal!!!!!!!!!!! it is something the gods would create!!!!!!
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this has always been my favorite model by you :D
so inspiring ^_^
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Stunning work... I'm quite speechless XD
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This is some really beautiful stuff.
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amazing...loove the colors!
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absolutely fantastic!
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faving! <3

so you're the one that originally did this.. i first saw her on a wallpaper.. you might want to make sure no one's taking credit for your work. =^_^'=
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